Runaway Highway

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Chapter 13 - The Break-In

Johanna’s POV

It was Friday night. I was lazily watching TV with my mum when Sam called. He had practised that day for a race the next day and, according to him, the car was making some “weird rattling noises”.

“Johanna, just come already, please. Tomorrow I’m going to compete at Berkley I’m afraid something’s wrong.”

“Alright alright. I’m on my way.” I got off the couch and headed to his house to fix the problem. When I got there the garage door was already open and Sam was trying to fix the problem himself.

“I thought you needed me, but I see you already got it under control.” I teased him. He looked stressed and agitated as he peered under the hood.

“Johanna, just fix it already. I’m freaking exhausted and the last thing I want is problems tomorrow with the car. I’ve been practising all day for the race tomorrow and I have to win.”

“Don’t worry Sam, I got you. I know how important it is to win at Berkley. You’re gonna kill it tomorrow. Now, step aside, sit down over there. And don’t be standing over my shoulder like you usually do.”

I got to work right away. Sam actually looked really exhausted.

“Was it a tough day today?” I asked him, making small conversation.

“You bet. I was just minding my own business, practising in the Berkley track when some idiots wanted to cause some trouble.”

“What happened? You okay?”

He sighed and leaned back on his stool, resting his elbows on the garage counters “There might have been a bit of a scuffle...”

I put my hands on my waist “Really? And who started the fight?”

He chuckled, throwing his head backwards “It wasn’t me if that’s what you’re implying. Stark’s guys were there and they just weren’t happy to see me. They know I’m gonna win.”

I shook my head in disapproval. “As long as no one got hurt...”

“Aww,” Sam said “Johanna showing concern for my wellbeing. How sweet.”

“Oh shut up you loser.” I spat. I did find myself, however, smiling. Sam was smiling too.

That was when we heard a door being knocked down.

Sam’s eyes were wide open. His phone immediately vibrated. He took it out of this trousers and read the text.

“Holy fuck.” He said, running his hand through his hair.” It’s George. He says people broke into the house. Holy fuck.”

He pressed the buttons of his smartphone lightning fast. Again, another text from George.

“He says he’s hiding and he has called the police. He says it’s better if we stay here in the garage and don’t move.”

I closed the hood of the car and turned off the lights. We kept our eyes locked on each other, listening carefully to try and figure out how many people had broken in and where they were. We could identify a few voices, but it was impossible to know how many people were inside.

“Fuck, what do we do?” I whispered-shouted.

“Stay quiet.” He said firmly.

“Where’s the kid old man? Give him to us and no one gets hurt!” We heard a voice coming from upstairs. “I said, where’s Sam Collins?”

We heard a thump and a moan of pain. Sam jumped up, alarmed.

“They hit George!”

I was in complete shock. I had no idea what we should do.

“Sam, we have to get out of here. They are looking for you.”

“No fucking way. I’m not leaving George.”

“He already called the cops. They’ll be here in no time, but in the meantime those fuckers will find us down here and god knows what they'll do. We need to get the fuck out!”

I rushed to open the garage door.

“Hey! I heard something down here!”

“Fuck! Let’s go Johanna!”

Sam jumped into the car and revved up the engine. I jumped in the passenger’s seat.

Even before I could close the car door completely, Sam forcefully pushed my head down. He ducked as much as he could while trying to drive as fast as possible. The car reached 100 kilometres and hour in what seemed like seconds. The engine was roaring. It was impossible not to hear it from whatever part of the house.

That was when we where hit by the first gun shot.

It hit the car door on my side. I let out a screaming, gripping my hair and pulling my head as low as I could without literally breaking my neck. Another gun shot. This time it hit a window. The glass shattered and I felt the shards hit my skin and back. I looked at Sam. He was still gripping the steering wheel, a petrified expression on his face.

As we sped away, we continued to hear the gun shots, but none hit the car. I kept my head down, my knees shaking. I kept still for a few minutes, even after the gun shots had stopped. With my eyes closed I could feel the car swaying wildly as if we were in a roller coaster, no doubt due to the speed Sam was driving at.

“Johanna? Are you okay?” Sam asked, his voice laced with shock and concern.

I lifted my head. Somehow, in 2 minutes, Sam had driven us to the highway. He was now driving at almost 140 kilometres per hour. I looked at myself, examining any wounds. When I took my hands to my face, my cheeks were completely yet from crying. I hadn’t even noticed I had started weeping.

“I think so. You?”

“I got cut from the shattered glass.” He replied, closing and opening his right hand, showing me the superficial cuts. I noticed it was Sam’s window that had shattered.

“They hit your window.” I stated, horrified. I realised in that second that they were centimetres away from hitting one of us.

“Where is the bullet?” Sam kept his eyes on the road. His eyes welled up in tears. Clearly he was in shock. Noticing he was about to lose it, I asked him to pull over.

“Not here, they might be right behind us.”

“Then turn on the next exit. We need to stop and get to safety.“He did as I told him. As we entered the small town, Sam drove aimlessly until he found an empty field. He drove right through the grass, not caring if it was private property. He turned off the engine and the lights.

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