Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 4 [Part 2]

3 Weeks Later

These past 3 weeks I have been waiting for my heat to come but it hasn’t. It’s the only way I’ll see my Li again.

Jaime has become really possessive. He hasn’t given up asking me marry him either, he wants to mate with me so bad. I remember asking him why.


“Jaime why do you want to get married?” I asked curiously.

“So we can be together properly and so we can mate,” Jaime told me.

“Why do you want to mate with me?”

“To make you mine,”

“But I am yours,”

“Yes you are mine but everyone needs to know,”

“I thought you want no one to know about me because I might get kidnapped?” I asked as I remembered about my white wolf being unique and an easy target to get kidnapped.

“You won’t get kidnapped unless you are seen in your wolf form,” Jaime told me.


“If humans see your wolf they will try and capture you to do experiments on you because your Wolf is larger than any normal wolf . If supernatural unmated males see you in Wolf form they will take you away from me to mate with you because you’re too beautiful and you are the only white Werewolf ever. You’re also a Hybrid and very strong, some will use you for power and when they find their true mates they will kill you,” Jaime told me and I gulped. “Now do you see why I’m so protective over you?”

“Yes but your too possessive,” I whined.

“I’m sorry but I don’t want anything bad to happen to you and if I’m not protective, you could get taken away from me,”

Jaime pulled me into his arms and refused to say another word on the subject.

End of flashback

I used to hate Jaime for taking me away from Li, I don’t forgive him for that but I’m used to him now. I don’t think I can live without him now but I don’t feel complete. I would if Li was here with us. I bet Li is angry and when I see him again he will be so possessive over me, he’s also going to kill Jaime if they meet again.

I just got back from a run in my wolf form, Jaime ran with me this time but it was fun.

Jaime made a start on dinner, he really is a good cook, like Li and I. I would like to cook but Jaime rarely lets me cook, he doesn’t want me doing anything tiring, he likes doing things for me to please me. What he really wants to do is mate with me. He’s tried to many times but failed, I said no because we’re not married and then he tried to persuade me to get married but failed. Maybe we could some day but not yet.

I took a shower and got dressed. Then I lay on the bed just thinking until I felt some unbearable plain in my abdomen, the pain was immense as it travelled through my body. I instantly thought of death. I really believed it was my time to leave the world but then it hit me. I’m a hybrid, I can’t die. Now I see what’s going on.

“Jaime?” I cried out in pain as I clutched my stomach.

I felt a crazy jolt of pain and screamed. Jaime came running with concern covering his face as he neared me and held my hand.

“Babe what’s wrong?” Jaime asked anxiously.

“I think I’m in heat,”

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