Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 1 [Part 2]

Sage’s pov

It’s been 2 years since I last saw Li, I miss him so much. I can’t believe Jaime took me away from him and forced me to live with him all this time. Not once did he let me out of his sight.

I tried escaping many times but I never got far before he caught me and brought me back here. I don’t see how that’s possible when I’m a hybrid, I’m supposed to be stronger than him and faster but I guess not because he’s a guy. I regret accepting him now and wish I’d never let him mark me. In fact, I wish I’d never met him.

I don’t know where this is, we’re living in a house. It’s quite nice but I’m not happy being here against my will. It’s been like hell these last 2 years. I’ve felt so empty without Li. I don’t know what city this is, we seem to be in some foreign country. I asked Jaime where we are but he won’t tell me incase I somehow manage to get into contact with Li and told him where I am. I haven’t been able to ask anyone because Jaime won’t let me go out without him and when he goes to work, I can’t leave because he has put an invisible shield around the house so I can’t escape. I can’t even use my hybrid abilities unless Jaime is with me. I feel trapped but I shouldn’t feel that way because he’s my mate, now I wish he wasn’t. I just want Li, he must be so sad without me. I really miss him, he’s my true mate.

I know Li kidnapped me too but that was different to this. I knew it was wrong he kidnapped me but in time I was ok with it. I’ve been with Jaime for 2 years and still I’m not ok with it.

I still remeber that day, the last time I saw Li before Jaime took me away from him.


I can’t believe that Li let me and Jaime mark each other. I didn’t think he would. When he saw Jaime’s mark on me, he was furious and wouldn’t let me go.

When we talked and agreed on when they both would spend time with me, I ran upto my room. Li followed and locked the door.

“I know you marked each other but it doesn’t change anything, you’re still mine,” Li told me as he put his arms around me. I didn’t say anything. He put his lips on mine and we kissed each other lovingly.

After a few minutes, Li pulled away and pushed me gently onto the bed to lay me down then took off our shoes. He got on top of me and carefully straddled me then resumed kissing me.


When we were done with making love we just lay there before reluctantly getting dressed and headed downstairs.

“Sage,” Li said.

“Hmmm?” I replied and glanced at Li.

“Why don’t you change into your cute little wolf to show Jaime,”

“She can turn into a wolf?” Jaime asked in surprise.

“Yes she’s a hybrid,” Li replied.

I turned into my wolf form and was soon buried under my clothes as I was a small wolf. I moved to get out from under my clothes but then Li rummaged through the pile of clothes and pulled me out to place me on the floor. I walked to Jaime and jumped onto his lap, I licked his face and he petted my fur. Li didn’t seem to like that and hissed.

“Aww mate you’re so adorable,” Jaime cooed as I got off his lap to go back to Li who picked me up into his arms.

“Isn’t she supposed to be bigger?” Jaime asked as I looked up to Li’s face.

“Yeah but to get bigger she needs to be in her wolf form for hours but if she grows too big, the house will be in ruins,” Li replied.

“Then lets buy a house with lots of land where she can run,”

“I’m already working on that but I haven’t managed to find somewhere no one will see her,”

“I’ll help,” Jaime decided before I howled lightly because I wanted to turn back to my vampire form. I think Li must have understood when he carried me upstairs with my clothes where I turned back to vampire, got dressed and we headed back downstairs.

I sat next to Jaime and Li sat opposite us. Jaime put his arm around me and I snuggled closer to him. Li hissed and then Jaime unexpectedly stood up while picking me up into his arms. What the hell?

“Jaime what are you doing?” I asked as I held onto him tightly in case he dropped me.

“Something I should have done when I first saw you,” Jaime paused as he glanced at Li. “I’m sorry Li,”

Without another word, Jaime and I disappeared. Only to reappear here a second later.

End of flashback

I hope Li is looking for me and finds me soon because I can’t stand to be without him for a minute longer.

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