Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 4 [Part 1]

Li’s pov

What the hell have I done? I should never have let Sage go, now she isn’t going to come back is she? I won’t let that happen. I’ll have to follow her to make sure.

I stepped outside and could just make out Sage going down the road. I sped up to catch up to her without her noticing.

I dropped back a little so Sage didn’t know I was following her once I was a short distance from her.

After about 10 minutes of walking, a gang of men noticed Sage and tried to get her attention. How dare they call her sexy? Only I can say that to her, she’s mine. I would kill them right know but I can’t or I’ll lose Sage, I won’t let that happen. Thankfully Sage just ignored them and continued walking.

Sage soon reached a corner and stopped for a second to go round it.

A further 5 minutes of walking before Sage stopped outside a house and ran to the door. She hurriedly opened it and went inside shutting the door behind her.

Now I know where Sage lives. It’s not too far from my place. She’s going to be in there for a while so I guess I’ll go and get my car as I don’t want her to walk back while carrying her stuff. She’ll only get tired, she’s only human. Sage will come to our home in my car, it’s settled.

I went home and returned with my car, I parked outside Sage’s house and waited.


Sage eventually came out after hours of waiting with a suitcase. I got out of my car and she came up to me.

“Li what are you doing here? Sage asked in surprise.

“I came to get you,” I replied.

“How do you know where I live?” Sage asked with a look of worry on her face.

“I followed you here,” I explained. There is no point lying now. I already kidnapped Sage, a little following is nothing.

“Why?” Sage demanded.

“It doesn’t matter,” she looks angry but too cute at the same time.

“Tell me,” Sage urged but I wouldn’t answer her.

“Give me your suitcase, I’ll put it in the back,” I said and put Sage’s suitcase away in the car.

“Li,” Sage insisted I tell her why I followed her.

“Sage please just get in the car, I just want to take you home,” I sighed as I held the front passenger door open.

“Okay,” Sage agreed and got in the car. I put the seat belt on her, shut the door and got into the drivers seat.

“Li I-” Sage began but I cut her off

“Sage please don’t talk while I’m driving, your sexy voice will distract me from the road and I don’t want you hurt in anyway,” I admitted.

“But you’ll like what I have to say,” Sage argued.

“Ok love say what you want to say,” I gave in easily. I guess this is my life from now on, making my mate happy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Li, I accept you as my mate,” Sage said with a small smile.

My heart rejoiced, I can’t believe that Sage said that. I almost hit something, Shit! I can’t drive like this, I have to stop and so I did. I parked up in the next street.

“Li,” Sage said. I love it when she says my name.

“Yes beautiful?” I asked.

“Are you ok?” Sage asked in a worried voice. Aww! She already cares for me.

“Of course I am ,” I assured my anxious mate.

“Then why have you stopped the car?” Sage asked.

“Because I’m so happy you’ve accepted me as your mate. There’s no way I can drive nowwith you here. We’re gonna have to walk home,” I groaned inside. I hate walking.

“I can’t I’m tired,” Sage let out a cute little yawn.

“Well then, I’ll have to carry you in my arms and run home. I’ll return later for the car,” I decided.

“Or I could drive,” Sage suggested cheekily.

“I thought you were tired,” I raised an eyebrow.

“I lied,” Sage said with a smirk. Wow! I have such a playful mate and I love it.

“Ok you can drive,” I agreed. This will be interesting to see.

“Really?” Sage’s eyes went wide in surprise, she wasn’t expecting me to let her drive but she should have. She’s my mate and I would never deny her anything.

“Yeah of course you’re my mate,” I confirmed Sage could drive my car.

“Your gonna let me drive your car?” Sage sounds happy and I’m glad. I hope she is always happy with me.

“Yeah let’s swap places,” I said and we switched seats.

Sage drove us home in silence which gave me the chance to look at her whilst her attention was on the road. Sage is so small and looks too cute driving my car. I think I’ll let her drive more often.

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