Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 5 [Part 2]

Jaime’s pov

I sniffed the air, Sage is definitely in heat, I can smell it. This is not good, there isn’t much time. Li will find us any time now and kill me. This only leaves one choice I thought as I held Sage’s hand to lessen the pain she was in.

“Now you have to marry me,” I told Sage with a smirk as I remembered all the times she told me no.

“No I don’t,” Sage immediately refused. Why doesn’t she want to marry me? I’m her mate, she should want me as much as I want her.

“Yes you do, you don’t have a choice anymore. We have to finish the mating process or the pain won’t stop and it could kill you,” I paused. “Because you won’t mate with me unless we’re married, we’re gonna have to marry and as soon as possible,”

“How soon?” Sage asked after gulping as the realisation kicked in.


I want to marry Sage before Li comes and kills me. He must be aware of Sage’s heat and should be here in a few days. At least I’ll have a few days of married life with Sage before Li comes and spoils it.

“Tomorrow, that’s not enough time to sort everything out,” Sage made an excuse to get out of marrying me but I wasn't having it.

“We don’t need to sort anything out, all we need to do is turn up to the registry office as I’ve already spoken to a Vicar when we moved here and he said he’ll marry us anytime without an appointment,” I urged Sage to reconsider.

“But-” Sage began to argue.

“No buts, we’re getting married tomorrow,” I said firmly.

“Fine I’m going for a run,” Sage agreed and headed to the back door before stepping out. That’s fine by me, it gives me a chance to call the Vicar. I grabbed my phone from the table and dialled the Vicar’s number. After a few rings he picked up.

“Hello Vicar Paul it’s Jaime,” was my cheerful greeting to the man who was going to marry me to my mate.

“Ah Jaime I’ve been waiting for your call, you’ve asked her haven’t you?” Vicar Paul asked.

“Yes and she said yes so can you marry us?” I asked with excitement. It’s finally happening. I’m going to marry my mate.

“Of course, when?”

“In the morning,”

“Alright, I’ll see you then,”

“Thankyou, bye,” I said and ended the call quickly.

Sage going into heat is the best thing to have happened because she has no choice but to marry me now, she needs me to make the pain go away. We would never get married otherwise. Tomorrow is either going to be the best day of my life or a complete disaster. I don’t know what will happen, only time will tell.

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