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Chapter 14. IMPALER

With the holidays approaching, Dick and I were busier than ever with social engagements. Along with dinners at the club and cocktail parties, we were both excited to see the recently promoted prima ballerina, Megan Fairchild, dance the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. Always a thrill, was an evening with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular. Imagine my excitement when after the show, Dick escorted me back stage for a photo op with some of the dancers!

Back at my apartment later that night, my gratitude overflowed. Leading Dick through the door, I slipped off my heels and sunk my toes into the lush carpet. The red and green lights of the Empire State Building drew me to the window, and I stood gazing at the city.

Dick joined me from behind. His warm hands caressed my thighs and derriere. Without hesitation I leaned into him, melting into the length of his body. My stockings were suddenly in a puddle at my ankles and Dick’s own private Christmas Spectacular was wild and deep up my rear. I gasped in surprise, overwhelmed with the sensation of his anal impaler. My whole body trembled with exotic spasms as he moved up, and up. My mind exploded with sensation. It felt like the lights of New York were engulfing me, filling me, pouring through me. I lost all sense of reality or anything else in existence except the thrill of the motion deep inside me splitting me open.

“Oh! Oh!” I wasn’t sure I could hold any more of him or this exquisite sensation in my body. “Oh,” I moaned as he let my weight settle on his hardness.

Lowering me to the floor, he eased his pole out. Slowly. So slowly the muscles of my bootie twitched in anticipation. I felt his member smooth along my petals to impale me once again from the front. I writhed, empty with the loss of him from behind, and ecstatic as he penetrated my forepart, our juices and fuzz mingling. I clung to him. My legs gripped his buttocks, locking his body to mine, and compelled his penis hard and high into my glory hole.

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