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Trial Island

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A young woman fell in love with 3 different men, 3 different times, 3 different places, and had 3 different nightmares. In the past, the present, and up until the future. "I love you so much." The first lie... "Please, marry me and we will live together the rest of our lives." The first broken promise... "I will not leave you, never. I'm here by your side." The first true love... . . . . . She thought. One woman fell in love with 3 different men and ended their relationship in 3 different ways, But one day, it will change it all. "How about this, let's make a deal, within in 3 months and here on this island where we will compete and determine who she loves." "After those 3 months, She will pick between the three of us, and the man who she chooses will love her, marry her, and be with her forever the rest of her life." A competition started... ....A deal shall be finished... ...And love shall be determined... "Deal." ...Who would you pick? ...Among these 3 men in your life, who would you choose? By: Guren-nii Started: June 17, 2021 Status: Ongoing

Romance / Drama
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Please read this book with caution, there will be harassment and cursing/ strong language in this book that some of you may find disturbing that’s why I would like to refrain minors to read this book. You can skip the middle part of chapter one for you to not encounter any disturbance. Thank you for understanding.

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