When the Stars Align

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Chapter 19

KIARA COULDN’T BELIEVE what the heck just happened. She was surely a fan of dramatic exists, but this was the case when she was on the other side.

And boy, it didn’t feel good.


That name bought back memories she had buried deep inside of her head - locked away in a bag she dare not open again. Yet, it was like the lock was broken and they come rushing back.

“Promise me that you will not forget me and that I will always be your best friend.” the boy says, his over possessiveness taking control. He would do anything for the girl, for he was his.

“I promise.” the girl replies.

They chuckle loudly, simply being lost in each other's company. They had no fears - they weren't scared of what life might throw at them. But that must be perhaps because they didn't know what waited for them.

"Kiara! Zain! Why did you leave me?" another voice was heard in the background.

The girl gets up quickly, blush appearing on her face as the guy approaches. She eyed the other little boy who runs towards them.

"We didn't leave you, Nikhil. You were just slow." Zain says in the background.

"Hump! You just want to play with Kiara all the time! That is unfair. I am her best friend. When we will grow up, I will marry her and then, we will together in a castle. And we have a lot of dogs and you... you will be our driver!" the boy shouts at little Zain.

Zain gets up and walks to the little boy.

"No! I will marry her! She is mine!" Zain exclaims.

Kiara watches the boys fight for her with a smile on her face. She was used to this, they will fight over stupid things.

"Stop it. I will never leave any of you. I love you both the same." Kiara says.

"You are only saying this because you are kind. Everyone knows you love me more." the little boy says.

"Nikhil, don't be mean," Kiara says.

They let the matter go and lie on the grass again, cracking silly jokes and laughing.

They soon feel sleepy, the tiredness getting to them. Kiara looks around to see Zain already asleep and she turns to Nikhil with a grin on her face.

"Come here. Keep your head on my stomach. It will be your pillow." Nikhil says.

Kiara nods and does the same. She gets comfortable as Nikhil's arm rests on her leg. She soon falls asleep listening to the melody of the birds chirping.

"You will be mine one day, Kiara. You will see." was what she heard before she fell asleep.

Kiara snaps out of her thoughts as she hears the door slam. Her face is pale, she knows why Nikhil was here.

She cursed her complicated life - even being married she couldn't keep guys away from her. The wrath of her husband scared many idiots off, but Nikhil was someone else.

And she knew it very well.

She knew it too well.

"What are you doing here?" Damian asks angrily. His hair was messed up and faint dark circles could be seen below his eyes.

Kiara's attention snapped towards him and her thoughts were clouded by her worry for Damian. He was taking too much pressure - he needed rest.

"Handling some business. Why are you here?" she asks as she walks towards him.

She walks towards him and takes his hand. She walks him to the sofa and then makes him sit. Then, she faces his back and starts massaging his back and neck.

He looked really tensed and she thought this would do something.

As she heard him groan, she was sure that it was working.

"I own the building, ciccino. Imagine when I was informed that my wife is in her office, doing work when she should be resting." Damian says.

Kiara sighs. She knew he would be upset over this.

"I was bored and seriously, I have seen the work take a toll on you. I thought I might help you. You clearly didn't think it through when you bought this company." she teases him.

Kiara didn't have a moment to register as Damian's hand found her waist and pulled her to his lap.

"Don't underestimate me, ciccino." he says, his voice dangerously calm.

His eyes fell on her lips and their faces came closer to each other. Kiara's heart was beating furiously as she waited for his lips on hers.

But then, she was impatient.

She attacked his lips, biting his lower lip. Her hands found his hair and she heard him groan as she ran her hand through them.

Their lips moved hungrily against each other, their tongues dancing with each other. They kissed till they were out of breath, their craving for each other never diminishing.

"I have no idea how the hell I got lucky with you." Damian says as they pull away.

"I love you so much that it hurts me to imagine a world without you, ciccino. And to think, two years ago you were going to be someone else's. I thought.... I lost you forever. Every day when I wake up with you in my arms, I am grateful to God for finding me worthy enough for your heart. Grateful to you, for letting me in." he says.

Kiara smiles at his words. He always manages to swoon her heart.

"And I am grateful to you for believing and waiting for me. Yes, I might have loved Zain once but it wasn't meant to be. I love Zain, but I am no longer in love with him. He is my past but you, Damian are my present and future. I love you with my everything." she says.

They stare into each other's eyes and Damian then pulls her in a tight hug. It was like he was scared that this was all a dream that might come to an end one day. He had lost her once and he doesn't think he would ever be able to lose her again - he won't survive it.

She is his forever.

She is the beat of his heart.

"And we are leaving for Italy in two days. You seriously need a break, love. So I booked the flight." Kiara says.

Damian looks at her, amazed how much she cared for him.

"And there are going to be no protests. You are going to help me with the packing. Don't pack much since I am thinking we would buy clothes when we go to Italy. I am sure your mother and sisters will be quite excited to take me shopping." she says.

"Your wish is my command, ciccino." Damian replies as he kisses her on the forehead.

"I love you," Damian says.

"I love you more," Kiara replies.

"I love you the most."


P.S. I think you guys remember the flashback - it was the prologue of When the Sky Falls. So basically, Nikhil is their childhood friend.

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