Mated to the Alpha

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"Good morning, Mrs. Thorpe."

"Goodmorning, Mr. Thorpe."

It had been two weeks since we had made up and two days since the Luna ceremony. I was in heaven. She was everything I had dreamed of and she was becoming an amazing Luna. She had been hesitant at first but really fit herself into the pack and everyone absolutely loved her. It wasn't hard to do, she was amazing.

She followed me in to the office, talking about the meetings for the day and the calls I needed to return. I watched her as I sat on the edge of my desk. She was stunning. From the top of her shirt I could see her mark and it made me harden just thinking about how much I wanted to suck that spot. Her little pencil skirt was hugging all of my favorite places and I watched as she fought a stray piece of hair that kept falling into her face. I smiled and pushed off the desk to walk toward her. I tucked the hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek. "You are beautiful today."

She gave me a cheeky smile, "You always say that when I wear this skirt. If I didn't know any better I'd say you only wanted me for my body." She gave me a wink and turned to walk away.

I grabbed her from behind and wrapped my arms around her waist. I leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "And if I didn't know any better I'd think you knew I like that skirt and wore it on purpose."

Sasha laughed brightly before nudging me. "You hound. You better stop before my boss finds out. He's a real stick in the mud."

I growled, "I bet he'll agree with me." I turned her around to face me and pulled her close. "When's my first meeting?"

"Ten thirty."

"Perfect," I smiled, clicking the lock on my office door as I leaned down to place my lips on hers. She giggled into my kiss before leaning in to me. I unzipped her skirt from the back and let it slide down her legs to the floor before slipping her blouse over her head. She unfastened the buttons on my shirt and pushed it over my shoulders, letting it fall as well. I pushed everything on my desk aside and picked her up, setting her down on the desk. She played with my pants as I kissed her neck, and I was surprised when my bulge sprang free as she opened my pants. I knew she was ready for me, I could smell her arousal. I kissed down her neck, leaning her back so I could take in her whole body as I trailed kissed up and down her torso. I sucked on my mark, making her moan in pleasure. She sat up and moved her hand down my body and began to stroke my length, making me shiver in ecstasy. I couldn't wait any longer, I practically ripped her panties off and pushed myself into her. She let out a loud moan which only drove me crazy. I thrust into her over and over as we both felt the pressure build. She came, moaning my name as she did. I felt pleasure over take me as I released. I kissed her mark and then her lips.

After our little tryst on my desk we got ourselves dressed and Sasha walked up to me. She leaned in and kissed me deeply before pulling away, "Get back to work, Mr. Thorpe."

"Yes, Luna," I replied as I kissed her cheek.

She gave me a smirk before she walked away, the sway of her hips already making me stir again.

"I love you, Sasha."

Sasha turned to me and smiled, "I love you too, Jackson."

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