Mated to the Alpha

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“Good morning, Mr. Thorpe,” I said with a smile. After my long weekend of moping and deep thinking I had come out from my dark place and decided I needed to move forward.

Jackson stopped in front of my desk, probably in shock from the fact I had spoken to him first. “Good morning, Miss Lovett,” he stuttered.

I followed him in to his office and set some files down on his desk. “These all need final approval before I send them down to planning. And your ten o’clock meeting has been pushed back to eleven. Do you want me to order some lunch for it?”

He stared at me with his eyes wide. I felt bad just throwing back in like this without warning. But I had to admit, I enjoyed watching him squirm.

“Mr. Thorpe?” I asked, a small smirk making its way onto my face.

“I.. ummm.. yes. Lunch would be fine.”

I nodded and left the room, leaving him in a puddle of confusion.

“Good morning, Sasha,” Jim sang as he approached my desk.

“Good morning, Beta Jim,” I smiled.

He straightened as confusion spread across his face. “You’re awfully happy this morning.”

I shook my head, “No, I’m pretty sure this is just me.”

Jim shook his head before turning to the office, “Is Jackson in?”

“Yes, he just got here.”

He nodded his head and gave me an odd look before entering his office. I was thankful for the thin walls as I got a front row seat to their little discussion.

“What’s going on with Sasha?”

“I have no idea. I came in this morning and she was just like that.” I giggled at Jackson’s confusion.

“Does this mean she is over it? That she doesn’t hate you?”

“I have no idea brother...”

When they started talking about work I stopped listening, opting to concentrate on my own. I tapped on the door after getting the call that his clients were here. “Mr. Thorpe?”

“Miss Lovett, come in.” He waved at me as he finished writing something into a file. He met my eyes with a smile, “Alright, what do you need?”

“I was just informing you that your clients are on their way up.”

He stood up and fastened the buttons on his suit coat, “Perfect.” He followed me out of his office just as the elevator chimed and the doors opened. He led them into the conference room and they began their meeting. At eleven forty-five the lunch order arrived and I took it in on a cart and set up the food on the back table as they continued with their meeting. I gave Jackson a nod informing him it was ready. “Okay gentleman, it all smells too good, let’s grab some food and carry on shall we?”

I walked toward the door when I was stopped, “Miss Lovett, can you stay and take notes?”

I gave him a nod, “Yes, let me grab my things.” When I entered the room again I sat in the corner and began my work taking notes on the remainder of the meeting. I was dying in there. I hadn’t been able to take my lunch break and the group had eaten all of the food. I was starving. I felt my stomach rumble at me and I looked up to see Jackson looking at me sideways. I gave him a tight smile before going back to my work, hoping the meeting would end soon. Finally, as we walked them back to the elevator I let out a sigh before walking back to my desk.

I was startled when a box was placed in front of me. “Eat.” I looked up to see Jackson squinting his eyes at me.

“I’m fine, Mr. Thorpe.”

Jackson let out a laugh, “I could hear your stomach from across the room.”

I rolled my eyes, “Fine.”

He stood straight, proud of his little victory, and walked back into his office. I appreciated the fact that he still wanted to take care of me.

At the end of the day I walked in to his office, “Mr. Thorpe?”

He looked up from his desk and after seeing me with all of my things looked down at his watch, “Oh gosh, I didn’t even see what time it was.”

I watched him fumble with his papers for a minute as I tried to gather my courage. I took a deep breath and stepped forward, “Jackson.”

He snapped his head up and met my eyes with his.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have blamed you or your pack for what happened. I shouldn’t have pushed you away and punished you for what your dad did. I just... I’m sorry.”

I paused for a moment, gaging his reaction. He stood there frozen to the spot. Suddenly he rounded the desk and bounded toward me, closing the distance between us. Jackson stood close, our faces only inches apart. “Sasha. Don’t apologize, you have nothing to be sorry for. I should have made you mine the minute I met you. I was an idiot. Forgive me.”

I smiled up at him, gazing into his crystal blue eyes. I reached my hand up to cup his cheek and I felt the warmth of his skin radiate through my hand.

I leaned forward and brushed his lips with mine, the sensation sending shockwaves through my whole body. I kissed him deeper, igniting the passion I had felt for him for the months we had known each other. Jackson gave in, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close. Our lips crushed into one another as we tangled ourselves into each other. He cradled my face, kissing my lips down to my jaw and trailing down my neck. He picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist and he carried me to the couch, unzipping my skirt as he held me. He laid me down and moved above me, his hands playing with the buttons on my blouse as I fumbled with his belt. After throwing off all our clothes Jackson moved slowly, placing kisses along my neck and shoulder where my mark should be. I let out a moan as he kissed and sucked. I ran my hand down his chest, feeling every chorded muscle and the smooth, warm skin that set my fingers on fire every time I touched him. Jackson kissed his way down my body. He stopped at my breast, taking each into his mouth before kissing down my stomach. He let his tongue tease my outer walls, making me moan again before sucking my bud, the sensation driving me wild. He slid his fingers inside me, making me arch my back in pleasure as he took his fingers in and out, the pressure building up. "Jackson, I need you inside me.." I stammered, I could feel myself on the edge. He let out a growl before moving back up my body, attempting to kiss every inch of me. “Jackson...” I moaned as he crushed his lips to mine, our tongues taking in the taste of each other. Jackson teased me with his tip, sending shivers down my spine.

"My mate," he whispered as he kissed the spot where he was meant to mark me.

Jackson pushed inside me slowly, and we both moaned as we felt each other. I dug my fingers into his back, wanting more. He kissed me with fervor as he moved above me, thrusting himself in and out as we both felt our pleasure building. We were overwhelmed by intense pleasure as we both released.

As we held each other on the couch I could feel contentment wash through me. This was where I was meant to be. Jackson leaned down and kissed my lips gently. "Sasha, I promise I will keep you safe for the rest of our lives. Come home with me."

I smiled, thinking that from now on this man was my home.

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