Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 19 [Part 2]

I gave a sigh of relief when Jason told us that Sage wasn’t pregnant. I knew she wasn’t, only I can get her pregnant. I’m surprised Li didn’t know only true mates can conceive a child, when he finds out he’s not going to be very happy.

Sage didn’t say anything as we walked out of Jason’s office in silence before I stopped her to ask.

“Sage are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” Sage replied.

“Then why haven’t you said a word since the doctor gave us the results?”

Sage was was about to answer but then someone went past. I took Sage’s hand in mine and took her to my bedroom.

“Tell me what’s wrong, no one’s here now but us,” I assured Sage once we were seated on my bed comfortably.

“I’m glad I’m not pregnant,” Sage finally spoke.

“I told you, you wouldn’t be as only I can get you pregnant,”

“I know but-” Sage began to say before I cut her off with

“But what?”

“What will Li say when he finds out?”

“I don’t know but I don’t think he will be happy about it,”

“I know, he was really excited about having a baby together,”

“He’ll have to deal with it,”

“I hope me not being pregnant makes him realise that he should let me go so I can be with you,” Sage hoped.

“I hope so too,”


Li’s pov

It’s been a week now and Sage hasn’t come home, I agreed for her to stay with Jaime for a few days not a week. Why doesn’t she want to come home to me, I miss her so much?

I know she’s not my true mate, my true mate is dead but that doesn’t mean I have to lose Sage too. It’s really unfair that she isn’t my mate because I’m madly in love with her and can’t live without her. Sage doesn’t need her true mate. I know she is very happy with me. I can see it in her eyes but before she ran away to Jaime she became a little distant. She kept telling me she has a mate out there and one day he will find her, I told her I wouldn’t let him take her away from me. I wouldn’t lose her, that’s why she ran away from me.

When Sage called me a week ago but Jaime answered, I was hurt to find out she was with him and was thinking all sorts, what if they are really mates like that nightmare I had when they both died because of me. Jaime could be her true mate and that’s why she is staying with him so they can be together. How could she do that to me? I won’t allow it, I will get her back. I won’t let her be with anyone but me, I don’t care if Jaime is her true mate, he can’t have her, I’ll make sure of it.

I have to find her, I know Jaime won’t give me his address so I’m going to have to use my vampire abilities. I thought of Sage and disappeared.

A few seconds later, I was in a unfamiliar place in the middle of a forest, I saw a huge mansion up ahead and used my vampire speed ability to run towards it because I had a feeling this was where Jaime lived which means Sage is around here somewhere.

Just then I saw Jaime come out from behind some trees and run towards the mansion. I ran after him and within a second I had him pinned to the ground, he tried to fight me off him but when he saw it was me he stopped.

“Li how did you get here?” Jaime asked in surprise.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve come to get what’s mine, where is she?” I demanded.

“Um..........,” Jaime hesitated.

“Um what?” I asked.

“I don’t know where she is,” Jaime lied.

“What do you mean you don’t know where she is?”

“I had a pack meeting to go to and when I returned, she was gone,”

“When was this?”

“About an hour ago, I’ve been looking for her ever since but I can’t find her. I’m sorry Li,” Jaime apologised sadly. I got off of him and we both stood up.

“You will be if she is hurt when we find her, now let’s go and look for her,”

“Ok,” Jaime agreed quietly.

“You look left and I’ll look right. She can’t have gone far,”

Jaime nodded his head and disappeared towards some trees towards the left and I went the opposite way.

15 minutes later, we both met up having not found Sage.

“Maybe I should check the house again,” Jaime suggested. “She might be back,”

I agreed and followed him inside, we looked in every room downstairs, this house is bigger than mine.

“Is this your house?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jaime answered.

“Where did you get the money to pay for this?”

“The previous Alpha had a lot of money which became mine with the Alpha title when I killed him,”

We looked upstairs and had checked every bedroom except one.

“This is my room but she wouldn’t come in here ,” Jaime said as he opened the door. Then he gasped and ran inside. I ran after him and what I saw hurt my heart, it was Sage unconscious on the floor. Oh no! What happened? Is she ok? What about the baby? I should get help.

Jaime picked Sage up in his arms before I could and was about to run out of the room with her but I stopped him.

“Where do you think you’re taking my wife?” I hissed.

“To the pack doctor,”

“That doesn’t give you the right to hold her, give her to me,” I ordered as I held my hands out and I didn’t miss the way Jaime reluctantly handed Sage over to me.

Jaime grabbed my arm and the next second, we were in an office.

“Where are we?” I asked as I took in our new surroundings.

“In the doctor’s office, he should be here somewhere,” Jaime told me.

As Jamie finished talking, a man appeared into the office.

“Alpha?” the man greeted Jaime.

“Yes Jason we need your help, we found Sage unconscious,”

Then it seemed as if they were talking to each other through their minds because they were looking at each other weirdly and weren’t moving their lips.

“Look I know you’re talking to each other through you’re minds but now is not the time, Sage is unconscious, she needs help,” I said which made them both snap out of their mind communication thing.

“Lay her down,” Jason instructed me and I laid Sage down onto a bed in the corner of the room leaving Jason to do some tests.

When the tests were done, Jason spoke

“It looks like she just passed out from a little dehydration, she should be fine when she wakes up. She just needs to keep hydrated with fluids,”

At that moment, Sage opened her eyes and I pulled her into arms.

“What’s going on?” Sage asked into my chest.

“It’s ok you, just fainted from dehydration. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” I assured her then I thought about the baby.

“What about the baby?” I asked Jason worriedly. I’m glad Sage is ok but what about our baby?

“What baby?” Jaime asked before Jason could answer.

“She’s pregnant,”

“No she’s not,” Jaime replied as if he knew something I didn’t.

“She is,” I insisted. Of course Sage is pregnant. The doctor wouldn’t lie to us.

“We did a test the other day and the test came back negative, she isn’t pregnant,” Jaime told me.

“That can’t be right, the doctor told us she was pregnant,” I refused to believe. Sage is pregnant with my baby.

“That was a human doctor, Sage isn’t human so the tests he did had the wrong results, she is definitely not pregnant,”

“Is that true?” I asked Sage.

“Yes,” Sage confirmed quietly.

I didn’t know what to say to that, I thought I was going to be a father but now I’m not. I started to panic because I realised I could lose Sage because she no longer had a reason to be with me. She can find her mate and leave me all alone.

I began to sweat in panic and felt dizzy. The next thing I knew, everything went black.

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