When the Stars Align

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Chapter 11

KIARA sighed as she sat on the chair, gazing at the Eiffel Tower through the glass wall.

That was one of the perks of being rich. If you want something, you might just get it.

Kiara always had a soft spot for this place - it was one of her mother's favourite destination. She was just a child when she visited this place with her family but from the photos they had taken during the trip, she was sure they had a great time.

She sipped on her coffee as she looked at the tower and the beautiful pink-red-orange hue the sky was bathing in, it was simply beautiful. Kiara didn't want this to end.

Somehow, instead of feeling grief, she felt joyous. There was some part of her heart that refused to allow her to move on but then, she knew that the happy moments are the ones she should remember always.

She got up, setting her coffee mug aside and finally lying on the soft comfy bed. The hotel was one of the most lavish ones in the entire Paris and she was going to enjoy every penny she spent on it.

She deserved it, after all.

Her stomach grumbled - perhaps because of the lack of proper food. She simply had a salad this past few weeks to maintain her shape for the photoshoots. But then, she didn't have much time to enjoy her dinner.

She grabbed her phone and read through the articles, the media team was doing an excellent job in marketing the brand. She felt proud of seeing the posters and the ads plastered everywhere. This event was really important.

The autumn collection kept the momentum up for the year so that the people also buy the winter collection. The bridal collection was one of Kiara's favourite and they were limited and completely exclusive. She had even copyrighted the freaking bead on the gown.

It was designed by Aman's sisters and they did a really fine job in it. The collection was completely Indian - the sisters pride themselves for that. There were thirteen dresses in total - the collections being five in total through the year. This was the third one and they were working harder than ever.

Kiara remembered them going to India and talking with the native people to know about their designs. Kiara had hired many local talents on their excellent skills. They would work in New York but she knew the importance of family. So, she allowed the interested family to settle with them in New York.

Their skills were exceptional and combined with the sister's talent the entire collections were magnificent. They were sold out within minutes of launch.

The fashion launch was a three-day event - the first day started with the lingerie, the second was the autumn clothes collection and the third was bridal. Kiara was supposed to be there for the bridal collection. Keith wanted her to be on lingerie too but she was sure that Damian will be pissed.

She hated that she cared. But she did.

She was still shocked as to why it mattered. But she doesn't want a don shooting men in their eyes for staring at his wife. Nope. This was her fashion event and she wasn't going to let anyone ruin it.


She then came across another article, related to her husband. It was no wonder that Damian was damn good in what he did, especially in hiding the fact that he was in mafia.

Kiara personally hadn't experienced his mafia side as such and she wasn't hoping to any time soon.

The article boasted about his recent deals, how he became richer by buying stokes in the Roses and how Kiara did the right thing doing so.

Damn, these journalists. Way to spoil my mood.

Kiara threw her phone away, cursing under her breathe and adjusted herself in the bed.

She soon drifted to sleep, familiar blue eyes haunting her dreams.


"Babe! Get here now! We are ready!" Keith shouted, calling for Kiara.

She walked out with a rob covering her body, it wasn't that she wasn't confident but damn, it felt a bit cold.

"Here is the queen! Get aside, people!" Keith ordered walking towards Kiara.

Keith was a really confident and bubbly person by nature. He had his ups and downs but there was always a smile on his face. His bald hair and coloured specs gave him a sophisticated appearance. Not to forget, his style. That guy could wear anything and look good. His green eyes were always full of mischief and Kiara had to admit, she was glad she hired him.

"Get that cloth off! Show me the gold, babe." Keith says.

Kiara didn't hesitate - Keith was like this.

She took off her robe and chuckled at Keith's reaction.

"You are going to turn the girls into a lesbian by looking at this. Damn, now I want to be straight!" Keith says.

"Then what will happen to Wade?" she chuckled, reminding Keith of his dear husband.

"He will understand," he says with a grin.


"Let's get going, we have a busy day ahead, boss," Keith says and Kiara nods.

They certainly did. The crew was still setting the shoot and Kiara put the robe around her again to avoid getting cold. These ACs were too good at cooling. She felt like she was in Antarctica.

The makeup team reapplied her makeup, making sure everything was fine and she looked like a diva. They greeted her and were cautious around her - no matter what she was still the boss and the one who put money in their pockets.

"We are ready," Keith announced.

Martha, the photographer for the shoot met with Kiara. She was a friend.

"Martha! It is so nice to see you again. How are you?" Kiara greets her.

"Fine, I guess. The shoots are taking a toll on me for some time and I think I might go on a break," she replies.

"You deserve it." Kiara says with a smile.

"Okay, if your gossip is over, let's start this. We have places to be." Keith declares.

Kiara nods and gets rid of the robe. She can feel the eyes on her but she ignored them as usual. She was used to the attention.

"Okay, so we are starting with the bed first." Martha says and Kiara nods.

She walked towards the bed but then, she heard a commotion.

What the heck?

She turned towards the voices, a frown on her face. She hated being interrupted.

But then, when she saw the person walking in, her heart dropped. What the heck is he doing here?

He looked handsome in his white shirt and denim shorts for a change - his suit was long forgotten. His deliciously sculpted abs were visible through the shirt.

Is he trying to give her a heart attack?

"What are you doing here?" Kiara asks, breaking away from her gaze.

A smirk forms on his face and Kiara knew why he was here.

"Can't a husband accompany his wife on her photoshoot?" Damian says.

Oh no.


Here we go! The husband is back! What is he up to

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