Mated to the Alpha

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I sat at my desk all morning waiting for Mr. Thorpe to arrive. Once eleven o’clock came around I wandered down the hall to Jim’s office and tapped on the door.

“Mr. Thorpe?”

He looked up with a smile and a wave,

“Please, it’s Jim. It’s only Mr. Thorpe when we have clients around. Come in. What can I do for you?”

“Well, I guess my question is really what can I do for you?” I replied. He looked at me curiously so I continued. “Mr. Thorpe hasn’t come in yet this morning and I see his schedule is cleared so I kind of have nothing to do.”

Jim let out a laugh and ran a hand through his hair. “My gosh, he didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“He only comes to the office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

I’m sure the look on my face was hilarious. “Then what does he need me for?”

“Well obviously for the three days he’s here, but when he’s not he needs you fielding calls and requests from clients. Anything requiring a sign off you send to me for approval.”

I let out a sigh, “Alright, I thought I had missed something.”

Jim smiled warmly at me, “He can be a bit of a grump sometimes but he’s the best Alpha our pack has had in decades.”

“Really?” I replied, honestly disbelieving he was anything but sour.

Jim nodded in response. “I can’t pretend that our father wasn’t a mean-spirited old man that barely cared for the pack. He almost drove us into the ground. But Jackson picked us up out of nothing and built us up to where we are today in just six years. Now we’re one of the best security firms in the Southeast, maybe even one of the best on the east coast and our pack is well provided for.”

I let out a bewildered sigh, “That’s impressive.”

“It is. So anyway, on Tuesdays, Thursday’s, and on the weekend he is back at the pack doing his Alpha thing. But there will always be one of us here during the week so don’t worry.”

“Thank you,” I gave him a warm smile and made my way back to my desk and sat down just in time to get a message.

Miss Lovett,

We have several meetings tomorrow. There are booklets on my desk for each- please make copies and have the conference room set up at nine for the first meeting.

Jackson Thorpe.

After reading his email I figured I should reply, especially since I didn’t know if he was the kind of host to offer refreshments.

Mr. Thorpe,

I will make the necessary copies and have everything set up. Would you like me to set up refreshments as well?

S. Lovett

I stood and walked into his office to retrieve the files he had mentioned and after finding them I took them to the copy room where I started the printer before checking my messages again.

No to refreshments for the first except maybe a pitcher or two of water. It’ll be a quick meeting. The second one will be a lunch meeting. Make an order for twelve people. We will eat at exactly 12:30.


“Okay then,” I said before pushing away from the desk and walking back to the copy room. After making the booklets and taking my lunch I returned to find a note on my desk.

I came up to see you when I heard you had gotten hired here as well, they gave me a spot down in the security room watching cameras. See you around sweets.


That made my whole soul smile. At least I had one friend here. I made a mental note to find out where he was and visit him tomorrow on my lunch. My thoughts were interrupted by the phone and after fielding a few calls for the rest of the day it was finally time to go home. I sat back in my chair and let out a breath, “Thank goodness.”

I have found that there is one thing a wolf is not meant to do and that is sit in a chair all day.

I grabbed my gym bag and changed before heading to the gym to finish off my evening. I had never been trained as a fighter but I knew I needed to protect myself after several close calls in the past. I had taken self defense classes and my new favorite thing at the gym was kick boxing. And most days it was exactly what I needed to release all of my pent up energy.

After the class I walked home sweaty and relaxed, Raya was no longer pacing to be let out. I entered my small apartment and grabbed a carton of leftover Chinese takeout from the fridge, taking it with me to the bedroom as I changed.

As I sat there eating my phone rang and I looked down to see it was none other than Jackson Thorpe. I gulped, there couldn't possibly be a good reason he was calling at almost nine at night.

"Hello?" I answered timidly.

"Miss Lovett," the voice on the other end growled.

"Mr. Thorpe, what can I do for you?"

"You can tell me how the hell we have a security breach at the office!" he yelled into the phone.

"I'm sorry?"

"There has been a security breach. Someone has taken classified pack information off our server. Any guesses as to who has done that?"

I knew where this was going now. It was only a matter of time. Turns out I had only lasted two days before being blamed for something.

"Sir, there seems to be a mistake here. I haven't taken anything," I replied, trying to keep my voice level and calm.

"Oh, there's no mistake. Do you really expect me to believe that we've never had a server breach and then suddenly there is one just days after you arrive?" he spat, and I could tell he was angry.

"Mr. Thorpe, I-"

"I will be at the office in fifteen minutes, you better be waiting outside." He hung up the phone and I let out a sigh. This is going to be a long night.

"I should probably just start looking for a job now..." I mumbled.

After changing out of my pajamas and into a pair of skinny jeans and a loose top I drove to the office. I racked my brain the whole way there, trying to figure out if I had even handled anything classified in my whole two days there. I hadn't. The only things I had done were on the business end of my job- mostly copy work and filing and taking calls.

I stood outside the building waiting for my boss to arrive, nervously picking at my nails as I stood there hoping I'd get out of this situation alive. I knew why I was being blamed. It wasn't because I was new.

A car suddenly stopped violently in front of the building and a very livid Alpha walked past me and to the doors of the building.

"Upstairs, Miss Lovett."

I lowered my head and followed him to the elevators, realizing that I was being flanked by two other pack members.

"This is it. This is why Dad told me to stay away from packs. I'm dead."

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