Mates with a Monster

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Athalia Drakos , well known within the walls of the city as 'the secret weapon' and known by The Hierarchy as the one betrothed to the heir to the throne of The Council, goes by only the name Allie having been stripped of every other privilege she had. Cursed at a very young age by a mother who believed she was the cause of all her misfortunes and later handed to The Hierarchy by a father who only cared about money and power,she lost control over her wolf and became a monster. Riot Malik, one of the very last night walkers within The City and is the most wanted serial killer with the biggest price pinned on his head,lives on the run and trusts nobody. Having grown up with a single father who was notorious and taken in for his deals with The Opposers, he was continuously tortured by his peers and all sorts of officials until his ray parted with his silhouette and he remained with only the darkest part of himself that hoped for nothing but vengeance. What happens when two broken souls, two beasts, turn out to be mates? Will The Council and The Hierarchy survive or will they all go down ONE by ONE?

Romance / Scifi
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Above the siren landscape of Southern town the sun danced brilliantly in the high clear blue sky, gently cooking up the multiple kinds of flowers that blanketed the small hills and raising a sweet aroma as a fruitful result.

The gentle breeze carried the scent uphill and it eventually met Athalia’s nostrils who was seated at the doorstep of the small cottage her and her mother lived in.

The four year old girl was playing with her sack doll while her mother cooked in the kitchen, panicking as she knew that he was to visit that day.

In her young brain, Athalia knew that her father planned to visit from the way her mother had made extra effort with her looks that morning.

Her mother, Adelia had woken up before the morning gong to tidy up the house and cook something delicious and inviting for when Elias arrived.

Athalia watched expectantly as a carriage appeared from behind a hill in the distance.Only highly ranked beings like those on The Council or part of The Hierarchy had the privilege of riding in such vehicles given there were very few roads within the city.

Everyone else, even officials used air cabins that were also very expensive or more commonly the air trains that had routes all across the city.

There were few occupants in this particular area of Southern town because it mainly consisted of country homes that covered acres and acres of land with ranches and other luxuries that only rich beings were allowed to have.

These homes belonged to wealthy beings that resided within the city but originated from here. That’s how things were.

In every town, there were areas that were gazetted for the rich and only the rich and handed down from one generation to another.

That was and always will be life within the walls, the rich remained rich and the poor remained poor.

Well knowing that the long awaited moment had come to pass, she quickly stood up and rushed into the house yelling, “Mama, he is on his way here!”

Athalia had been prohibited from ever calling the man her father whether in the presence of people or otherwise.

Adelia sent her daughter a glare, hating her for being the reason why things between her and Elias were no longer the way they used to be.

Elias was a very prestigious man and held a position on The Council as governor of the Southern town. He had been Adelia’s ideal idea of a husband; handsome, rich, prestigious and powerful.

Had her mother been alive she would have been proud of her for scoring a man like Elias, well at least she had scored until she found out she was pregnant with Athalia.

That child was the cause of all her misery, the reason she couldn’t continue her affair with Elias seeing as he was now engaged to the King’s step-niece.

Despite being born a marked wolf, Adelia’s mother had always told her that she would find someone that fit her perfectly and to her Elias was that,perfect.

Being born marked was an abnormality because that meant you couldn’t get marked by any other being which meant you couldn’t have a mate.

There were also very rare cases where a werewolf randomly became marked right about the time he or she should find his or her mate.

Elias was already privileged enough to be on The Council and now he also had the luxury of marrying someone from The Hierarchy.

“Go hide somewhere you won’t be seen as a nuisance,” Adelia replied bitterly after about two minutes of menacing silence.

Athalia was used to her mother’s venomous tongue and at her young age she barely took note of the hatred as she didn’t understand some of the words.

Athalia stepped out the door just as the carriage stopped in front of the cottage. She watched carefully as the coachman hurriedly descended from his seat and opened the door to the carriage.

Being as short as she was and standing where she stood, Athalia could not see behind the carriage door but she could clearly see under.

A shiny black shoe came in quiet contact with the tarmacked road shortly followed by another and from behind the carriage door stepped a tall man probably known for the amount of beard he carried that Athalia had come to know as her father.

Even though she knew what would come next, Athalia ran forward to embrace her father and surely was roughly yanked away by the security official that had stepped out after him like she had expected.

It was routine by now and each time he seemed more detached than the last.

“I expect you to be as far away as possible for here while I talk to Adelia,” Elias said without sparing her a second glance.

Athalia hugged her rug doll tighter as her eyes started to water and tears started to roll down her soft pink cheeks.

“Sweetheart, please don’t cry,” the security official that had yanked her away began softly.

Athalia turned to him scared that she may have made him angry in any way before seeing him squatting with his arms open for her to step into.

She cautiously stepped into his embrace and began to cry uncontrollably,shaking.

“Daddy doesn’t like me. Is it because I’m not as pretty as mama,” she asked sniffling.

“He has his own reasons but do you want to know something?” he asked to which she nodded.

“Pretty girls don’t cry because it makes them look like roaches,” he said with a small smile making her giggle a bit, lightening the mood and making her slightly forget why she was crying.

“My name is Athalia. What is your’s?” she asked now suddenly happy at the idea of making a new friend.

“Daniel, call me Dan but don’t talk to me when your father is around because he won’t be happy about it,” he said as he carried her and put her on his hip.

He was now rounding a corner so he could sit with her on the stairs of the backdoor.

Daniel Millers was a security official and had, at a point, worked as a personal body guard for the King himself.

He had worked on the position for about six years and had later requested for a lower position to be able to spend more time with his family who died a year after in The Opposers’ attack.

He had jumped at the opportunity when he found out that his childhood best friend, Elias Drakos, was looking for a personal body guard.It had been his way of diverting his focus from the pain of loss.

Now as he looked at this adorable little girl with round rosy cheeks and big grey eyes, he just didn’t understand how Elias could treat her the way he did when she’d done nothing but be sweet.

Daniel would do anything to have his lovely wife and beautiful daughter again but here Elias was trashing these people.

“I told you to get rid of her the moment you found out you were pregnant but you wouldn’t listen because you thought it was a way to tie me down, didn’t you?” Elias’ voice came out loud clear snatching Daniel out of his thoughts.

He turned to the girl that was now seated on his lap hopping that she hadn’t heard but in vain. Athalia’s eyes were wide open and were starting to feel up with tears again.

“You think I didn’t try to get rid of it? I did but we both know that it is illegal to abort and I could have been either taken in or thrown out!” Adelia said just as loud as Elias had, maybe louder.

“Well clearly you didn’t try had enough or that vermin wouldn’t be running loose on my property, or would it now?” voices only got louder and louder after that but Athalia was too busy crying to know what was happening. None of her parents wanted her even in the slightest

“Shhhh....Everything will be fine. You have me now,“Daniel cooed softly as he rocked her back and forth.

And surely from then on she had him because every other visit that followed that one he always came with something for her; a storybook, a pencil, a doll and so on and so forth.

It stuck like glue in Athalia’s head that she wasn’t wanted and she only looked forward to Elias’ visit because she knew Dan would come along.

Dan being telekinetic, always entertained Athalia with his ability in small joyous ways.

Adelia on the other hand had become depressed because now, Elias only visited to discuss ways of getting rid of Athalia, nothing less and nothing more.

After all it could become scandalous if The Council found out that he had a bastard and was set on marrying from The Hierarchy seeing as the wedding was in two and a half full moons.

Adelia had never hated Athalia, her own daughter, as much as she did now. From time to time, Adelia found herself running across the hills in her wolf form trying to burn steam and cool off.

When she realized she couldn’t handle the retched child anymore,she set out to find something that would make Athalia’s life as miserable as she had made her own and she was sure to get it.

The curse of the Lost, they called it and only one sorcerer could deliver it.

Lucky for her, Adelia didn’t have to go looking for him because the sorcerer had been looking for someone to pass it onto for over two decades and was very willing when she summoned him.

“Are you sure you wish this on your daughter?” the old man had asked, his wrinkled lips barely moving.

“I’ve never been this sure about anything in my entire life.” Adelia said with firm determination that bothered the sorcerer but he followed through with his end of the bargain none the less.

And from then on Athalia’s life only went downhill while Adelia watched in pure bliss.

Dan became more like a father figure to Athalia and he taught her everything she knew seeing as neither Adelia nor Elias cared enroll her in the system.

She had no friends aside from Dan because all the kids were from wealthy families and mostly lived in the city.

By the age of seven, Athalia knew more vocabulary than any child her age, even those in the system or from The Hierarchy.

She could read and write perfectly and she had discovered that she loved poetry.

She had a large collection of books that she kept hidden from her mother, many of the books were untouched as they contained complex material but she was still far ahead of anyone even five years older than her.

Everything was okay until that fateful day.......

Hey guys! New story over here and I hope you enjoy it. I kindly request that you vote, comment and share. I will be giving a clue of what is to happen in the next chapter in form of a quote. I’m really sorry for the bad cover but I’ll try to get a better one.


Hurting others is not what makes one a monster, the intent is the judgement point. After all where there is fire ,there is smoke.

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