Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 18 [Part 2]

The next morning, I woke up to stretch out my arms and legs across my bed until I felt something soft beside me, it was Sage. She was fast asleep, what is she doing here? I’m sure I left her last night in my room to sleep? It doesn’t matter, it’s nice to have her this close to me. I took that as a chance to get a good look at her, not in a pervy way but in an admirable way, I can’t believe she is my mate and it’s such a shame we can’t be together yet as a proper couple because of Li.

A few minutes later Sage awoke in confusion.

“Morning,” I greeted softly.

“Morning, what’s going on?” Sage replied in confusion as she noticed us sharing a bed.

“What do you mean?”

“What am I doing here?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing,”

“So?” I asked after a minute.

“So what?” Sage asked.

“So what are you doing here?”

Sage thought for a minute, trying to remember how she got in bed with me before replying.

“I couldn’t sleep, I came here but you were asleep. I didn’t want to wake you and must have fallen asleep,”

“That explains it but you should have woken me,”

“You looked tired,”

“I was tired but I wouldn’t have minded being awoken by my beautiful mate,” I said which made Sage blush.

“Aww! You look adorable when you blush,”

“Stop you’re making me blush,” Sage tried to hide her face with her hands as she blushed harder which I didn’t like one bit so I took her hands in mine to stop her. I want to see her beautiful reddening cheeks.

“Don’t hide from me, you’re mine and I want to see you blush,”

“He says that,” Sage mumbled quietly.

“Who says that?”


“I can see why he says that,”

“Why is that?”

“You’re beautiful and speaking of Li, you said you’d phone him today,”

“Do I have to?” Sage asked sadly.

“Yes or he will look for you, what if he ends up coming here?” I asked and was not happy with the idea of my brother turning up and spoiling time with my mate.

“He won’t come here, he doesn’t know about this place,” Sage shrugged.

“I know but he’ll look everywhere for you,”

“Please don’t make me call him yet, can’t I wait a few days?”

“In a few days he will definitely be looking for you, he may have found you here by then and he will kill me for not telling him that you’re here with me,”

“Ok I’ll call him,” Sage relented unwillingly as she got out of the bed, she was about to leave but I stopped her.



“Bring your phone here and call him in front of me,” I instructed and Sage nodded her head before disappearing out of the room to get her phone from my bedroom.

She appeared in front of me a second later with her phone, she selected Li’s number and pressed call, the phone started ringing but before Li picked up Sage handed the phone to me.

“You tell him, I’m not ready to talk to him yet,”

“Ok,” I took the phone and pressed it to my ear.

A second later, a frantic Li answered.

“Sage thank goodness, I was so worried what-” Li began to say through the phone.

“Li, it’s Jamie,” I stopped him.

“Jaime why have you got Sage’s phone? Where is she? What’s going on?” Li asked in panic.

“Calm down Li, Sage is fine, she’s with me,” I replied.

“If she’s fine, why did you answer her phone and not her?” Li asked.

“She’s still upset with you, she’s not ready to talk to you yet,” I told him slowly.

“Why not? Give her the phone so I can talk to her,” Li begged. I removed the phone from my ear and turned to look at Sage.

“He wants to talk to you,” I told Sage but her eyes widened anxiously and but she shook her head.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you Li,” I said as I put the phone back to my ear.

“Tell me your address then, I want to see her,” Li demanded.

“Li I don’t think you coming here is a good idea,” I disagreed.

“Why is that?”

“It could stress Sage out, it could harm the baby,” I lied. There is no baby.

“The baby? She told you?”


“Look, I either talk to her or I’m coming over there,” Li told me impatiently. “So what’s it going to be?”

“And how are you going to do that without my address?” I asked sceptically.

“You’re a Werewolf, you must be living near a forest or something which won’t be hard to find so tell Sage she either talks to me or I’m coming to see her,”

“Fine I’ll tell her,” I relented then turned to Sage.

“He said-” I started to say.

“I know I heard, I’ll talk to him,” Sage cut me off.

“Are you sure?”

Sage nodded her head.

“She said she’ll talk to you,” I told Li.

“Then give her the phone, what are you waiting for?” Li demanded.

I handed the phone to Sage and was going to leave the room but Sage stopped me with her hand on my wrist, she wanted me to stay. I nodded my head and she let go of my wrist.

“Hello,” Sage said with her phone against her ear.

“Sage I’ve been so worried, why did you run away like that and why did you go to Jaime?” Li asked, I could hear everything he said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know where else to go,” Sags said.

“It’s ok, are you alright?” Li asked worriedly.

“I’m fine,” Sags replied.

“Then come home. I’m really sorry about yesterday, please forgive me,” Li begged.

“I’m not ready to come home Li,” Sage disagreed.

“Please I miss you,” Li pleaded.

“I know but-” Sage began to say but Li cut her off.

“Please just come home,”

“I will in a few days,” Sage promised.

“A few days is too long. I can’t be apart from you that long, last night was terrible without you,”

“Please Li, I need some time away from you to think,”


“I promise I’ll be home in a few days,”

“Ok but I will call you everyday and you have to pick up,” Li gave in.

“Fine,” Sage agreed.

“Good,” Li said then they said their goodbyes and I love yous which I couldn’t stand to hear. I tried to tune it out but couldn’t.

When Sage hung up the phone, she sat on the bed and gave a sign of relief.

“That went well,” Sage said.

“Yeah I didn’t think he’d let you stay here,” I agreed. I thought Li would charge over here anyway demanding to have his mate back.

“I know,” Sage said before her phone rang, she answered.

“Li it’s been less than a minute since we spoke,” Sage sighed in annoyance.

“I know I just wanted to make sure you’d answer my calls,” Li replied.

“I told you I would, that should be enough to believe me,”

“I know I’m sorry,”

“It’s ok,”

“Thanks, I’ll hang up now,”

“Bye,” Sage said.

“Bye,” Li replied before the phone line went dead.

Sage put her phone down on the bed and then turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Bathroom,” Sags replied and left the room.

She returned an hour later dressed in light blue jeans and a black top with black heels, she had her hair straight and behind her back as usual with light makeup, she looked amazing.

“You look really nice,” I complimented.

“Thanks, so do you,” Sags told me. While sage was in the bathroom, I had got dressed into black jeans and a grey top with black flat trainers.

“Thank you,”

Then we headed downstairs to the kitchen, I made breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. I served the food and we began to eat.

After we finished eating, I got bottle of blood and poured us both a glass. I gulped mine down but Sage hadn’t touched hers.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t drink blood,” Sage told me.

“Why not?”

“The idea disgusts me,”

“But you need to or you’ll die,”

“I know,” Sage sighed and finally picked up her glass. She quickly gulped down the blood.

I cleared everything up and then left Sags to see Jason and ask if the results of Sage’s pregnancy test had arrived.

“Hey Jason are the results back?” I asked.

“Not yet but they should be here by the end of the day,” Jason told me.

“Ok I’ll be back later,”

A few hours later, I asked Jason again about the results and he told me they had come back.

“I’ll get Sage,” I said before getting Sage.

“What’s going on?” Sage asked when I reached her.

“The results are back,” I said then I took her to Jason who offered us both a seat.

Once we were seated, Jason picked up a brown envelope and opened it, he took out a sheet of white paper. He took a quick glance at what was written on it.

“Well?” I asked.

“I’m sorry Alpha,” Jason apologised. It made me panic. I hope I’m right and Sage isn’t pregnant.

“Why what’s wrong?” I asked with concern.

“It’s bad news I’m afraid,” Jason told me and Sage tensed up in the chair next to me, I took her hand and she held mine back.

“Tell me,” I ordered.

“I’m sorry Luna but the test was negative, you’re not carrying a child,”

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