Mated to the Alpha

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A week later I walked in for my first day at TITAN Corporation. I could feel the strength of the pack the minute I walked into the building. It was almost crippling. Every rogue cell in my body was willing me, begging me, to run. Taking this job went against everything I had been taught growing up and my father’s words echoed in my mind.

“A pack is dangerous, never trust a pack.”

“If you get caught in their territory you’ll be killed.”

“Don’t try to reason with them, just run”

“We are all the pack we will ever need.”

I snapped myself out of my memories and made my way to the lobby reception. The girl at the desk gave me a sniff and a scowl. “Can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m here to see Jim Thorpe.”

“And you are?” She looked me up and down, trying to figure out if I was really supposed to be there.

“Sasha Lovett.”

She eyed me before picking up the phone, “Miss Lovett to see Beta Thorpe. Mhmmm..” She hung up the phone and looked at me again, “Okay Miss Lovett. Take the elevator to the eighth floor, Mr. Thorpe will be waiting for you.”

“Thank you,” I replied, letting my words drip with kindness.

“Miss Lovett! So glad to see you!” Mr. Thorpe chimed as I exited the elevator. I shook his hand with a smile, “Good morning Mr. Thorpe.”

“Oh please, call me Jim, everyone does.”

I replied with a nod, not sure if I was ready yet to actually call him that.

“Okay, so Mr. Bettany said that you, and I quote, ‘weren’t the worst assistant he’s had’ which from what I gather of Mr. Bettany is pretty much a glowing review.”

That made me chuckle and I let out a breath, “You have no idea.”

“Well if you were able to survive Mr. Bettany than this should be a piece of cake. You’ll be the new assistant for our CEO and Alpha, Jackson Thorpe.”

“Thorpe as in...” My eyes squinted as my brain tried to make the connection.

“My brother.”

“Ahh,” I replied with a nod of the head. This shouldn’t be to bad, if he’s anything like Jim he’ll be a way better boss than the old troll, Mr. Bettany.

“I’ll give you the grand tour of the place. Here’s the break room. The fridge is always stocked, please help yourself to whatever. There’s coffee and tea and other random drinks and snacks. Here’s the file room and copy room. We have two main board rooms on this floor. This one here by my office and the second down the hall closer to yours. Let’s take you to your desk and we can go over your contract.”

“Thank you,” I smiled and followed him down the hall to a large set of double doors with a clean, modern desk stationed just outside them.

“Here we are. Have a seat and look over the contract, I’m going to go inform him you’re here.” He walked away and I looked down at the file in my hands and opened it, reading through the terms. My eyes widened at the list of rules and stipulations- mostly going over the fact that I would be dealing with confidential business and pack matters and could not give them away to anyone. But my eyes grew even wider at the bottom of the page where it stated how much I would be making. That number couldn’t possibly be right. I would be making more money than I’d ever had.

Sadly, the walls weren’t very thick and I heard everything in the office, pulling me away from the awe of my contract.

“Are you serious Jimmy?!”

“Just hear me out Jack!”

“You can’t hire a damn rogue to work for the pack! Can you imagine what she’ll do with all our information?”

“She seems like a sweet girl and trustworthy. Don’t you think it’s a bit sad that she’s a rogue and SO young? We could help her.”

I lowered my head, I knew this wasn’t going to work, that this had been too good to be true.

“She goes Jimmy!”

“Jack, she’s staying.”

“We’ll see about that!” He growled and I could hear heavy footsteps coming toward me. The door flew open and suddenly the world began to spin. The scent hit me like a ton of bricks, sage and bergamot. It was intoxicating. I looked up to meet the eyes of who I assume was Jackson Thorpe.


Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate!! I could hear Raya going crazy in my head, but my body wouldn’t move. It’s not that I didn’t want a mate, I just didn’t think I actually had one. When I was younger all I could think about was finding a mate to take me to his pack and make a home with me. Someone to give me a safe place. But that moment never came. Now I was twenty four and it was practically unheard of for a wolf to go that long without finding a mate. So I had given up. I could take care of myself, I was all the pack I need.

My mind was snapped back to the world when I heard a low growl. I looked up to see Jackson Thorpe standing aggressively above me. “You. Are. Not. My. Mate.”

I lowered my head, hoping my submission would calm him.

“No way!”

I darted my eyes up to see Jim standing in awe. “See! I told you hiring her was a good idea!” He laughed and I couldn’t help the small smile that found its way on my face. It was quickly erased by Jackson’s growl.

“We are not mates,” Jackson huffed.

“And I hate puppies.”

Jackson and I turned to Jim, confusion evident on our faces.

“Oh, I thought we were going around and saying things that weren’t true,” Jim shrugged with a smirk, “My bad.”

I tried to stifle a laugh which just brought his fiery gaze back to me. “In my office, both of you.”

He stormed back in to his office, Jim and I following behind. We sat in the chairs across from his desk and he leaned back in his chair. I could see the struggle within him, I just didn’t know what to do.

“Alpha Jackson, I don’t want to-”

Jackson interrupted me with a raise of his hand, “Don’t speak.”

We sat in silence for what seemed like forever before he spoke again, “This is what we are going to do. You will be my assistant. I give you one month. I don’t expect you’ll survive that long- I give it a week tops.”

“Wait, so I’m not fired?” I asked in surprise.

“Not yet.”

“And you’re going to keep her as your mate?!” Jimmy added.

“Not yet.”

My heart sunk. Every dream I’d had about finding a mate had just died. I had never thought about what would happen if he didn’t want me.

“We’ll see,” he added.

That’s not as bad... Raya whined.

“Nobody speaks of this. I mean it Jimmy, if you tell a soul I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

“You’ll try,” he scoffed.

Jackson stood, using the full effect of his Alpha presence. “NOBODY will speak of this. Do we have an understanding you two?”

We both lowered our heads, “Yes.”

“Good, now get back to work.”

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