Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 11 [Part 2]

Sage’s pov

2 weeks later

For two weeks now things have been weird, I haven’t seen Jaime. He leaves early everyday in the morning before Li and I awake. Then Jaime returns late at night. I have no idea where he is all day and me and Li are worried about him so I decided that I would talk to Jaime when he came home one day.

When Li fell asleep, I went downstairs into the living room and waited for Jaime to come home.

Not long afterwards, Jaime walked through the front door. When he saw me, he looked happy but then that happiness disappeared and was replaced with emptiness.

“Sage what are you doing up this late?” Jaime asked in a tired voice.

“I was waiting for you,” I replied.


“I’m worried about you and so is Li,”

“Did he tell you to talk to me?”

“No, he doesn’t know,”

“You have nothing to worry about, I’m fine,” Jaime assured me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Jaime confirmed.

“Then why have you been so distant?”

“Why do you think?”

“I don’t know why, that’s why I’m asking you,”

“You really want to know?” I nodded yes. “Fine I’ll tell you, it’s because you don’t like me,”

“That’s not true, I do like you. I mean your family, you’re Li’s brother,”

“Then why can’t you look at me?”

I couldn’t answer what Jaime asked or he’d know.

“I thought so but I’ll tell you. It’s because you hate me, that’s why you can’t stand to look at me,” Jaime left me in shock.

I don’t hate him so why does Jaime think that I do? I was about to ask but Li walked in. He said it was late and we should all get to bed. Li led me to bed. I heard Jaime go to bed in his room and not long after Li fell asleep. I just lay there thinking why Jaime thinks I hate him.

After half an hour, I couln’t take it anymore. I carefully got out of bed and went to Jaime’s room to confront him.

Jaime was pretending to be asleep but I knew he was awake. I went up to him and held his arm.

“Jaime I know you’re awake,” I said and Jaime immediately opened his eyes with a sigh.

“What are you doing here Sage? you should be with Li,” Jaime said while looking at my hand on his arms like it was the plague. I let go.

“I want to know why you think I hate you,”

“I just know you do,”

“But I don’t hate you,” I told him. “How could I?”

“If you don’t hate me then why do you hurt me so much?” Jaime questioned with hurt eyes.

“How do I hurt you?” I asked in confusion. I don’t remember ever hurting him so why would he say that?

“It doesn’t matter, you should go back to Li,” Jaime shook his head.

“But-” I began to say.

“Just go,” Jaime cut me off. I started to walk away but Jaime continued “And don’t touch me any way again or Li will get the wrong idea,”

I nodded my head and went back to Li all confused. This is not the end of this. I will find out what’s going on with Jaime.

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