Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 13 [Part 2]

Sage’s pov

I knew Jaime was my mate, I just knew it. It also explains the way he looks at me. What I don’t understand is why don’t I feel anything towards him, he is my true mate after all but I only have feelings for Li.

It was all too much for me to take in so I had to get away. I feel bad though for leaving Jaime hanging like that, maybe I should apologise, I shouldn’t have left like that.

I didn’t go straight downstairs to Li this time like I should have done, instead I went to our room and slammed the door. I just need some time to myself right now.

After half an hour, I decided I would apologise to Jaime. I went to his bedroom door and knocked but there was no answer.

“Jaime it’s me Sage, I want to apologise,” I still got no answer but I did hear movement. “I know you’re in there,”

I tried the door handle, the door opened, I saw Jaime standing by his bed with a pained look.

“Jaime I’m so sorry,” I said and Jaime gave me a hopeful look, does he think I’m apologising to accept him as my mate or something?

“So you should be, you really hurt me when you walked off,” Jaime said in a pained voice.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,”

“But you did,” Jaime turned as if he was about to disappear to somewhere and I was right but before he could, I grabbed his arm. He didn’t realise until we disappeared together and landed in an unfamiliar room.

The room was a bedroom and it was the biggest I’d ever seen. There was a huge bed with a bedside table and the biggest wardrobe I’d ever seen, it went from one end of the wall to the other. There was a door on the side, I opened it and went into a bathroom which was nearly as big as the bedroom. I was amazed this place is great.

There was another door which led to a hallway. I didn’t want to go out there on my own because I could’ve got lost. I closed the door and looked at Jaime who was looking really nervous.

“Jaime are you ok?” I asked worriedly.

“That depends on what you think,” Jaime replied.

“Think of what?”

“My secret,”

“What is your secret? Does it have something to do with this place,” I asked but already knew the answer.

“Yes,” Jaime confirmed.

“So now that I’m here, are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

“Yes but maybe we should sit down first,” Jaime pointed to the bed. I nodded my head in agreement and we both sat on the giant bed.

“So tell me,” I urged.

“I don’t know where to start,” Jaime admitted.

“How about the beginning?” I suggested.

“Ok,” Jaime paused to think for a minute. “I guess it all started when I was 7 years old, I was waiting for my fangs to come but they didn’t come, I was getting worried because Li got his when he was a year younger than me plus my parents got theirs when they were around my age. Mom told me not to worry that some vampires develop late, the oldest age to be a fully developed vampire was 18 so I had plenty of time.

The years went by and still nothing. I got all the vampire abilities like speed and strength but no fangs. I knew something was seriously wrong but everyone assured me that it was nothing, I would definitely get my fangs before I was sixteen. I soon turned sixteen and I got fangs on my birthday and I was elated but my joy was short lived when I made another discovery.

It was late at night a few days after I turned sixteen and I was walking home. There was no one around. I came up to an alleyway and all of a sudden, I felt the most unbearable pain all over my body, I cried out in pain but no one was around to help. I went into the alleyway and then I felt as if my bones were breaking and the pain was the worst I’ve ever felt. Then it seemed to me that I was getting taller and my clothes were becoming too tight and they were tearing with dark fur coming out. I realised it was on my body. Soon my clothes were torn away into shreds and my body was covered in the fur. I tried to feel with my hands but I didn’t have hands anymore I had big paws. I didn’t know what was happening. I looked around to see if I could see my reflection anywhere. I noticed a cracked mirror laying somewhere. I went over to it and saw my reflection. I was no longer human, I realised I was a Werewolf.

I had no idea how to turn back into my human form so I made my way home and snuck in without anyone noticing me, it wasn’t easy with me being a Werewolf but I somehow managed it. I went to my bedroom and took a good look in the mirror. The fur I had was black and I looked really scary but I got used to it. I was huge in that form so I couldn’t sleep on my bed without breaking it so I slept on the floor. When I woke up in the morning, I was in my human form.

I thought it was all a dream but then when I went to school, I was pulled away by a gang of boys from the same year as me but I didn’t know them very well. They cornered me and told me they knew I was a Werewolf now and I had to leave or else. I pushed past them and that surprised them, they weren’t expecting me to get away and said it wasn’t over. Later, they caught up with me and one of them attacked me, I didn’t fight back at first but then I realised he was trying to kill me but I ended up killing him. The other boys then brought me here. They told me I just killed the leader of their pack of Werewolves which made me the new Alpha, ever since then I’ve been coming here to be the Alpha,” Jaime finished. I was in complete shock I would never have believed that Jaime was a werewolf and didn’t know what to say.

“So your a Werewolf?” I asked finally.

“Yeah,” Jaime replied and looked relieved to see I wasn’t running away from him.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“I was scared they wouldn’t accept me,”

“Li will accept you, he accepted me even though I’m half Werewolf. You should tell him,” I said as I thought back to the time I first changed into a werewolf which was exactly how Jamie described himself changing into one except it wasn’t as painful.

“I will,” Jamie agreed.

Then there was a knock at the door and the person barged into the room. It was a guy, he looked around my age, he was blonde and had blue eyes, he was well built and tall but shorter than Jaime. He looked right at me and made his way towards me.

“Well hello there gorgeous, what’s your name?” he asked me. Jaime growled at him but the guy ignored him.

“So what’s your name beautiful?” the guy asked as he took my hand in his and gave it a kiss causing Jaime to growl again. I growled too because I didn’t like that one bit. Then before I knew what was happening, Jaime had the guy’s head strangled in his arms. The guy was struggling to breathe before Jaime let him go.

“Don’t you dare touch my mate again Jared?” Jaime growled angrily.

“She’s your mate, I didn’t know. I’m sorry Alpha and Luna, it won’t happen again,” Jared said with his head held low in shame. What’s Luna?

“Are you here for a reason or did you just come here to disrespect your Alpha and Luna,” Jaime asked.

“No Alpha, Beta Chase needs you downstairs. It’s urgent, there is a rouge problem,” Jared replied, I wonder what beta is and rouge.

“Why didn’t he mind link me?” Jaime asked.

“I don’t know,” Jared replied.

“Tell him I’m on my way,” Jaime ordered.

“Yes alpha,” Jared said and ran out of the room before Jaime looked at me and said

“You should go home Sage,”

“But-” I began to argue. I can’t just leave, I have so many questions after what Jaime just told me.

“Please, I know there’s things you don’t understand and want answers for but I can’t tell you right now, go home please. Li will be worried,”

“But-” I tried to argue again.

“Please. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know when I get home,” Jaime promised me.

“Ok but when are you coming home?” I relented.

“As soon as I’m done here,” Jaime promised.

“Ok,” I sighed and disappeared to reappear in my bedroom. Li was already there pacing around the room.

“Li,” I greeted my anxious looking husband. As soon as Li saw me, he flew into my arms.

“Baby where have you been, I’ve been so worried?” Li asked.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised. “I’m home now,”

“Are you alright?” Li asked.

“I’m fine,” I assured.

“So where did you go?”

“I went somewhere with Jaime,”


“I think Jaime should be the one to tell you himself,”

“Where is he?”

“He’s gone to sort something out, he’ll be here soon,”

“Ok, we’ll wait for him,” Li agreed and led me to the bed to sit me on his lap. We waited for ages and then we finally heard Jaime shut the door to his room. I got out of Li’s lap and ran to the door.

“Hey where are you going?” Li asked.

“To Jaime,” was my short explanation.

“No,” Li said so I ran back to him, grabbed his hand and we walked to Jaime’s room together.

“Jaime are you back?” I asked even though we both knew he was home.

“Yeah,” Jaime replied.

“Can we talk?” I asked.

“Ok come in,” Jaime said from inside his room. I opened the door and we walked in.

“Sage said you had something to tell me,” Li said to Jamie causing Jaime to gulp nervously.

“It’s ok Jaime, tell him. He’ll understand,” I assured Jaime gently. Li is his brother and deserves to know.

“He won’t, he’ll hate me even more,” Jaime said.

“What do you mean hate you even more? Do you think I hate you? Why would I hate you when you’re my brother?” Li questioned in confusion before promising “Just tell me, I won’t think differently of you, I promise,”

“I’ll give you guys some space,” I said but was stopped by Jaime before I could leave.

“Don’t go,” Jaime pleaded.

“Ok I’ll stay,” I agreed and sat on Jamie’s bed before I was joined by the two brothers. Jaime then told Li everything he had told me but he didn’t mention that he was my true mate or that I was the Luna of his pack now. When Jaime finished talking, Li didn’t say anything. Instead he surprised Jaime by hugging him.

“Does this mean you accept me?” Jaime asked Li.

“Of course I do, you should have told me sooner,” Li said.

“I wanted to but I was scared,”

“It’s ok, I’m happy the only two people I care about are different but really special to me,“ Li said and put one arm around my waist and another on Jaime’s shoulders.

Then Li started making dinner because it was getting late. This gave Jaime and I a chance to talk alone. I put an invisible sound shield around us so Li wouldn’t hear.

“So tell me,” I said.

“Tell you what?” Jaime asked.

“What’s a Luna, Beta and a Rouge?” I asked curiously.

“A Luna is the Alpha’s mate and she helps him run their pack. A Beta is the Alpha’s second in command and a rouge is a Werewolf who is not part of any pack of werewolves and has no alpha to keep him or her in check and could be dangerous because of this but it depends on why they aren’t in a pack,” Jaime told me.

“So I’m a Luna?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jaime confirmed.

“Does a Luna have to give speeches?” I asked. I hate speaking in public, I get so anxious and am no good at it with my lack of confidence in social situations.


“I can’t do that, I’m terrible with public speaking,”

“You don’t have to, I’ll take care of that,” Jaime assured me. I sighed in relief. Thank goodness for that. If he’d have said I had to make speeches then I would have had an anxiety attack or something.

“Thanks,” I sighed again.

“Does this mean you’ll be my Luna,” Jaime asked hopefully.

“Yeah,” I agreed without thinking. Even if I hadn’t of agreed I would have had to accept it, I’m Jaime’s mate, I can’t hide it forever.



“But you can’t be until you accept me as your mate,” Jaime said. I was going to say I can’t accept him as my mate but then Li walked in with food and I removed the sound shield.

“Dinner’s ready,” Li announced and set the table. We all sat and ate. Then we went to bed but as I lay in Li’s arms, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened today. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I love Li so I will have to reject Jaime but how will I do that without hurting him? My life is so messed up, I get hit with one bad thing after the other. I don’t know how much more I can take.

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