Mated to the Alpha

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"Alpha!" I heard over the mind link, my head of security practically yelling in my ears.

"What is it?" I grumbled.

"We have a security breach!"

"At the border?! Was it handled?"

"No sir! At TITAN, we just received an alert. Someone must have gotten onto the pack server and taken a bunch of confidential pack information."


In the thirty years this company had been around there had never once been a security breach.

"Tell them I'm on my way. Lock down the building. Nobody goes in or out without my say!"

"Yes, Alpha."

I picked up my phone, I knew exactly who did this. There was no way that the week I let Jimmy talk me into hiring a rogue that suddenly there's a server breach. I was surprised when she seemed like she didn't know what I was talking about. I guess you don't get by as a rogue without some pretty good acting skills.

I saw Sasha standing outside the building and the minute I stepped from the car I smelled her. Honeysuckle and vanilla. It made me even more angry. "Upstairs Miss Lovett."

She followed me up and I left the two men I had brought with me outside the door. I barely made it past the threshold of my office before I lost it.


"I don't have them," she replied. Her voice was calm and even which only made me angrier.

"What do you mean you don't have them? Who did you sell them to?"

"Nobody. Because I didn't take them!" she fumed.

There it was. The anger. I could use her frustration to my advantage. I could make her flustered and confused.

"So you didn't sell them?"


"Then where are they?"

"What part of 'I didn't take them' are you not getting?" She yelled and I stood straight, no little rogue was going to speak to me like that. Commanding all of my Alpha presence, I knew she would have to answer if I asked.

"Sasha where-"

"Sir!" My gamma stormed in holding a laptop. "We found them."

I shook off my apparent confusion and sat at my desk. "You found the files?"

"No, we found who took them."

"I already know who took them," I replied, casting a dark glare in Sasha’s direction.

"The cameras caught them. One of the new hires from Gold Form."

I glared up at Sasha. Now we had proof of her deceit. "Care to watch Miss Lovett?" I smirked.

She walked over proudly, acting like she hadn't been caught. We all gathered around the screen as the clip played.

My eyes widened though, when the clip showed a young man in the server room taking the files. From the corner of my eye I could see Sasha straighten slowly.

"Thank you Ryan, please find that young man and bring him here immediately," I mumbled and my Gamma nodded his head and left us alone.

I peered over to her to find her breathing heavy and her face stiff. I looked up and I could see the anger pulsing through her and I could see the wolf threatening to be released.

"Crap..." I thought to myself.

"Miss Lovett I-"

I was stopped when she slammed her hands on my desk. It was a bit aggressive. It enraged the Alpha in me.

"Sasha you should watch-"

"Did you accuse me because I'm new or because I'm a rogue?" She whispered.

I stuttered, not knowing how to respond. She inhaled sharply. "You packs are all the same. You act like we are all monsters. You act like we are these vicious, selfish, rabid things that only take for our own gain."

I stood up, I wasn't about to let this girl talk down to me. I was her boss. "Miss Lovett, I regret falsely accusing you of these actions but-"

"You regret falsely accusing me?!" She let out a scoff and I could feel the anger pouring out of her. "You blamed me because I'm a rogue!! You terrified me, humiliated me, belittled me, and then brushed it off with a 'my bad!'"

I could feel myself losing control and I could see her fighting the same battle. We were seconds away from tearing this office to shreds. That couldn't happen here.

I took a deep breath, "Miss Lovett, I am sorry, but let me remind you we still need to remain somewhat professional in this building. I am still your boss and still your Alpha."

"You. Are. NOT. My. Alpha." She growled.

That was the last straw. I stood up, my full presence radiating, "Excuse me?"

She lowered her head but not in real submission. It was more just out of anger, “As you stated before, I'm a rogue. YOU are not my Alpha. I have no Alpha."

"But I am your boss!" I fumed. "And if you want to have a job tomorrow you should remember that!"

She didn't answer but I could tell my words had taken their desired effect. There was a knock on the door and I could feel Jimmy trying to mind link me, "Jack, we have him outside."

"Bring him in," I replied in my head before looking at Sasha who I could see was still angry as ever. "Goodnight Miss Lovett."

She took a deep breath as though she wanted to go another few rounds but then turned quickly and rushed out the door.

I could hear Jim outside the doors as she exited, "Hey Miss Lovett! Oh, is everything...."

The men walked in with the man that had caused this whole mess and Jim popped up in my mind again. "What the hell is wrong with Sasha?"


I could see his eyes widen as his mind began connecting dots. "Jack, you didn't."

"She's a rogue Jimmy! What other conclusion should I have come to?"

I heard him let out a low growl and looked up at him. "You're an idiot Jack," he threw out over the mind link before setting the man down in a chair in front of my desk. I shook him out of my head and focused on the problem at hand. I leaned back in my chair and folded my arms, glaring at him hard.

"So Mr. Jones, want to tell me what was so interesting in the server room today?”

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