Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 6 [Part 2]

The next morning I woke up in bed with Sage cradled asleep in my arms. I looked at the clock it was only 8.30 am. Wait a minute........... Today we’re getting married.

“Sage?” I said but Sage didn’t stir from her sleep. “Babe wake up, we’re getting married today,”

I kissed Sage on the cheek but she turned away from me.

“I know you’re awake, come on and open your eyes,” I whispered in Sage’s ear.

“No let me sleep,” Sage replied sleepily, Aww! How cute.

“Please we’re gonna be late,”

“Late for what?”

“Our wedding,” I smiled happily. When Sage heard me say that, she opened her eyes and sat up in bed. Sage took my hand into hers and held it gently before asking

“Jaime are you sure about this?”

“Of couse I’m sure. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, I love you and I want to marry you so I can spend forever with you,” I made clear and gave Sage a kiss on the cheek.

“But I’m in heat,” Sage said worriedly.

“I know and that gives us another reason to get married so you’re not in pain anymore,” I said as I rubbed Sage’s stomach gently which must have relieved her pain because she gave a sigh of relief.

“Thankyou,” Sage said gratefully.

“You’re welcome babe,” I smiled at Sage and she hugged me.

“Well I guess we should get ready to go to the registry office now but I don’t have anything nice to wear,” Sage said sadly.

“Sage it doesn’t matter what you wear, you always look lovely and besides what we look like today doesn’t really matter. We can have a proper wedding with a dress, flowers and guests later when your heat is over,” I assured Sage.

“Really,” Sage’s eyes lit up.

“Sure,” I agreed. Sage smiled and ran to the bathroom with her morning things.

Sage came out the bathroom half an hour later with just a towel on which didn’t really cover much. I couldn’t stop staring at her flawless body. Sage noticed me looking and blushed.

“Like what you see?” Sage asked and I nodded. “Too bad you can’t touch,”

Sage smirked.

“Yet,” I added with my own smirk and headed towards the bathroom.

After 15 minutes, I went back to the bedroom naked and dripping wet. Sage didn’t notice because she was busy doing her makeup. She had curls in her hair and looked really nice. I grabbed a towel and dried myself. Sage finally noticed me, she realised I was naked and covered her eyes.

“Jaime put some clothes on, we’re not married yet for you to be naked around me,” Sage said with disgust.

“Don’t you like what you see? I’m hurt Sage, really hurt,” I said with tears in my eyes. When Sage saw my eyes she looked guilty that she had upset me.

“I’m sorry,” Sage apologised before I went over to her and put my arms around her.

“It’s ok as long as you like what you see, tell me you like what you see,” I demanded.

“No,” Sage denied with a smirk.

“Say it,” I held onto Sage tighter and she squirmed to get free.

“Jaime please stop, you’re still naked,” Sage pleaded.

“Not until you say it,” I refused to let go.

“But-” Sage began to argue.

“Say it,” I demanded but Sage didn’t say anything for a minute.

“Fine I’ll say it, I like what I see,” Sage finally said and blushed.

“Good girl,” I said as I let go. I went to the wardrobe and took out black jeans and a black shirt before putting them on. When Sage was done with her makeup, she told me to leave the bedroom.

“Why do I have to leave the room?” I asked and felt a little hurt to be told to leave.

“So I can get dressed,” Sage replied. I didn’t say anything I just walked out the room, shut the door and waited.

A few minutes later, Sage opened the door. She looked beautiful, she was now dressed in a short white dress that showed off her slim figure and long legs with purple heels.

“You look stunning,” I smiled and Sage blushed.

“Thanks,” Sage thanked me as her blush deepened before I took her hand to lead her downstairs where we had a really quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. I had a glass of blood too because I didn’t want to think about blood for a few days at least once we’re married, I just wanted to think of Sage. I tried to get Sage to drink some blood but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Babe, you need blood. It’s been years since you were turned into a Vampire, you need it,” I offering her a glass.

“No I don’t,” Sage disagreed as she looked at the blood in absolute disgust.

“Please just a sip and then we’ll go and get married,” I pleaded and it seemed to work. Sage took a sip and gave the cup back to me and I drank the rest. Then we got our jackets and I drove us to the church.

When we arrived at the church, Vicar Paul greeted us and led us to the room in which he would marry us.

It was a small room with a few chairs and a stand with a bible on it. Vicar Paul stood behind the stand before motioning for us to stand in front and we did. There were no witnesses so we would go straight to the I do’s.

I took Sage’s hands in mine before the ceremony began.

“Do you Jaimeson James take Sage Ann Smith to be your wife?” the vicar asked me.

“I do,” I instantly agreed. The Vicar nodded and turned to Sage.

“And do you Sage Ann Smith take Jaimeson James to be your husband?”

“I -” Sage began to say but was cut off with the door being smashed to the ground. The three of us us turned towards the door and I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. There stood a furious looking Vampire, it was Li.

“Li,” Sage cries happily and ran into Li’s awaiting arms.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” Sage said with tears in her eyes.

They just stood there in an embrace which got me into such a rage because I should have been the one embracing Sage not Li and before I knew it, I was running towards him. Li saw me coming and moved Sage out of the way.

I tackled Li to the ground.

“Why did you come now? We were so happy and we would be married right now but you had to spoil everything,” I fumed. Li’s shoulders shook and I realised he was laughing from underneath me.

“You can’t be happy with someone who doesn’t love you back,” Li said once his laughter had stopped. “You made the biggest mistake of your life taking Sage away from me and now you’re gonna pay, I won’t spare you,” Li hissed angrily in my face. Then he punched me off him. I stood up just as fire appeared in Li’s hand, if it reached my heart it wouldn’t be good, fire was the only thing that could kill a Vampire.

As if sensing my thoughts, Li sent the fire from his hand straight to my chest and I immediately fell to the ground. I felt the worst pain ever imaginable in my heart before I heard a mind piercing scream.

I turned my head, it was Sage laying on the ground in Li’s arms screaming, she could feel my pain.

Then my heart stopped. Sage’s screams also stopped and she grew still. There was silence and I knew it was the end.

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