Mated to the Alpha

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I rushed out of Jim's office to the elevator. I kept my head forward, knowing if I made eye contact with Sasha I wouldn't be able to hide my fear.

"She can't be from our pack," I whispered as I made my way out of the building.

I drove home to the pack house. If anyone would know, Mom would.

I bounded from my car and into the house, immediately mind-linking my mom, calling her to my office.

"Jackson, what's wrong?" She asked as she walked into the office. I knew she could sense my fear and anger.

"Mom, have a seat," I spoke quietly.

"Sweetheart, what is going on? Is everything okay? Is Jimmy?"

"Jim is fine, Mom," I replied.

She sighed in relief. I could feel her eyes on me but I knew I needed to collect myself before speaking to her. I moved around the desk and sat beside her. "Mom, I have some hard questions for you and I need you to tell me the truth."

She took my hand in hers and I could feel her warmth calm me. I was glad, I knew I would need a level head for this. "What's going on, Jackson?"

"Mom, do you remember the Lovett family? They would have lived here about twenty years ago."

"Lovett? As in.."

"Sasha, yes," I replied. I could see the confusion in her face.

"I don't remember there ever being a Lovett family in the pack dear. But if they were rogues they might have changed their last name."

I nodded, realizing she was probably right. "Her parent’s names were Elsie and Lucas."

She sat quietly for a moment before looking up at me and letting out a gasp. "Reynolds. Their last name was Reynolds."

I froze. That wasn't the answer I wanted. I had been praying that she wouldn't know who they were, that there was no way Sasha had come from our pack. I could feel the heat rising within me. I walked into my file room and looked up their file. I sat down with it but was unable to open it. My mom took it from me and opened it.

"The Reynolds," she began, "Lucas, 23; Elsie, 23; Sasha, 4. Status: Exiled. Reason: Refusal to obey and submit to orders directly from Alpha." I watched my mother shake her head, "That's not what happened."

I shook my head, "No. It's not." I could feel the anger pulsing through me. This had happened here. My pack. My father. The place I was proud to call home. The place I told her she was safe.

I stood up and bolted out of the room, ignoring the calls of my mother. I ran straight to the woods, not even bothering to strip before shifting. I sprinted hard, running as fast as I could through the forest.

What are we going to tell our mate? She's going to reject us, she's going to leave us. How the hell did this happen?! Blaize was just as angry as I was, and neither of us knew the answers to his questions. When I finally ran all the anger out of myself I went back home.

I walked into the pack house to see my mom still sitting there. I sat down beside her, my head in my hands, "What am I going to do?" I felt her healing touch calm me. I looked up at her to see tears in her eyes.

"This is my fault."

I shook my head, "No mom, this is on Dad. He was the monster, not you. He..."

"I should have stopped him. He was just so cruel. Thankfully he never hurt you or Jimmy. I would have killed him," she said with anger.

I laughed, "I know you would have." I looked forward as I tried to think back on my father. "He was a hard, mean man. It took me years to gain back the pack's trust. This isn't on us mom, it's on him. HE did this. And once again I'm stuck cleaning up his mess."

"What are you going to tell Sasha?"

I shrugged, "The truth. I can't hide this from her. She would never forgive me if I kept it from her. Granted she might never forgive me if I do tell her."

My mother smiled reassuringly, "Yes, but that girl loves you. I can tell."

"I don't know if that's going to be enough. Her entire life is our fault. How could she become the Luna of the pack that exiled her, that killed her mother, that left her to fend for herself?"

"Do you want me there?"

"No," I replied, " It'll be better if I do it alone."

My mom gave my hand a squeeze before leaving me with my thoughts.

How did this happen? Blaize grumbled.

"How am I going to tell her?" I whispered to myself as I let out a long exhale. How was I supposed to hurt woman who had invaded most of my waking thoughts since the moment I met her?

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