Back For Her: An Irish Mafia Romance

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Time might fly, but so much can change in seven years. Jackson and Alex don’t realize it yet, but a lot more is about to change. The two best friends are back in NY City to start up another luxury car shop. After all their success in Los Angeles, they figure why not bring their business back home too? Coming home won’t be as simple when they’ll have to face her… Kylie Murphy, the young beauty and wild girl they left behind, has now turned into a woman, but not just any woman. She’s now head of the 54th Street Irishmen, one of Hell’s Kitchen’s most infamous Irish mafia groups handed down to her by her uncle. She’s still wild and even more trouble than she was when they left her. There’s an even bigger problem. She hasn’t forgotten the way they left her behind. Both men have been in love with her since childhood, and it did more harm to their friendship than good, which is why they had to leave her… They couldn’t share her, and she couldn’t pick just one of them. But now that they’re back, do they regret it? Can their friendship withstand more conflict over this one woman? And does Kylie even still feel the same about them?

Romance / Erotica
Megan Jenkins
4.4 8 reviews
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The Lucky Clover

Kylie’s POV:

It took me over three damn hours to get ready and find something to wear to go out tonight. If it weren’t for all the fucking blood I had to scrub out from under my fingernails, I would have gotten done a lot quicker, but that’s just the price you gotta pay if you wanna do the job yourself. And I have definitely always enjoyed doing the job myself. And my motto has always been, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Don’t get me wrong I have many men at my disposal willing to do anything and everything I tell them. Still, there’s nothing wrong with getting your own hands dirty every now and then. And it is quite satisfying as well and a good stress reliever. I was hoping to get through this evening without any disruptions and have a chill night out at the club, but as usual, someone had to go fucking with my money. No one fucks with my money. No one.

“Boss? I got the car ready. Daniel and Lucas are going to meet us there.” Callahan speaks up from my doorway. He knows he can call me Kylie, but he likes to keep it formal. I felt his presence before he even spoke. Being in the drug game or just any organized crime puts you at risk, and it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. You can never be too careful in who you trust and or do business with. I learned that from my Uncle Michael when he was shot by one of his best friends over half a million dollars in cocaine. You think you know someone, and you think they have your back until they turn around and stab you right square in the middle of it. Six years later, it still feels like yesterday when I held his hand in that hospital room when he took his last breaths. It may have been a while since his death, but the pain still aches all the way down into my gaping dark soul. And I thought his death was going to be the only surprise until I found out he was leaving his business to me—his niece.

“Give me one second, and I’ll be down,” I respond to him without even making eye contact. My guys have gotten used to my bipolar nature. I wouldn’t say I’m bipolar per se, but I can go from cold as fuck to ready to get down and party the next minute.

“Oh, and Callahan?” I wait for him to turn and face me again, so I know he hears me. Callahan is one of my most trusted right-hand men besides my brothers, of course.

“Make sure that Johnathan motherfucker doesn’t step foot near the club tonight. That’s all we need is a fucking scene after the shit he pulled last week.” Callahan nods. I swear that man never smiles. I mean, I’m not much for smiles either, but damn I don’t think I have ever seen his facial expression change but like twice since I met him.

“Yes, ma’am.” So formal. I smile at him feeling my mood from earlier lift a little.

“Thank you.” I watch him leave the room before turning back to my mirror. I swear if Johnathan shows up tonight, I will fuck him up. The shit I have to go through if I want to get laid. Every guy I seem to fuck becomes crazy obsessed with me, or they are just trying to use me for my money. It gets pretty old, not being able to have a steady fuck to keep the hormones calm. Us women have needs too. I’m sure that’s half of why I’m always so moody even though I would never admit it out loud. After fucking Johnathan, he became a little obsessed and has been following me around trying to cause problems with my business until I see him. If he doesn’t be careful, I will have no choice but to eliminate the problem altogether. Hmmm, maybe I should anyways. Or at least give him a little scare. Yeah, that could work.

I stand in front of my mirror, adjusting my black off the shoulder super cropped top. It’s more of a bra than anything, but my boobs look good as hell in it. One thing about tops like these though, is you have to be careful. My titties will topple right out if I shake and move around too much. I give them a little adjusting to make sure they are secure. Just because I have to be tough and ruthless for my job doesn’t mean I can’t look sexy while doing it. I look over myself, taking in my outfit. Sometimes I question my own outfit choices, and my brothers definitely don’t like them. I pair jean shorts with my black top and matching thigh-high black boots. I grab my bag before throwing an ankle-length black jacket over my shoulders.

It covers my ass, one of my greatest assets, but I always seem to get my ass regularly groped whenever I go to the club. It’s not that I can’t handle myself. I just rather not deal with drama when it’s my night to relax. Fuck it. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my outfit anyways. My body isn’t exactly average. Curvy is definitely the word I would use. Wide hips, big ass, c-cups, and a small waist. I’m sure it helps I have my own gym to train in, but most of this came from my mother. I shut out any thoughts of my mother, not wanting to get back in that bad mood again.

Jackson’s POV:

“I can’t believe we are back in New York after seven damn years. It feels so strange being back after that long.” I look over at my best friend since 6th grade.

“I know, and this new shop is going to be huge. If we can get as good business here as we do in Los Angeles, we are never going to have to worry about another thing.” I just nod at him smiling. We have spent the last seven years building Motorsport Inc from nothing, but our vast knowledge of luxury and classic cars. We have actually already made a killing, especially in the last five years, and it is only growing. We don’t need the new shop we’re opening in New York, but why not expand if you can?

“That’s right, man. And everything is all in place for the opening in two weeks.” This is the shit we have been talking about doing since we were kids, and we finally have not only one but two shops. Alex grew up with some pretty well off parents, but I grew up in a shitty neighborhood on the west side of New York City and decided when we were 18, we were going to take the money we had been saving and the money from our parents for graduation and start our company in Los Angeles. It went from a little shop no one knew about to the West Coast’s most popular auto detail shop.

“I need tonight. I haven’t got laid since I broke up with Michelle.” I quickly turn my head, shocked; my best friend has gone a full two months without getting laid. How do you even manage that anyway?

“My man... that is way too sad. We are fixing that problem tonight.” He rolls his eyes at me but laughs, knowing I’m right.

“So, where are we going?” Sex has always been my favorite way to blow off steam, but that’s it, just sex, none of that girlfriend bullshit. Alex, on the other hand, feels the need to torture himself with naïve tedious relationships. I mean, there really is no point. All these girls want to do is mess with your head. Or at least that’s been my experience. I don’t have time for the games, so I just cut them right out and keep it strictly physical.

“There’s a recently new club. I think it’s the Lucky Clover. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it. I also know a guy that works there. He went to high school with us. He’s going to get us in.” I don’t know why but that name Lucky Clover sounds so damn familiar. I just can’t quite put my finger on where I’ve heard it before.

“Alright sounds good to me, man. Let’s get an Uber, though. Parking in this city is a bitch.” That is the truth. I pull out my phone so that I can pull up the app. It only takes us about twenty minutes in traffic to get to the club, and already tons of people are lined up around the block waiting to get in. Good thing we know someone, or we would never get into this fucking place. It does look nice, though. Lucky Clover. Lucky Clover. Where do I know that damn name from? I look up to the bright neon sign above the club of a small four leave clover with a blonde cartoon pin-up type of girl sitting on the clover. Interesting... I start looking around the crowds of people trying to spot our old buddy Jason from high school who works as a bouncer here. He told me he could get me in whenever and entry into the exclusive parties they hold if I did discount work on his 1968 Shelby Mustang.

“There he is.” I lift my hand up, hoping he would see me over the tons of people trying to file into line. Most of these people will stand out here all night and not even get into the club. Fuck that. Jason nods at me, letting me know he sees us.

“Jason! My man, it’s been a while.” I greet him, shaking his hand.

“Yes, it has! A lot has changed here in the last seven years, huh?”

“I guess. We’ve only been here since late last night, so we haven’t had much time to catch up with family and old friends.” A look of disbelief crosses his face, and he cocks his head to the side, thinking. It almost looks like he’s unsure of what to say next.

“What?” I ask, looking at Alex to see him just as curious as I am. What the fuck is going on? He is giving me this look like he knows something we don’t.

“You guys really haven’t heard?” I have no clue what he could possibly be talking about.

“Heard what?” Alex speaks up before I have the chance too. Jason just shakes his head, releasing a light chuckle.

“Let me just get you guys inside, and you will figure it out all on your own eventually.” I roll my eyes. What the fuck? Now, this is going to be driving me crazy all night. Figure what out? And why is it such a big deal? I’m all for going out to get laid, but I’m not up for any surprises. And bunches of people aren’t really my thing anyway.

“Come on man. Just tell us now.” He shakes his head with a knowing smile.

“Come on.” He turns around, ignoring me. He leads us towards the door before reaching two other bouncers in black t-shirts and stopping.

“These guys are with me.” They both just nod at him, not paying us any mind.

“Damn, this place is pretty badass!” Alex yells over the music into my ear as we push through the people near the doorway. The whole place is pretty dim, with only glowing green lights giving off just enough light to see around you clearly. There’s a huge dance floor crowded with tons of people dancing and grinding to the music. Lounge booth areas and tables surround the dance floor. Two longs bars stretch across the west and east side of the building with what looks like private VIP areas on either side of the bars. Damn, this place doesn’t look this big from the outside.

“I gotta get back to the front. You guys enjoy yourselves. Maybe I’ll see you guys later.” He turns to leave then stops to say something else.

“Oh... and good luck. You’re gonna need it.” He gives me a smirk like he almost feels bad for us. What is this big thing that we are about to figure out? And why do we need luck?

“Holy shit... Is that Daniel Murphy?” Alex nudges my shoulder, pointing over to one of the VIP areas. I wait for the group of people crowding my view to get out of the way. Fuck, that is... Little Daniel Murphy. And is that the littlest Murphy?

“Yeah, and I think that’s Lucas. He looks a lot older now, but I’m pretty sure that’s him. They all look alike for Christ sake.” I study both of them the best I can from across the busy club. They’re obviously laughing and drinking with a couple of girls. Two big men in suits are standing on either side of the VIP section they’re in, examining everyone and everything around them like it’s their job. Bodyguards?

“Who the hell are the guys in the suits?” He takes the words right out of my mouth.

“I was just wondering that myself, I’m not sure. They look like bodyguards. But why the hell would the little Murphy brothers need bodyguards?” Now I’m starting to become more and more curious. Obviously, something is different. And something just feels a little off, and I don’t know what it is.

“Should we go talk to them? I know they were a lot younger seven years ago, but I doubt they forgot us. I mean, we were practically attached to their sister’s hip our entire lives, especially you.” I snap my head to look at him, feeling the uncontrollable death glare on my face. He knows I hate it when he brings her up—especially my obsession with her. I wasn’t that attached. Not all the time… I don’t say that out loud because I know it’s a lie.

“Fuck you.” He smiles, knowing that he would get to me. Asshole. Even seven years away from her with absolutely no contact, I still think about her daily. I’ve never admitted it to Alex. He was just as attached to her as I was. I was just a little bit more obsessive and possessive than he was. I don’t know… It’s just something about her. It did things to me. Still does…

“Come on, let’s go over there.”

“I don’t know... it’s probably not a good idea.” I look around at everyone, searching through all the faces. Now I have a bad feeling about all this. A turning starts in my stomach that I haven’t felt in years. I have spent so much time trying to get her out from under my skin. It took me two years to be able to fuck someone without saying her name. Pretty fucked up, I know. And what’s even more fucked up, I still picture her face when I’m with other women. God, I sound fucking pathetic.

“Relax Jax. I doubt she’s here hanging out with her little brothers at the club. We will just go over there for a minute.” I knew he wasn’t going to let this go. Curiosity always gets the best of him. Something we’ve always had in common, especially when it came to her, but that was one of my biggest issues with her… I’ve never been able to let go.

“Are you coming or not?” He interrupts my thoughts, pointing his thumb in the direction of the Murphy brothers.

“Fine let’s go then.” I follow behind him as we push through all the people. Can’t I just hang out here and find someone to bring home with me tonight? I rather bury myself in some random woman and fuck all those memories away, not sit around reminiscing about the one thing that drives me absolutely mad. Sometimes I wonder why Alex and I are such good friends. We are polar opposites. He likes to date a woman and get to know her while having sex with her. Fuck no, not me. I only want one thing from any of these women, and that’s strictly sex. It is much simpler. Most people would consider me an asshole because of that, but to be honest, I have just never really desired to be in an actual relationship with someone. Not anymore, at least. We reach the VIP section, and Alex hesitates, pulling me from my thoughts. Now he wants to pussy out. Just like him, this was his fucking idea.

“Damn it, move.” I push in front of him to take a step up the small stairs into the VIP section when I’m met with a hard hand pushing back against my chest.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going, pretty boy?”

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