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Chapter 15. WARRIOR

As the winter chill refused to loosen its grip on the northeast, Dick and I discovered many ways to stay warm. Our lust for each other kept us between the sheets, as we concocted stimulating ways to turn up the heat.

“How old are you?” I asked one night as we fondled each other in his big bed. I lay on top of him, sifting my nails through the field of hair on his chest.

“Ask him later,” he teased as he slid his manly sized warrior between my legs. Eager for his pistil, I opened my petals. We moved in unison, in a slow rocking motion. Waves of desire pushed us forward and back.

I reached behind to grasp his family jewels. They hung low as my fingers closed around both balls. My arm brushed against my backside adding a thrill of self-stimulation as I rolled his testes like dice between my fingers, and felt them glide within the sac. The palm of my hand massaged, tightening and rolling in rhythm to our swaying. I stroked strands of curly hair, pulling them gently from his tender skin, above and below. He groaned, a mournful sound escaping his throat. He lifted his hips to follow upward as I drew his scrotum tenderly into my grip.

Filling my hand with hot saliva, I coated him in wetness and squeezed to press him between slick thighs. As we reached our climax together, I released his testicles and arched my back. He shouted his pleasure, “Fuuh…Uaagh. Uhnnn, ooh oooh.” Sated, whirling, finally spent, we dozed in each other’s arms.

After an intimate conversation between Dick’s warrior and my very happy pussy, the answer to my question was obvious. Dick was just the right age; and it would be way too late by the time I finally discovered how old he really was.

Every now and then I would ask him again, or wonder out loud. “Hmmm,” I baited him one afternoon as we walked up to the ticket booth at the movie theatre in Times Square, “Senior discount available. Might you be eligible? We could save $3 on your ticket.”

But his age was the second lie by omission we shared. He knew my fortieth birthday was October first. I knew his birthday was in April, I just didn’t know which milestone he would celebrate.

“Ask me something you really want to know,” was the only answer he offered whenever I asked about his age. And then a change of subject, something to tantalize, other than sex. “I was thinking it’s awfully cold and wondered if you would like to spend a week in Saint Lucia?”


“Really,” he confirmed, “I think my people can spare me for a few days.”

“When did you want to go?” I asked, completely distracted from wondering how old he was to remembering how he looked in a bathing suit.

A few weeks later Jimmy buzzed my intercom to say Dick was on his way upstairs. I opened the door to my apartment and pulled my large suitcase to the foyer, then went back for the carry-on and my pocketbook.

“Lori? Got everything?” He called from the entry.

“All set.” I rushed from the bedroom into his arms. We enjoyed a tasty smooch before heading to the elevator with luggage in tow.

In the Town Car on the way to LaGuardia airport, Dick filled me in on our itinerary. First we were heading to Palm Beach, Florida for an overnight visit with Claire and Joe. From there it was a modest three-hour flight to St. Lucia.

“A car from the hotel will meet us at Hewanorra Airport, on the southern coast of the island. It’s more than an hour drive north to Castries, and a half hour further to the hotel in Rodney Bay,” he explained.

“Rodney Bay,” I echoed. “The Royal Saint Lucian. It sounds very British.”

“Very. I hope you don’t mind dressing for dinner,” he said.

“Oh Dick,” I reassured him, “I’m happy to dress for dinner. I just hope I can be undressed the rest of the time.”

“Ah, does that mean you’ll want an umbrella on the beach? Otherwise that lovely fannie of yours will be rosy red.”

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