When the Stars Align

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Chapter 17

"FUCKING hell..." Kiara cursed as she got up and rushed to the toilet to empty her guts out.

Morning sickness wasn't her friend right now and she hoped that the first trimester ends as soon as possible. Judging by the fact that she was 8 weeks pregnant, there were about 4 weeks more to go till this hell is over.

Damian stood near the bathroom door, his eyes narrowed.

He really didn't like Kiara suffer. But then, it was all a part of the pregnancy.

He can't do anything about it as such.

"I think we should go to Italy and stay there till we have the kids," Damian said.

Kiara looked at him through the bathroom mirror but she resumed brushing her teeth. She really needed to get that morning breath off.

She thought about his proposal. It was tempting.

Damian's family has a strong influence in Italy and hence, it will offer better protection. Rajesh Gupta and her mother would be the least of her concerns. And God knows what Nikhil has planned for her.

She needed this, now or more than ever.

"Okay." she replied, finally making up her mind.

"Okay?" Damian asked, shocked.

She was willing to go with him to Italy - that was some news. A smile formed on his face as Kiara nodded her head again, assuring him that she is willing to go with him to his real home.

"Great. I will have a talk with my father and warn him of our arrival. Italy might be a bit safer than New York but that doesn't mean we don't have enemies there." Damian said as he walked out.

Kiara finally finished brushing her teeth and then, she decided to spend some time in her bathtub enjoying the hot water.

She prepared herself a nice bath, with the scent of rose lingering around the room and the water. She absolutely loved roses. A glass of wine would have made it perfect but then, she can't have one.

Gosh, this was going to be tough.

Kiara took off her clothes after she was fine with the temperature of the water and laid inside the tub. Her bump was visible and she kept her hand over them.

It was absolutely terrifying for her that she was going to give birth to not only one but three children. She had just turned 20 and now, she was going to be a mother. She didn't know if she was fit - she didn't have her parents around as she was growing up.

But she knew that she would give her best.

Her children deserved the best.

She closed her eyes, relaxing for some time.

Soon, she felt hands over her shoulders and kisses trailing down her neck. It sends shivers down her spine and she would recognise the person anywhere.

She opened her eye to meet Damian's blue ones. She really hoped that her children will get his eyes, they were simply beautiful. They were slightly green at the edges but as they neared the pupil, they become bluer. It was the most beautiful shade.

Damian's hands trailed down to her bump.

Damian simply loved caressing her baby bump. Even though it was small, it was there and that was unbelievable for Damian. It reminded him of the good times that were about to come and how lucky he had been to have Kiara.

"Get in, please," Kiara said.

Damian nodded and took off his clothes. Kiara moved forward to give him some space to sit on and when he laid down, she simply laid on top of him.

Damian's hand stayed on her belly.

"When I first met you, I never imagined that I would be marrying you - let alone have a family," Kiara said, starting a conversation.

"I don't know about you, but I was pretty sure that I will sweep you right off your feet and make you Mrs Lorenzo. Those two years away from you were the hardest. And no matter what, I don't ever want to let you go." Damian replied.

"I don't want to let you go, either," she said.

She turned her head to place a kiss on his lips but then, it wasn't ever just a kiss.

Damian deepened the kiss and Kiara could feel herself getting lost in the taste of his lips.

This man was something else and she just couldn't get enough of him.

It was fate that bought them together. Maybe they were meant to be. And with that thought, a smile formed on Kiara's face.

"You know this pregnancy is going to be tough... Carrying three kids isn't the easiest task. I know you are all badass and smart, ciccino. But you have to let others help you through this. You have to let me help you through this. You aren't living for one person alone, but three more." Damian says.

"I know, babe," Kiara replies but her attention is diverted to Damian's hardness pressing against her buttcheeks.

"I like it when you call me babe," Damian whispers seductively in her ears.

That is enough to send her to the edge and a warm sensation forms between her thighs.

"Well, you are my babe," Kiara says, seductiveness laced in her voice.

"Oh, fuck. You have no idea what your sexy voice does to me. And you being pregnant adds to it. I am going to be one horny man throughout these months." Damian says.

Kiara giggled, her cheeks flushing.

"Good for you that you will have an even hornier wife waiting for you when you get home. If you ever leave home." Kiara replies.

"Okay, that's it. I am taking you now." Damian says.

He carried her from the bathtub in bridal style and laid her on the bed. He didn't waste time pressing his lips to hers.

His insatiable desire for her just wanted him to devour every inch of her. Her kisses ignited a fire within him, burning every inch of his skin and he fucking loved it. Her touch was a drug he wanted to be addicted to for the rest of his life.

The storm within her grey eyes was the one he wanted to destroy him.

Her moans were the only melody he ever wanted to hear.

She was his salvation.

He trailed his kisses down her stomach, till her teacher her core. Kiara moaned loudly when he placed a kiss between her thighs, making her dizzy. That was the kind of love and passion he made her feel - his every kiss left her drunk and dizzy.

His tongue entered inside of her and his finger massaged her clit. She grabbed his hair in her hand and screamed at the pleasure pulsating throughout her body.

"Damn, you taste amazing, ciccino," he said.

He pushed another finger inside of her, making her moan louder. His tongue licked every drop of her, but his appetite for her would never be satisfied.

"Damian... fuck, I am coming!" she said.

And she did. She lost all her senses - her mind blank and stars appearing in her eyes. Her breathing was rugged but she still didn't have enough.

Damian licked his fingers and Kiara shivered at the act. It made her squeeze her thighs.

The way his predatory eyes looked into hers with a passion she can't imagine and it made her hot all over her body.

"We aren't done yet, ciccino," he said as he rubbed his hard member against her wet pussy.

"Then stop teasing me and fuck me, babe," Kiara said.

Damian entered inside of her and Kiara felt like that was enough to make her cum again. His lips were on hers and she could taste herself on them. She didn't mind - it only reminded her of the heavenly organism she just had.

And as he pounded inside of her, Kiara was sure of one thing.

She might just have an entire football team of children with him if he continued to look at her like that.

Gosh, she loved this man.


Damn, my dirty mind. But then, what is love without some lust and passion?

Will be back soon with some new updates.

Also, I have started uploading 'WHEN THE SKY FALLS' on WATTPAD. I have been getting a somewhat good response there and it would be great if some of you could add your comments there!

I am thinking of featuring the people in my book and dedicate a chapter to them - or simply publish your reviews in a chapter.

My wattpad handle is - @GorgeouslyRare and mind you, WHEN THE SKY FALLS is titled LEAL there aka the name of the book is LEAL. I know I changed the name again but I really liked it - Leal. It means true and faithful which completely describes Zain and Kiara's relationship.

See you soon!

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