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Chapter 1. MUSCLE

Instinct told me Dick Grand was a liar the first night I met him, but I was willing to overlook it because he was wealthy, cultured and had the biggest cock I ever sucked. Before I get to the story of the big Dick, let me go back a few years, and fill in some background.

First, I confess I was married, once, when I was 19 years old. I divorced my husband at the age of twenty-eight, and on $400 a month alimony proceeded to raise three children. Don’t get me wrong, I was the one who wanted the children and the divorce. Johnny was my high school sweetheart, and having no basis of comparison at the time, I overlooked the fact that he had a tiny prick and only one ball. But it was a heck of a ball. And combined with the holes I punched in my diaphragm, I got Annie, Susan and Todd, three of the greatest kids on earth. Well, that’s yet to be told, but let’s start the story on friendly terms.

My first passionate affair as a divorcee was with Russ Daniels, a charming night club comedian who played the hotels in my hometown of Wildwood. And when I say “played” I refer not only to his work as an entertainer, but also his talent as hotel circuit “Lov-ah.”

I affectionately called him “Russell the Love Muscle” after he gave me my first glorious orgasm. Let me clarify: Russell gave me my first orgasm during sexual intercourse. My very first orgasm happened as I delivered my daughter, Annie. Suddenly after hours of cramps and panting and screaming, I felt that bundle of joy pushing through my vagina, rubbing and inching and rubbing, and suddenly giving birth was the biggest thrill I ever imagined. Sheer joy, my whole body quivering, my bloated lips pulsing… and oh yeah, there was a baby too! With only one penile experience at the time, it never occurred to me the titillation of having a baby could be replicated during sex with a big throbber. So, eager to have another “OH” and knowing I would have to wait nine months regardless, I rushed to have another child.

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