Kidnapped by a Possessive Vampire

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Chapter 6 [Part 1]

Sage’s pov

Li left me in the room sitting on the bed. I noticed a door to the right and opened it. Inside was a small bathroom. I got in to get changed into a shirt and pyjamas, I usually wear shorts but it’s cold tonight. I then took my makeup off. I switched the bedroom light off and got into the bed before pulling the covers up to my face. Wow! It is so comfortable. I’m so tired, it’s been a long day after all.

I was just about to close my eyes when the bedroom door suddenly opened and closed quickly. I sat up and looked around in the dark but didn’t see anyone. Oh well. I guess it was nothing. But then I felt the covers move and I felt a dip in the bed next to me. Someone is in the bed with me.

“Li is that you?” I asked nervously.

“Yes it’s me,” Li replied and I gave a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to sleep with my mate,”

“But we can’t sleep together. We’re not married yet, it’s not right,”

“It’s ok, we’re not gonna do anything but sleep,” Li assured me.

“Still it’s not right, please go,” I pleaded.

“I can’t,” Li refused.


“I won’t be able to sleep without you,”

“Yes you will, now go,” I tried to shoo Li out of the bed.

“No,” Li refused again. “Why would I want to leave when my mate is here? I’m not going anywhere,”

“Your mate doesn’t want you here so please go,” I said angrily.

“Why should I have to leave my own bed?” Li asked.

“This is your bed?” I asked, how could I not know?

“Yes but now it’s our bed,” Li said proudly.

“Fine if you won’t go then I will go,” I decided.

“No,” Li said quickly.

“Yes,” I said.




“Ok then you go,” I told Li.

“No,” Li insisted so I got out of the bed and out the door, I heard Li come after me but he was too late. I have already gone into another bedroom and locked the door behind me.

“Sage?” Li asked. I didn’t answer. I climbed into the bed and pulled the covers up covering myself. Damn it is cold, I was warm in Li’s bed.

“Sage open the door,” Li said, there’s no way I’m opening the door.

"Please open the door,” Li begged, hell no.

“Sage I’m sorry. I just want to be close to you to protect you through the night, I’m you’re mate, please open the door,” aww! he sounds so cute, my Li.

“Sage, open this door, open this door right now, I’m asking you nicely, please,” Li said, that’s true but I still won’t open the door.

“Don’t push me love, I’ll ask you one last time to open the door, I won’t be so nice next time,” Li warned me but I still didn’t move.

“OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!” Li shouted but still nothing.

“If I don’t see the door open this second, I’ll break the door down and come in, it’s up to you,” Li stopped for a minute.

“That’s it mate, I’m coming in,” Li said, no.

I heard Li shove the door, a loud thud followed and I knew the door was gone but I couldn’t see too well because of the dark.

Then I felt Li’s hands lift me out of the covers into his arms. I put my arms around his neck in fear thinking I might fall to the ground. This seemed to calm Li down. I could feel his face inches from mine and his cold breath on my face . I also realised he was shirtless. Wow! This feels quite good.

Before I knew it, Li was running out of the room into another, most likely back to his room. He put me in the bed and got in next to me without touching me. He didn’t say anything so I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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