Mated to the Alpha

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What does he mean he'll go crazy? He's been here acting like his mate bond is practically nonexistent. Hot and cold couldn't even begin to describe how this man was acting.

I knew if I stayed in there any longer he would probably try something like the other day. I wasn't about to just be his little rogue toy. I let out a small huff and left his office. After receiving a call from reception that his one o’clock meeting was here I sent him a message.

Mr. Thorpe,

Your 1pm meeting is early. Shall I send them in when they come up?

He didn't reply which was irritating. I would just have them wait for a moment I guess. Off the elevator bounded a tall, bright woman. To my surprise she was met by Beta Jim who gave her a hug and they walked arm in arm past me and into Jackson's office.

"Apparently it's an informal meeting," I mumbled and started back on some files I had been working on. I could hear laughing and talking through the thin walls and after an hour they all exited the office.

"Oh Miss Lovett, let me introduce you to someone," Jim hollered as they walked toward my desk. "This is our mother, Amalia."

I stood with a smile and offered my hand, "I'm pleased to meet you, Mrs. Thorpe."

"Oh please, call me Amalia dear," she smiled. As she held my hand I could feel warmth radiating off of her. It filled my whole center, releasing a calm over me. She placed her other hand on top of mine and gave me a sad smile, "Sweetheart, you have been through so much."

I pulled my hand back, confused at what had just happened. "I..."

"I'm sorry Miss Lovett, I have a hard time turning it off sometimes," she gave an apologetic smile. I was still confused.

"Mom is a healer," Jim explained. "She can feel others' emotions and calm them, or heal those who are injured." My eyes widened, I had heard of them but never actually met one.

"I didn't mean to pry," she smiled, "I could feel the pain rolling off you the moment I touched your hand."

I shook my head, "No, I-"

"Don't be embarrassed, we all have a past," she smiled warmly and began walking toward the elevator. "I'm glad to meet you dear."

I didn't quite know what to say. I looked up to see Jackson staring at me. His eyes held questions. Questions I wasn't about to answer.

"Do you need anything else, Mr. Thorpe?"

He shook his head.

"Okay then, I'm going to take my lunch." With that I grabbed my phone and rushed to the break room.

I sat down at the table with my head in my hands as I played with the bag of tea in my mug.

"What did she mean?"

My head snapped up at the voice to see Jackson leaning against the doorway. I shook my head, "It was nothing."

"My mom is never wrong. What happened to you Sasha?"

I let out a nervous laugh, "That's a long story."

"Well we have time," he offered, sitting down next to me.

"A long story I'd rather not get into at the moment," I replied, turning back to my tea.

He nodded, "That's fine." He got up and for a moment I thought he was leaving but he walked around me and into the kitchen, grabbing some boxed lunches from the fridge.

"Eat," he said as he placed a box in front of me before sitting down beside me with his own.

I looked up at him with a bit of a confused look, "Why are you being so nice to me?"

He smiled and threw my own words back at me, "I'm always this nice Miss Lovett, you just haven't let me be nice."

I shook my head. "Yeah sure," I mumbled.

"Plans for the weekend?"

I shrugged, "Not really. I’m moving, which I'm excited about."

His head bolted up, "Moving?"

"Yep, I found a nice loft at a really good price a few blocks from here."

"Where are you now?"

"Not in a really nice loft..." I muttered.

I could feel his scowl from here. I was not giving him the information he wanted. We ate in silence, not really knowing what to say to each other.

"Well," I said as I got up, taking my lunch to the garbage. "Thank you for sitting with me. I should get back to work."

He nodded, "We only have a few more things to do today. You can head home when we're done."

"Really?" I turned to him surprised, I hadn't had an early day in forever.

"Really." He turned to me, "You did a good job the last two weeks, I thought for sure you would have quit by the end of the first week."

I chuckled, "Oh, it definitely crossed my mind." We walked back down the hallway together and I sat at my desk. He stood above me quietly. I looked up at him, “Yes?”

He grumbled something incoherent and walked into his office. “Okay then,” I whispered before finishing up the last of my paperwork.

I’ve finished all I needed to, do you need anything else today?


I began gathering my things, hoping he wasn’t going to take back his offer to let me off early.

Yes, please come to my office.

I groaned, I knew that was too good to be true. I walked in and up to his desk.

“Sit, Miss Lovett.”

I sat down and he met my eyes. “Is there a way I can convince you to come back to the pack house on Tuesday?”

I recoiled. “I.. I don’t know..”

“Miss Lovett, I understand your past with packs is shaky at best. But you have my word nobody in my pack will treat you that way. You will be safe.”

“Mr. Thorpe...”

“As my PA I will need you occasionally at the pack house to do some work. Is this going to be a problem?”

I lowered my head, I knew he was right. “No, sir.”

I looked up when he didn’t reply and he was smiling. “Good, you can go now. I’ll see you Monday.”

I stood up, trying not to freak out on my way out. I knew it was going to suck going back there.

Our mate will keep us safe. He promised, you heard him.

“We’ll see...” I mumbled as I made it to my car and drove home. The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up the apartment. I didn’t own much, so tomorrow would be an easy move. I had an old couch and an old mattress on a metal frame. Those were the only large items. Hopefully after saving up I could buy myself some new furniture. Other than that it was just a collection of boxes filled with the small amount of belongings I’d collected over the years.

It neared midnight and I stood in my spotless apartment with my hands on my hips. A smile spread on my face at the thought that tomorrow night I would be sleeping in my new place.

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