When the Stars Align

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Chapter 8

KIARA walked into her office with a serious angry expression on her face. She called on her treacherous uncle, hating every ounce of the man who raised her. How could he do this to her?

When Kiara bought all the companies, she was still a teenager. That's why she chose to name some of her shares to her uncle who had promised her that he would sell them to her as soon as she became of age.
It was supposed to happen when she was 21. And now, it doesn't seem it would.
She wished she would have made that man sign a damn contract with her. But she trusted him too much to demand the same from him. She was the CEO of the Rose companies. She built them to be what they are today.
It took her years.
And with one stupid mistake, they were snatched away from her.
She enters her uncle's office, her eyes narrowed and anger radiating out of her. When she does, she sees her uncle resting on his chair with a file in front of him.
"How could you do this to me? To your own niece! I thought you would stand by my side no matter what!" she shouts at the man, not caring that he was her elder.
Respect is earned and right now, the man had betrayed her in the worst possible way.
"Kiara..." her uncle says, getting up but Kiara cuts him.
"I am the CEO of these companies. I am the life of these companies. They were owned by my father and were supposed to be passed down to me! Not that stupid excuse of a husband!" Kiara screams, her anger holding no bounds.
"Beta... listen to me, please. I did this for your own good." he says as he walks towards her with a calm expression.
Her uncle knew better to fight with her. When Kiara was angry, it was very difficult to calm her down and have a rational talk with him.
"I have lost everything... these companies were the only thing that were mine...." she says as she falls down on the ground, her heart hurting.
Why does no one understand it? Those companies were the only connection she had left with her parents and Sejal. The memories that were made within the walls of those buildings were something she always cherished.
That's why she worked so hard to be the best CEO out there. To make her parents proud.
"Kiara.... the companies were never meant to be passed down to you and Sejal." her uncle says and in an instant, her eyes snap towards her uncle.
"Your father.... he wanted you to lead a happy life with no dramas. He knew that you will train yourself to be the best in business but he also knew that it will ruin you. Look at me and tell me, what did you remember of high school? You didn't even go to prom! For a nineteen-year-old, you are way mature. You haven't lived your life!" her uncle says.
Even though her uncle was right, she refused to believe it. She knew deep down when she had started, she never wanted this position. But her work had become her life, her support and she loved doing it.
Her father didn't have the right to decide what she chose to be. She wanted this more than anything. They can't just keep on making the decisions for her.
"So you decided to hand it down to my husband and our sworn enemy? They don't understand how this company works. How the Kapoor built this to what it is today! They will twist it into something that is certainly not the company I remember." she says as she gets up.
"Kiara... you will still be the CEO. You will just have to work under their eyes." he says.
"No! I am my own person! I am the fucking CEO so I will make the decisions. I always have. I don't like being bossed around, never have and never will." she says as she gets out, slamming the door behind her.
She rushes towards her office, her employees hurriedly running out of her way. There was no doubt that Kiara can be scary when she wants to.
She gets to her floor and the first sight that troubles her is that her clothes are being carried away. She watches as the staff gather all the clothes from her almirah and move them away. What the heck is going on?
And then, there is no Ms Ace. Where is she? She always reaches office before time.
"What the heck is going on? Who gave you the authority to touch my belongings?" she shouts at the people who immediately stops doing what they do.
"I did. And you all can continue what you are doing." the voice of her dear husband greets her.
She turns to face him. He looks as handsome as ever in his navy blue three-piece suit. He always does though and every time he manages to make her heart skip a beat.
She walks towards him, gritting her teeth.
"As far as I remember, you aren't my boss. I still own the company so you don't fucking get to do what you want to do." she says.
"I own the company. Need I remind you that I have 65% stake in this company. I am the boss here." he says and she mentally groans.
He is right and Kiara hates it.
"And be ready for the meeting at 10. I hate latecomers," he says as he walks away.
The damn Lorenzo.
Kiara walks into the meeting room, totally not in the mood for one. It was like she was watching her own empire slip away from her hands and she couldn't do anything about it.
She has to find some way.
Damian was funding her company. As soon as he backs out, the company will go into loss until they find someone else. And she knew Damian too well to know that he would scare any potential investors away.
It was like she had no option.
She walked in to find the two stakeholders of her company sipping their cup of coffee.
They didn't care that they had stolen her dream away. All they wanted to do is show their dominance over her.
As if it was ever going to happen.
She sat on one of the chairs, not greeting any one of them. She could barely control herself from punching the lights out of them.
Some other people whom she had never seen in her entire life walk in and she knew that now, she was going to be the one to be told what to do.
What in the actual fuck?
A lady started the meeting, addressing everyone present. She had a slender body with a confident stance. Her blonde hair was tied in a neat bun and with her sharp jaw and emerald green eyes, she looked like any guy's wet dream.
"Welcome all. As you know the company had undergone a major change and new rules would be set. The older ways of working will now be replaced by a better version." she starts and that was enough to piss Kiara off.
She gets up and walks up to the woman.
"I don't know who the fuck you are, but let me remind you that these older ways you are talking about are what made this company what it is. Do I need to remind you the net worth of this company or better, my own net worth? Choose your words very wisely." she says.
And then, she walks back to her seat, ignoring the daggers being thrown at her.
It was like she had no control.
She zoned out from the meeting, not wanting to hear the shit being told to her. They were changing everything.
Because it was 'inefficient'.
Fuck them.
"On the final note, it has been decided that Mr Lorenzo will be replacing Mrs Lorenzo as the CEO of the Roses. Mrs Lorenzo will be working under Mr Lor...." and she knew that she have had enough.
She got up and walked out from the meeting.
She can't believe she would be doing this.
But it is time for her to resign from her own company.
I know you guys might be hating what is going on. But Damian is angry and he is venting all his anger through this.
Don't hate him. He is just heartbroken.
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