Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 17 ~ extra [Part 2]

It was only a whisper but I heard very clearly thanks to my advanced Hybrid hearing.

“What?” I asked to confirm what Sage had just told me. That’s not possible.

“I’m pregnant with Li’s baby so now we can’t be together because he’ll never let me go,” Sage sniffled. Impossible. She can’t be pregnant.

“You’re not pregnant,” I told Sage.

“I am, the doctor said I was,”

“The doctor was wrong, you are not pregnant,” I insisted.

“But how can I not be? How can the doctor be wrong?”

“Because you can only get pregnant by mating with your true mate and that’s me. We haven’t mated yet so you cannot be pregnant,” I explained.

“Only you can get me pregnant?” Sage questioned.

“Yes,” I confirmed.

“So I’m not pregnant?” Sage asked with a smile.

“No,” I confirmed and then Sage surprised me. She hugged me.

“Sage are you happy about this?”

“Of course I am, I’m not pregnant. I’m not ready to have a baby and when I am ready, I want it to be your baby,”

“Really?” I asked happily.

“Of course, you’re my true mate,” Sage told me and hugged me tighter.

“So Jaime when will I feel our mate bond?” Sage asked a while later while we were still holding each other.

“You want to feel our bond?”

“Yes,” Sage replied quietly.

“I would like you to feel the bond but I don’t think you should until we can be together,”

“Ok,” Sage said sadly.

“But maybe I can let you feel our bond for a minute, would you like that?” I asked softly.

“Yeah I’d like that,”

“Ok,” I said and then I thought about Sage feeling our bond, I let go of her and then waited.

A second later, Sage gasped and I knew she felt a pull towards me, I put my hand in hers and felt sparks fly everywhere. I knew she felt it too because she almost stopped breathing.

“Sage are you alright?” I asked worriedly.

“I’m fine,” Sage replied and I gave a sign of relief then put my arms around her to feel even more sparks but then Sage turned her head away and started to sniff the air.

“What’s that smell?” Sage asked as she sniffed more.

“What smell?” I asked but I knew exactly what that smell was, it was me.

“That smell,” Sage said before turning to me. “It’s you isn’t it?”

“It must be me, what do I smell of?” I asked.

“You smell of roses,” Sage smiled.

“So do you,” I sniffed my mate.

“How come?”

“Because we’re mates, mates smell alike,”

“But why roses?”

“I don’t know, do you like the smell of roses?”


“Then maybe that’s why,”

Then there was silence, we just held each other to feel the sparks.

“Jaime can we see the pack doctor to make sure I’m not pregnant?” Sage questioned.

“Yeah I was just going to ask you that,” I said before leading Sage out of my house to the pack house.

“Jared?” I called. Jared appeared before us a minute later.

“Yes Alpha,” Jared said with his head down.

“Tell Jason we’re coming to see him,”

“Yes Alpha,” Jared answered and disappeared.

“Who’s Jason,” Sage asked.

“The pack doctor,” I replied before leading Sage to the pack hospital floor

When we reached the hospital floor, Jason was waiting. Jason was in his mid thirties but looked 20 as he was a werewolf and didn’t age. He had blonde hair and grey eyes with a tall, slim physique.

“Alpha, Luna, how can I help you?” Jason asked as he stood up as a sign of respect.

“We need a pregnancy test for the Luna,”

“Ok I will need to draw some blood,” Jason said after nodding his head. He then took some cotton wool and dipped it in solution then told Sage to show the top of her arm, I didn’t like the idea of that but it had to be done. Sage did as Jason asked then he rubbed the now wet cotton wool onto a small area of Sage’s upper arm. He took the needle and injected it into Sage’s arm and drew out blood until there was enough and took the needle out of the skin. Sage had winced the whole way through, I don’t blame her, it looked painful and I felt her pain through our bond which reminds me to hide the bond and I did to no longer feel it.

Jason plastered up the area the blood was drawn from. He put the blood into a small tube and labelled it as ‘Luna’.

’Well that’s all for today, I’ll take this to the lab and the results should be here in a few days,” Jason said.

“Ok let me know as soon as the results are here,” I said.

“Of course Alpha,” Jason agreed before we left to go back to my house.

“Sage, I think you should go back to Li now,” I signed even though I wanted to Sage to stay with me forever.

“No. Please don’t make me go back to him, I’m not ready,” Sage pleaded as she grabbed my hands desperately.

“But he’ll be worried about you,”

“I know but I can’t face him. Please can I stay here with you for a few days?” Sage asked me with hopeful eyes.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,”

“Please,” Sage said whilst fluttering her eyelashes at me. It was adorable.

“Ok but only for a few days,” I agreed, how could I not? I couldn’t say no to my mate.

“Thank you,” Sags hugged me.

“You should call him to let him know you’re ok,” I said when she pulled away.

“I will tomorrow,” Sage promised.

“Ok I’ll show you to your room,”

“Ok,” Sage followed me upstairs.

I led her to my room and opened the door.

“Here you go,” I said and gestured her to go inside. Sage walked inside and then looked at me.

“Thanks for this Jaime,” Sage thanked me.

“It’s ok and if you need anything, I’ll be in the room opposite,” I pointed towards the opposite room.

“Ok goodnight Jaime,”


Sage closed the door and I made my way to the room opposite. I stripped off my clothes leaving me in my boxers and got into bed. I couldn’t sleep knowing Sage was sleeping in my room, in my bed alone. The last thought I had before my eyes closed was of the amazing sparks I had felt when I held Sage and looked forward to what the following days would be like with Sage living here, with me.

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