Mated to the Alpha

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"Whyyyy?" I groaned as I smacked my alarm. I rubbed my face, fully regretting going on that run last night. I knew I had to be up earlier than usual but still stayed out past two in the morning.

"I blame you,” I huffed at Raya as I shuffled out of bed to shower and get dressed. I knew there was a meeting today and needed to try and look my best. I only had a week's worth of outfits but there was one that was a bit nicer than the rest and I saved it for times like this when Mr. Bettany wanted us to all put our best foot forward.

With a bag of bagels and assorted pastries in one hand and the coffee I had been drinking in an attempt to perk myself up in the other, I entered the office. I set up the conference room and made it to my desk just as Mr. Bettany arrived.

"Good morning sir,” I chimed in a friendly tone.

"Hmm.." he mumbled before walking into his office.

I sat down and began working when the phone at my desk rang.

"Gold Form Logistics, Mr. Bettany's office."

"Hey Sasha, it's Paul. Just wanted to let you know your 9am is on its way up."

"Thanks hun." Paul was the sweetest sixty year old man you ever did meet. He worked the security desk in the lobby and I had taken a liking to him the minute I met him.

"Mr. Bettany, your 9am meeting is on their way up."

"Yes, yes. Thank you Miss Lovett."

I backed out of the room in surprise, he never thanked me. Ever.

I gathered my things and waited for Mr. Bettany to make his way out to the conference room. As we walked up I could see through the glass that they were all in there waiting.

Mr. Bettany opened the door, "Gentleman, thank you for coming out."

I walked through door but stopped immediately. I was frozen to the spot. My head snapped up to look at the men in the room. I could smell them, I knew what they were. Suddenly, every man in that room shifted their gaze to me- they could smell me. They knew. I could feel the knot in my stomach.

They are all from the same pack. You can tell by their smell. Raya said.

I nodded my head internally, unable to do anything.
"Miss Lovett, the door," Mr. Bettany grumbled, snapping me out of my shock. I lowered my head and sat down in my chair near the back wall to take notes.
When the meeting was over I rushed out of the room and back to my desk.

"Don't panic, maybe they're just passing through with a deal and you won't ever have to see them again,” I mumbled, keeping my head down and trying to reassure myself. I had come across my fair share of packs and I knew how aggressive they could be. I had the scar on my ribcage to prove it. They didn't like rogues, no matter how young or helpless they were.

"Miss Lovett, correct?"

I smelled him before I even looked up. I raised my eyes to meet his. "Uh.. yes. Can I help you?"

I looked up at the man before me. He was tall and fairly handsome. He had short, dirty blonde hair and a bright face and I could feel his presence. Whatever he was, he was a high rank in their pack.

"My name is Jim Thorpe, I work for TITAN Corporation. If there is anything that you need, give me a call." He handed me his card and I stared at him in confusion.

"Why would I do that?" I asked, trying to understand why this random wolf was offering kindness.

"We are purchasing Gold Form Logistics. You will probably be out of a job."

"But why would you want me?" I looked around to be sure no humans were listening, "I'm not a part of your pack."

He smiled and nodded his head, "True." He turned to walk away, stopping at the elevator, "I'll expect your call on Monday."

There were no words. Literally, I couldn't find anything to say. I just sat there in shock.

Are we getting a pack?! Raya screamed.

"Calm yourself. We aren't getting a pack. He just offered us a job, I don't think I'll even take it." I could feel Raya roll her eyes at me, irritated with my hesitation.

That night and all weekend I was restless. I didn't know what to do. It made me wish my dad was here. He had always been so good at calming me when I overthought things. But early Monday morning I found some clarity. I grabbed my phone and dialed the number on the card.

"What the hell am I doing?" I asked myself as I heard the phone ring.

"Jim Thorpe."

"Hi, Mr. Thorpe this is Sasha Lovett from Gold Form."

"Ah! Miss Lovett! I was waiting for your call. I hope it's to tell me you want a job!"

I let out a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Are you sure about this?

"Not at all," I internally replied to my wolf, “But we’re about to be jobless with no other prospects.”

"Yes. I'd love a job."

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