Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 3 [Part 2]

The next day I woke up next to Jaime, he insists on us sharing a bed. We haven’t mated yet because we’re not married yet.

I called off our engagement since he kidnapped me and ever since then he’s been asking me to marry him but I always say no. It was hilarious one time.

Jaime walked over to me with so much confidence, he was determined for me to say yes but got the shock of his life when I said no.


“Sage?” Jaime asked.

“What?” I replied.

“Can I ask you a question?”


Jaime took my hand in his and stroked it gently leaving sparks.

“Will you marry me?” Jaime asked confidently.

“No,” I instantly gave my answer without thinking about it. I didn’t need to. I wasn’t going to agree to marry after what he’d done.

“Ok that’s good, you’ve forgiven me, we can get married and so we can finally ma-” Jaime began to reply in relief. He thought I’d agreed to marry him but boy was he wrong.

“Jaime did you hear a word I just said?” I asked

“Yeah, you said yes to me,” Jaime told me confidently.

“No I didn’t. I said no,” I argued.

“No,” Jaime shook his head. “You Said yes,”

“No I didn’t,”

“Yes you did, we’re getting married,” Jaime said and then he started singing

“We’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married da da da da da da da da,” Jaime smirked, what the hell? He never sings.

“We’re never going to a chapel so we’ll never ever get married so shut the hell uuuuuuup,” I found myself singing back. Jaime glared at me then crushed me to his chest and put his arms around me.

“Fine but you will eat those words one day. You’ll want to mate with me so bad and you’ll be begging me to marry you,”

“In your dreams,”

“No not in my dreams, it will really happen,” Jaime promised.

“We’ll see,” I muttered.

“Yes we will,” Jaime agreed.

End of flashback

I can see that Li is never going to find me, I wish I was a full Werewolf so I could go into heat. Heat happens after a female werewolf has been marked by her mate, heat makes them want to mate quicker. The female goes into pain and it will only go away if she gets intimate with her mate. If I went into heat then Li would smell that I’m in heat and from wherever he is, he’ll be able to find me. Hey wait a minute....... I’m a Hybrid, half Werewolf.

“Jaime?” I asked.

“Yes baby,” Jaime replied with a loving smile.

“When will I go into heat?”

Jaime gulped before saying

“I don’t know but you should do soon, why?”

“No reason,” I lied. This is great! I will go into heat soon and I will be reunited with my Li. Hopefully.

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