Mated to the Alpha

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I walked into the office the next morning, extremely glad it was Tuesday and I wouldn't be seeing him at all today. I sat at my desk, working hard to get as much done as I could before lunch when I heard a familiar 'ding'.

Miss Lovett,

I left a few pack files I need for today on my desk. Can you please grab them and bring them to me at the pack house? I well send you the address.

Jackson Thorpe

There went my good mood. I couldn't breathe. Literally. Did he forget who I was?! There was no way I was stepping foot onto a pack's territory. I was a rogue! I was already pushing it working here. I took a deep breath and replied.

Mr. Thorpe,

I'm sorry but I can't leave the office unattended. Can you possibly send a pack member for the files? I will have them sealed and ready to go.

S. Lovett

"Please let that work." I whispered as I sent it.

No. I've texted you the address. Be here in an hour.

I don't even remember walking to my car or even arriving at his pack boundary. I sat at an idle outside the gate of the pack territory, frozen in fear. The last time I had attempted to enter another pack's territory I had almost been killed. I looked at the clock, I had twenty minutes to make it to the pack house. I took a deep breath and drove down the long driveway.

After about ten minutes I made it to the pack house. It was a beautiful building. Two stories with white paneling and large windows. There was a large porch in the front that wrapped around the sides. I stopped in front of the house. I could feel myself panicking. My breaths were uneven at best and my heart was going a million beats a minute. I stepped out of the car and walked up the porch and to the door on shaky legs. I rang the bell and a woman answered with a smile before she smelled me and her whole face changed and she scowled at me. She knew what I was.

"What do you want?" she spat.

"I'm Sasha Lovett, Mr. Thorpe's PA. I have some files he requested," I replied quietly.

"Hmm." She stepped aside and let me enter. "Stay here, I'll go get him."

She didn't have to worry, I wasn't going anywhere. I'm pretty sure my legs had stopped working. I was one strong breeze away from falling over.

"Miss Lovett, thank you for bringing those." My eyes shot up at the familiar voice to meet the eyes of Jackson. His eyes darkened when he saw the apparent look of fear in my face. There was no way I could hide it.

"Sasha you're shaking. What happened?"

Breathe love, our mate won't hurt us.. Raya spoke in my mind.

I took a breath, "I- uhm.. nothing. Here's your files." I practically threw them at him before turning away. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Stay for lunch, it's the least I can do for making you drive out here during your lunch hour," he offered, sounding much more relaxed being at home.

"It's no problem, I'll just grab something on the way back. Bye," I replied quickly, trying to get myself out of there as fast as possible.

Suddenly my arm was being grabbed and I let out an involuntary yelp as I was pulled through the house and into an office.


I was placed in a chair and he sat across from me, his face stern.

"Sasha, what is wrong?"

"I just need to get back to work that's all."

"Sasha I'm an Alpha, I can tell you're lying."

I stopped for a minute, "I'm pretty sure you can't."

"I still know that you're lying. When you looked at me a few minutes ago I saw real fear. Why? Did someone hurt you?"

I shook my head, "I just don't like packs..."

His eyes widened, realizing what he had done. "I- I'm so sorry. I didn't think this would be an issue since you work at the company. Sasha, I wouldn't allow anyone in this pack to hurt you."

"I should go," I replied. I didn't care what he said, I wasn't going to stay here any longer. I didn't belong here. I stood to go and he grabbed my hand, pulling me closer to him but not quite touching.

"Sasha, I need you to hear me. Nobody is going to hurt you."

I shook my head, "I can't afford to believe you, Jackson. I- I learned my lesson about walking onto pack lands. There's a reason I didn't want to come here. But you insisted."

"Sasha I-"

"No. I can't be here. You want to know what happened the last time I walked through a pack boundary?" I lifted my shirt, exposing my abdomen and the scar that went down my ribcage from just beneath my breast to my hip. "My dad had just died and I was 16, homeless, and had nothing. I wandered onto a pack's territory in search of shelter and food, hoping since I was a kid they would take pity on me. Instead they attempted to slice me up into pieces. I didn't have my wolf yet. I almost died." I lowered my shirt again and I could feel the tears as they began dripping down my cheeks. "THAT is what happens when you enter a pack territory."

Jackson just stared at me, the shock in his face was deep and painful. I let out a long exhale, "I can't be here. I don't belong here. I just..."

"I understand," he said quietly. I snapped my head up, my eyes meeting his. "Sasha, I had no idea. I'm sorry. I'll drive you home."

I shook my head, "I drove myself, that would be silly."

"Then let me at least ride with you to the edge of the border," he asked and I had to admit it made me feel better.

I nodded with a faint smile and we walked out to my car. It was old and beaten up but it worked. "This is your car?" he asked in disbelief.

"Orphan, remember?"

He nodded and rode with me to the border. I stopped at the gate and turned to him, "Thank you for staying with me. I know I was a hot mess."

Jackson just gave a tight smile before climbing out of the car. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye," I smiled as I drove back to the office.

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