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What Is She Hiding

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We were outside playing football when we saw the moving truck pull into the driveway next door to the clubhouse. It was followed by a truck with two teenage boys in it, then a Trailblazer driven by a woman, and then followed by another truck pulling a trailer with three bikes on it. Next two bikes followed that truck. Cool my VP, thunder yelled. 8 boys moving in next door how cool 5 new boys in the neighborhood he said That is until we saw one of the bikers remove the helmet and long hair flowed down to the waist. That's a girl Thunder yelled. I stared at her as she turned and looked our way.. She then turned and got off the bike and walked over to the trailblazer. I knew there is a small house next to the garage. I watched as the woman handed her a key and she walked to the house and unlocked the door. I am in love. I saw her walk out without her jacked and then noticed the sleve on her arms. I smiled. She likes tattoos. . The next thing I noticed was that she was wearing a gun. What the hell is she a cop? I could tell she is an independent woman. We heard the roar of bikes coming down the yard and driving up the driveway and park I saw the girl run and jump into the presidents arms and hug him. Who the hell are they that they know the "Cobra MC"? Then I heard someone yell Morning Star get your ass over here and give me my hug girl. I saw the VP, Ring yell.

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Chapter 1: New Town, New House

My name is Morning Star. I have four brothers all older than I am. I am 21 years old. My brothers are Soldier 26, Tank, 24, Major 23, Legend 22, and then of course I am the youngest and only girl. I carry a gun most of the time. My brother Soldier is in the Army but he is on leave from the services, Tank is a self defense instructor, Major is a kickboxer, and Legend is a mechanic the same as I am.

Legend and I just bought a garage in town which is 15 minute drive from Ohio City. The garage is in Van Wert. We did not want to live in a bigger town. We wanted to be more out in the country. Mom and Soldier found this house and it has the small one bedroom house next to the garage. In the house the attic has a two bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

It has a finished basement, with a two bedroom apartment as well. So, it was perfect for all of us. It has three bedrooms in the house. I love the little house it is perfect for me. It has two bedrooms. So if one of my best friends comes to visit she can stay with me.

After my boxes were all moved into the house my uncle and his members moved my bedroom into my room and the guest bed into the other bedroom. Next came my couch, rocking chair, tables chairs, end tables, and coffee table. Legend carried my flat screen tv into the house and I told him what wall I wanted it on and he and Major put it on the wall.

The next thing to be moved in was for the big house. The boys moved their stuff into their own apartments and the members moved mom's furniture into the house. As they finished that I walked out of my door to see that my aunt and some of the Valkyrie arrived with coolers of beer, and food. Soldier started the grill and started making steaks, burgers, and hotdogs.

I asked Legend and Major if the MC they were joining was the one next door. That's the one. What's the name again I asked? Night Hawk MC. Nice I said. I turned on the radio and we all sat down to eat. We were laughing and having fun. It has been a long day. Around midnight we started cleaning up and the members put the coolers in the truck and they all waved goodbye as they drove out of our driveway.

I told my brothers and mom good night. As I was walking away mom reminded me that she would be going to the nursing home to get her work schedule in the morning. I walked in and locked the screen door. I turned my radio on and walked to my bedroom and started unpacking the boxes and putting my clothes away. When that was finished I did the bathroom and then made my bed.

I then walked to the kitchen made a pot of coffee and started unpacking my pots and pans, and dishes putting them in the cupboards. I then moved my furniture where I wanted it. I sat the empty boxes outside to be burned or stored. Next I started hanging my pictures on the walls.

I finally just told myself the other boxes can wait until tomorrow. I poured a cup of coffee and walked to the living room and sat the cup on the table by the chair before I turned the radio off and turned on the tv. I was sitting on the porch and could see inside her living room window.

I watched as she moved around the house unpacking boxes. I thought she was never going to take a break. I could see her sitting in the rocking chair. I heard looked over at my VP Thunder. I wonder what she does for a job? Don't know he said.

You do know that two of her brothers are prospecting for our club? That's right. I forgot about that. Legend and Major. I heard they bought a garage in Van Wert. I heard that as well. I turned back and watched as she took her gun off and laid it on the table next to her.

She is beautiful isn't she I said. Yes, she is. But there is something about her I can't put my finger on. What do you mean Thunder asked? I don't know. She seems to always be on guard. She has not looked over here since she looked at you Ripper. Now that is unusual. Most women can't take their eyes off you.

Come on. Lets go in the club. I watched as they stood up and walked into their clubhouse. I stood up and walked over shutting the door and locking it. I then turned the tv off and walked to the bathroom, took a shower and dressed before climbing into the bed.

I woke up in a cold sweat. I hate these nightmares. I got out of bed and walked to the living room where I lit a cigarette. I stared out the window trying to forget my dream. I hate dreaming. I hate men who think they own women, or abuse me.

I want to be left alone. That is all I want. I don't need a boyfriend at least not for awhile. I just want to work, go home, and spend time with my family. I want everyone to stay out of my business. Don't talk to me, don't flirt with me. I have become to dangerous to be around.

I have more than I should have. I am not as innocent as everyone thinks. I got a phone call late that night. The voice on the line told me another girl has disappeared and to turn on the news. I walked out to the living room and turned my tv on. I watched the news. Wow! she could be me I thought.

This girl disappeared from her college in New York. I was shaking. He is back. I knew another girl would disappear next month. I could feel it. I was the one who got away. I was the one that he really wanted. He wants to claim me. I will not let that happen. He never showed me his face. He always came in the dark.

I can still remember when he started to beat on me. When he didn't get what he wanted or when men pissed him off. He didn't have the guts to fight them. All he can do is beat on women. I know I need to start working out more often. I know that eventually he will come for me and I need to be ready.

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