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Chapter 11. DONG

Richard Grand’s arrivals seemed to catch me off guard every time. As my luggage and I rolled through the lobby, Jimmy held the door and in front of the building was a shiny new navy-blue BMW convertible five series, top down with Dick Grand seated behind the wheel. He wore a sports coat, t-shirt and NY Yankees baseball cap. I swallowed a giggle as he opened the driver’s door, jumped out, strode to the back of the car and popped the trunk in time for Jimmy to load my suitcases.

“Nice car,” I offered.

“Do you mind the top down? At least through the city. I’ll put it up before we get to the tunnel.”

“Love it. Let me clip my hair back.” And with that, he opened the passenger door, and held my elbow to guide me into the seat.

“Ready?” he asked as I fumbled through my handbag, grabbed a scarf and tied my hair up. I nodded. “Are you happy?” he asked, hands on the steering wheel.

I almost blurted “The only time I’ve been happier is during an orgasm!” But I bit my lip to contain my exuberance and confirmed, “Happy.” It was the understatement of the millennium, because I was bursting with happiness.

“Good. I want you to be happy,” he said, and reached over to place his hand on mine as we moved onto 29th Street heading across town to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Once out of the city and cruising down the Garden State Parkway, conversation turned to general questions about my week, his week, updates about my children. He asked how Todd was doing at tennis camp and suggested that we drive down for the tournament in August. I felt excited and joyful sitting next to Dick and enjoying the drive, hearing him make plans for us, and opening his heart to me and my life.

Out the window we passed familiar exits. “My uncle used to hang out and play guitar with Bruce Springsteen,” I commented as we passed the exit for Asbury Park. “They went to High School together. That was before he was famous.”

“Who? You’re uncle or Bruce Springsteen?” Dick teased.

“Bruce Springsteen,” I confirmed. “But my uncle made a name for himself too. He invented a necklace clasp that doesn’t need a spring, so it can be welded. He sold the patent and did very well for himself.”

“Really, have I heard of him?”

“Well, have you heard of the B clasp? Because it can be made in the shape of almost every letter, but he is Bernard Fox. Bernie, so B.”

“The B clasp, hmmm. Sounds like an interesting guy.”

We passed the exit for Toms River and I mentioned that one of my clients had a large housing development there. Then we talked trees and coastal climates as we drove through the Pine Barrens and Barnegat Township. “Annie once came home from a high school outing to Long Beach Island with her girlfriends with a miserable sun burn.”

“Sounds bad.” Was his only comment.

For the last half hour of the ride Dick filled me in on the people we would meet at the hotel. I had him repeat names several times, and tried to memorize couples. Axel and Randelle. Rod and Mercy.

“Randelle? Interesting name. What kind of a name is Mercy?” I asked and pursed my lips disbelieving, “Is that just a funny way to pronounce Marcy?”

“No, I’ve known Mercy a long time. Rod and I do business regularly. I’ve been to their home in Kentucky.”

“Maybe it’s a family name.” I speculated.

“When you meet her, you can ask her,” Dick suggested, then offered some general information about his business dealings. “Most of these guys are longtime associates and friends.” He reassured me. “I think you’ll find them interesting.”

As we pulled off the highway following local roads into Atlantic City, Dick put the convertible top down so we could enjoy the breeze and ocean air. I leaned back in the seat to enjoy the sun on my face and wondered about Mercy. Maybe that’s what her mother shouted out as she panted and pushed through the big tingly orgasm of childbirth? Just thinking about that point of pleasure made me smile, but mercy was not the word I had screamed.

Atlantic City itself was nothing to shout about. It was disappointing to see the icon of the American Monopoly board worn down and shabby. The sprawling outlet mall in the center of town, as you may suspect, a Dangler Mall, was full of shoppers. A bus with the logo RDC across the length was parked on a side street, and eager buyers were filing out. But the surrounding restaurants and buildings had an uncared for, haunted look.

We turned into the covered driveway of Caesar’s Hotel and Casino. At the entrance I twisted to look up and under the statue of massive white horses rearing to pull a gladiator in his chariot. I had to check, just in case they were anatomically authentic and some massive white horse dongs were hanging out under there. Like the irresistible urge to look under a Scotsman’s kilt. Dick noticed and smiled, which immediately got me thinking of his undoubtedly massive dong, and my expectation to have it anatomically correctly in my grasp in the not too distant future.

The view of the ocean from the 44th floor penthouse suite was glorious. Way below was the boardwalk with a Ferris wheel, carousel, game booths and tourists. The suite had an impressive living room area flanked by two en suite bedrooms.

“What a gentleman.” I cooed as I folded into Dick’s arms.

“Me?” he questioned in mock modesty. “How so?”

“My own bedroom? Thank you.”

“I figured you would need bathroom and closet space all your own. There’s a bed in there too, but…” he paused, gave me a delicious smooth kiss, then continued. “I was hoping you would stay in my bed.” He glanced over his shoulder to the king-sized bed in the room behind us.

“You were, huh?” I disengaged myself from his embrace, caught his hand in mine and tugged him to follow me as I moved toward the bedroom doorway. Stopping at the threshold, I peeked in, and bent over just enough so my firm round back side pushed against the zipper of his slacks as I scanned left and right. Oh my, I confirmed to myself, there was indeed a massive dong hiding in there. Without warning, I turned to face him, grabbed both his hands and scuttled backwards. I drew him with me as I fell onto the bed. Off balance, he landed on top of me, bracing himself on the mattress so as not to crush me.

The one thing you can say about Richard Grand is that he doesn’t hesitate when the moment presents itself. Just inches apart, his eyes peered into mine, his lips grazed across my lips, then sunk deeply into a kiss. His tongue reached into my mouth as he shifted his hips and let the full length of his monumental love stick press through his trousers against my pubis. His eyes never wavered, but held my gaze hypnotically as he raised his hips to release the pressure ever so slightly, held for a moment that felt like an eternity as I yearned for his weight against my body. Then lowered to bear down again, and harder, and harder and pulled away, his eyes daring me to move, daring me to lose control.

Frantically I grabbed for his butt to pull his weight back onto me, but he moved first. An instant before I reached him, he plunged between my thighs, the full weight of his hips crushing me as he grasped my shoulders and rolled. I was suddenly on top of him. We lay across the bed fully clothed, yet I was more sexually excited than if we had come to each other naked and greased with aphrodisiac.

Feverishly I rolled to the edge of the mattress and pulled my dress over my head. When I turned back to him, his pants were sliding to the floor and his manhood rose prominently skyward. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen, and without hesitation I opened wide and took him deep into my mouth, sucking and raking my teeth the full length, swirling my tongue to taste every inch. I licked his balls and rolled his scrotum in my hand like a slick pair of dice.

When I had my fill, he gripped my arms and guided me up, allowing me to lower gently onto him until he was consumed within my oyster. With measured thrusts he moved up and down inside me. I was powerless as my body shook with ecstasy each time the head of his organ bumped the tip of my cervix sending shock waves through my body. And then I was under him, and he was a persistent driving rod. Faster and deeper, with a demanding last thrust, his gift exploded into me. His back arched, his hips low. He stayed motionless for a long time savoring the heat before rounding his shoulders and gently lowering himself to lay his weight across my belly.

We laid side by side, spent. My head on his chest, the pungent smell of his body, like aroma therapy, lulled me to sleep.

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