Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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"Put me down," I said calmly. I didn't like people carrying me. When he ignored me, I tried again. "Put me down Al" he ignored me, again. " Put me down please Al. " Once again, no response . " AL CAPONE PUT ME DOWN RIGHT FUCKING NOW" " Fine, you said so'' Hannah Brown is an abandoned woman, who's parents left her all alone at a very young age. She was bullied all through school and now 23, believes her life will always be this depressing and lonely hell hole. That is until she figures out she has to be the assistant to one of the biggest playboys and richest men in the city, Al Capone. What happens when two people who believe they are completely different turn out to actually be very alike? Will they change each other for the better or worse? (BEFORE YOU READ THERE IS A LOT OF CLICHENESS AND CLUMSINESS)

The Job Offer

Hannahโ€™s Point of View


I said loudly, as I stubbed my toe on the edge of the wall coming out of my room. That thing hurts like hell.

โ€œWhat the hell happened this time?โ€

"Itโ€™s nothing I just hurt my toe Iโ€™m fine โ€

" Alright, whatever you say,โ€

Said my best friend Jules. She was the only one that I ever had in my life. She was my ride or die. We have been friends since the 6th-grade. Jules was the only one who didnโ€™t bully me. I met her when I was running from a pack of girls throwing eggs at me after school and when she saw it, she pulled rocks out of her backpack and started throwing them at the girls telling them to shove off or there would be way more than that. To this day I still donโ€™t know why she had rocks inside of her backpack and she wonโ€™t bother to tell me, but I didnโ€™t care at least, I didnโ€™t have eggs in my hair, I was just happy that she helped me. When I thought she was just going to walk away she said," You with me now bitch, nobody is gonna touch you, got it?โ€

โ€œYeah, and um thanks for helping me, that was pretty cool.โ€ She just shrugged like, she did it all the time which I could probably believe.โ€ Yeah no problem, no one should have to go through that. And since all of my so-called friends ditched me, itโ€™s me and you now alright?.โ€โ€œSure, itโ€™s not like I have any friends.โ€ And look at us now 23 years old and living together. She stood by me through everything. Breakups, proms, parents, moving, all of it she never turned her back on me and vise versa.

As I flopped on the couch, I saw Jules on the couch talking to someone. Iโ€™m sure it was someone from her job or business-wise, because she was saying things like โ€œSirโ€ and โ€œYes Maโ€™amโ€, and she never talked like that. Her slang was country, but sweet at the same time. Jules grew up in a rich family, but her family was from New York so they talked differently than all the people around them. During school, Julesโ€™s parents invited me for dinner almost every weekend. I consider them as the parents I never had. Jules was a total blond babe. Blue eyes, blonde wavy hair, Perfect figure, And every man would drool all over her. After she finished high school she wanted to be a lawyer. Her dad had insisted he pay for college and find her a job. But Jules didnโ€™t want it to be handed to her, she wanted to work for it. And she did accomplish it. Now she is running her law firm. Sure she was way crazier, outgoing, pretty, and out-spoken than me but thatโ€™s why I love her.

โ€œWho is that?โ€

I mouthed at her. She held up a finger telling me to wait. I just stared at her, until she was done. When she was finally done she said,

โ€œOkay, youโ€™ll never guess who that was,โ€

She didnโ€™t let me respond.

" It was The fucking boss of Capone industries. โ€

She looked at me expectedly, but I had no idea who that was.

" Um, who the hell is that?.โ€

She looked at me dumbfounded as I had just said the stupidest thing she ever heard.

" Idiot, heโ€™s only like one of the richest men in the state. He built that company from scratch. But he is super intimidating. I heard he once broke someoneโ€™s leg with his bare hands in like a minute. Thats one of the reasons why I donโ€™t really like him, heโ€™s the arrogant type. Always caught up in himself and money you know? I canโ€™t believe you donโ€™t know who he is .โ€

" But what were you guys talking about? you were all professional and stuff, โ€œI asked not caring about who he was.

โ€œOh yeah, you got a job there as his assistant,โ€

She said this so calmly like it was the simplest thing in the world.

" What the hell did you just say? Jules? What do you mean I got a job there? I already have a job, you know that.โ€

She just rolled her eyes at me.

" Look Iโ€™m sorry. But you know that all of your coworkers in that piss pore restaurant are perverts. I mean come on one almost tried to kiss you, and the rest of them are probably ogling you or making disgusting remarks behind your back. I know what youโ€™ve been through in your life. and Iโ€™m probably the only one that cares about you, as harsh as that sounds. Itโ€™s just an assistant job for him. He needed someone for it, and since my brother knows him, it was kinda easy. You donโ€™t have to stay there for a long time. Just until you can get your career going.Okay?โ€

Shit, I have no excuse now. I knew it was a great opportunity. And I knew it would give me a jump start for my career. So I just bowed down and gave her the answer she already knew I was going to give anyway.

โ€œAlright fine,โ€ I said as she gave me a stupid smirk.

" YES! I KNEW IT! WE HAVE TO START PICKING OUT OUTFITS RIGHT AWAY!!!โ€œShe squealed, hopping off the couch and doing our signature snoopy happy dance.

" Wait when am I supposed to do this job thing? and whatโ€™s wrong with my clothes now?โ€

" First your clothes are horrible. Theyโ€™re all so depressing. And second, the job starts Monday.โ€

Okay not gonna lie that hurt a little but I didnโ€™t say anything.

" Okay, I guess.โ€

" Oh my gosh, we are going to throw all that depressing shit away A.S.A.P.โ€

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

Oh Lord God, please give me the strength not to kill this woman.

Hey peeps, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Feel free to comment with your thoughts.

Joke of the day: Where do you find a cow with no legs?Right where you left it.

-Your dearest author, Denise Willams.

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