Mated to the Alpha

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Two weeks had gone by. I had done everything short of kissing that girl. I had flirted shamelessly and made random kind remarks toward her. I was not about to let her forget that I wanted her, that she was my mate and I would do everything to make sure she knew I cared and that she was safe with me.

It was Thursday and even though I wasn't at the office, I knew she was.

Good morning Sasha,

I have need of you this afternoon. Just some administrative work at the pack house.

Thanks, Jackson

I hadn't even thought it through. I knew I'd need a reason to have her come in. I began to be worried when almost ten minutes went by with no response. I sighed in relief when she finally messaged back.

I don't think that's a good idea.

That was slightly irritating. Apparently I couldn't play nice cop on this one.

Miss Lovett,

I might remind you that this is part of your job as my assistant. I need you to be here by 1:30.

Thank you, Jackson Thorpe.

I sat back in my chair, irritated that I had to play the boss card just to get her here. I knew why she was hesitating, but I also knew she would have to face this at some point.

Let's just hope she doesn't choose to quit on you instead of coming down...

"Thank you. That's really helpful Blaize," I replied sarcastically. "Now I just need to find a reason for why I called her here."

I shuffled around the office, mixing up files and trying to figure out if there were any pack meetings coming up.

A few hours later I looked at my watch. Two o'clock. I scowled, she didn't come. I stepped out of my office and heard a familiar sound. I followed it and entered the pack kitchen where her scent hit me. I looked around the room and my eye caught her sitting at a table with my mother and Ashley. I laughed to myself knowing she was probably here on time before being ambushed by those two.

I walked over to them with a smirk, "Shirking our duties I see."

Sasha glanced up, her eyes were less bright than normal. I knew she had mixed feelings about being here.

"Nonsense!" my mother chimed. "We were talking shop."

I saw Ashley give Sasha a wink, which obviously meant they were talking about literally everything else. It made me smile that they had opened themselves to her. They had been smart. I shouldn't have been so stubborn, so closed off.

"Well Miss Lovett, ready to do some work?" I asked and she stood from the bench which received complaints from the two other women.

"Fine," my mother sulked, "But you're staying for dinner."

I could see Sasha try to protest but I knew how good my mother was, she wasn't about to take no for an answer.

As we made our way back into the office I gave her a smile, "Thank you for coming back. I know you don't want to be here."

She shrugged, "You didn't give me much of a choice."

I flinched at that one. It reminded me of how my father had just expected others to do his will and the thought that I had done that bothered me a little. I chose to ignore it though. I knew whatever my reaction was would just distance her more. I ran my hand through my hair and sat down, "So there's a bunch of files that need to be gone through and I have a couple of events coming up with reminders that need to go out."

"I'll do the files first, then we can sit down and talk about event details, if that's alright," she replied as she looked at the little mess of folders I had made.

"Sounds good. I have to go meet some pack contractors about some new houses so I'll be back in about an hour." I stood to go, hesitating at the door before turning back to her. "Sasha I know you want to hate me, but I'm not going to give up on you."

She snapped her head up to me, her eyes meeting mine. She softened for a moment, revealing her struggle. I didn't need or want a response, so I left to let her stew on my words.

"How is it going in there?" A familiar voice spoke from behind me as I exited the pack house. I turned to my mother who was sitting on a chair on the front porch.

I shrugged, "It's going."

"That girl has so much struggle going on," she frowned and I knew my mom had felt her. "But oddly enough most of her struggle isn't about the past, but how to proceed with the future."

"So she doesn't know if she wants me." I shook my head, frustrated at the situation.

My mother shrugged before standing and cupping my face in her hands, "If I had known who your father would have become I would have rejected him when we met. I couldn't protect our pack and I regret that every day. But you are NOT him and she sees that. She just has to figure out if she can make a life here."

I gave her a small smile before heading out to the new houses. She had given me a bit of hope.

"Okay, so for the pack meeting you just need an email reminder sent out. Are you doing anything after that needs planning?"

"No, just the meeting this time. But we do need to start plans on the start of summer party. It's just a few months away and it's a big deal here."

As we planned Sasha wrote all her notes down, offering advice when needed. Even if she didn't end up as my mate I hoped she would still stay as my PA, she was the best one I'd had in a long time.

"Well it's just about time for dinner, should we call it a day?"

She nodded, "I should really go though."

I laughed, "Oh no you don't. If you leave I'll have to deal with the wrath of my mother AND Ashley."

Sasha giggled and it made my heart jump at the sound. It was the first little bit of warmth I'd seen in weeks. She had kept herself so distant, so shut down, that I thought all of this might have broken her. I knew better, she had survived so much.

We sat down in the dining hall next to Mom, Ashley, Jim, and their new little pup. My mom was completely obsessed and was more than happy to hold her throughout dinner. I enjoyed sitting next to Sasha, feeling the warmth of her body near mine. Once in a while our arms would brush against each other sending shocks up my arm. It was taking all of me to not grab her and kiss the hell out of her. I tempted fate a little halfway through dinner and took her hand for a moment, squeezing it so she would know I wanted to be near her even if it was just for a moment. I regretted it immediately because when I released her hand I craved the touch again. Blaize wasn't very happy about it either. He whined for ten minutes afterward, telling me to take her hand back. But I wasn't going to push my luck.

Then dinner ended and she left, leaving me feel empty as I watched her drive away.

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