Mated to the Alpha

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"MATE!" my wolf Blaize just about screamed.

"That's impossible!" I yelled in my head.

Our mate is so beautiful! And she smells so goooood! Blaize had gone from a hardcore Alpha to a lovesick puppy in a split second.

"She's a damned rogue...” I muttered as I sat in my office. Once the girl and Jim had left I needed to take a minute. I had given up on finding a mate. I was almost twenty-six. Now I know why. Apparently my mate was some crazy rogue chick that managed to get her way into my company.

"I don't trust her," I growled.

Can we see her again?

"No!" I yelled. I had given them my terms. I wasn't going to reject her yet. I would give it a few days, or at least I would give her a few days. She wasn't going to last long.

I sighed and stood from my chair, grabbing my desk phone as I made my way around the desk.

"Miss Lovett, my office."

"Yes, sir."

A moment later she walked in and I was once again hit with honeysuckle and vanilla. Her smell made me dizzy. I wanted to inhale all of her.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Thorpe?"

"Take these files and sort them into their correct place in the file room. Then take all of these and make copies of them, I need twelve of each file for a meeting tomorrow."

"Yes, sir," she replied.

"Yes, Alpha."

She looked up at me like I was a crazy person, "I'm sorry?"

"It's Alpha to you."

I could see the fire rage through her eyes. "Yes, Alpha,” she gritted with a smile before turning and leaving my office.

"Impressive,” I mumbled to myself. When I saw that rage in her eyes I thought for sure we'd have a show. But she reined it in.

A few hours later I realized I hadn't sent out the reminder for the pack meeting. "Crap,” I muttered.

Miss Lovett,

Send an email about tomorrow evening's pack meeting.

7pm at the pack house. Dinner to follow.

Jackson Thorpe

I continued on with my work when I heard a ding on my desktop.

Email sent.

I looked up at the clock to see it was almost five. I grabbed my things and made my way out of the office.

"Goodnight, Miss Lovett,” I mumbled.

"Goodnight, Mr. Thorpe," she replied, her voice was cool which I found I didn't enjoy. But I wasn't about to let her know that.

I just about ran to the car. I needed to get out of here and away from that girl. I pulled out of the garage and made the thirty minute drive home. Our pack house was on about twenty acres that we officially owned, but we backed up to a large forest. It was convenient and safe for our pack. It had been decades since anything big had happened and we were safe and comfortable. As I reached home I could feel myself relax. I knew what would calm me. The moment I stepped from the car I shifted, not caring about the shattered suit I left behind.

I don’t understand why you’re fighting this, Blaize mumbled as we ran.

“I’m trying to NOT think about today. Can’t we just have a run?” I answered angrily. Blaize responded with a huff before pushing into his sprint and speeding off through the back forest. When I got back to the pack house I pulled on a spare pair of shorts and walked through the back door. It was late in the evening and dinner had long passed. I shuffled through the kitchen, trying to find something worth eating before heading upstairs. Nothing.

“Cereal it is then,” I muttered to myself as I grabbed a bowl and a spoon. After eating half a box of Cocoa Puffs I made my way to my room to shower and change.

“Alpha.” The sultry voice filled my room the moment I entered.

“I don’t have the patience for this tonight. Leave,” I grumbled, walking past the naked she-wolf in my bed and entering the bathroom. I don’t know why every single female in this pack seemed to think it was okay to just let themselves into my room but it had never worked before and it wasn’t going to work tonight. There was always some wolf trying to seduce me in hopes I’d like her and make her the Luna. But that’s not how I work. I showered off the dust of my run only to find her still in my bed.

“Leave. I won’t ask again,” I said coldly before walking into the closet to change. I took a few extra minutes hoping she would be gone when I got out. Thankfully she was and I was able to fall into my bed and catch some sleep before the morning came way too early.

“Good morning Alpha!” They all sang as I entered the pack kitchen.

“Good morning,” I smiled. I wish I could just spend all day, every day here. But I have to split my time between the pack lands and the pack business in the city.

Speaking of pack business... when are we going to see our mate again?!

I internally rolled my eyes. My wolf was acting like a little pup all love sick over that rogue. I ran my hands through my hair, “I don’t even know what I’m going to do with her.” Even at the mention of that woman my mind went wild thinking of her. Even though she was a rogue there was no doubt she was beautiful. I shook the thought out of my head, I didn’t need to get caught up thinking about her.

Thankfully today was one of the days I spent at the pack and I wouldn’t have to see her again until tomorrow.

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