When the Stars Align

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Chapter 1

DEATHLY silence surrounded the Lorenzo mansion and even the slight sounds of the clock ticking could be heard. The floors were spotless - shining in the sunlight and every single piece of decoration has its own place.

It gave the mansion a sophisticated appearance.

The walls were painted in light golden shades with portraits and paintings hung on them. The kitchen was modern, equipped with luxuries and finest food items that looked quite fresh.

Yet, the mansion lacked a soul.

Maybe because the people it was made for never provided it with a homely appearance.

The door opened and a very tired Damian walked in. His black Armani suit gave him an aura of dominance and he looked devilishly handsome. His eyes were cold and calculative - being the most feared don in New York changed a person a lot.

As soon as he entered the mansion, a middle-aged lady hurried to greet him, taking his bag from his hands and informing him that his bath will be ready in five minutes.

“Where is Kiara, Daisy?” he asks, his eyes going soft at the mention of his wife.

He missed her, there was no denying of that. All-day he wished to go home to her arms, see her beautiful smile and sleep with her in his arms at night.

“Mrs Lorenzo isn’t back from her business trip, sir.” the lady, Daisy, replied.

And that was enough to infuriate Damian.

Kiara was testing his patience, a lot. He had been gentle with her but it seemed that she had been misusing it. Damian didn’t like to be taken casually at all.

Especially by his wife.

Since the day of their wedding, she has rarely been home. Whenever he called her, she complained that she was extremely busy and had a lot to handle. Her business trips were becoming more frequent.

In the six months, they have been married, she had been gone for these business trips for at least five of them.

She was never at the office when he came to greet her, never replied to his messages.

His wife was a ghost to him.

And he didn’t like that, at all.

“She is on the news, sir. She has received an award today - I think it’s her speech on right now.” Daisy said and Damian hurriedly switched on the TV in the dining area to have a look at his wife.

There was no denying that Kiara was now richer and more famous than ever. She was sure his wife, the whole world knew about it but that woman had established a new image of herself in the business world.

Her companies had flourished in all these months and they launched numerous new products that attracted the attention of the masses.

After changing the channels, he finally saw his wife through the screen.

She looked ravishing with her red backless gown hugging her perfect curves and the red lipstick adorning her kissable lips. Her hair was tied up in a neat bun but Damian liked it when they fell free on her shoulders.

“I want to thank all of you for this award. I never knew that I would be standing here one day. I was just an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams. My parents motivated me to be what I am today. And I dedicate this award to them and my late sister. May their soul rest in peace. Every day whatever I do, I do for them. All I want is that when they look down at me from above, they are proud of what I have achieved. Thank you.” she says, a smile forming on her face but Damian could see through the pain in her eyes.

He knew her well enough to know that she was hurting.

And he was scared that he couldn’t heal her. That she will fall far away from his reach.

He just sat there on the couch, not caring to change into comfortable clothes as Daisy served him his dinner and then excused herself for the day.

After the award ceremony was over, an interview was held with her.

“How is married life treating you, Mrs Lorenzo?” the interviewee asked.

“It is nice. I have never been happier.” Kiara replied, a fake smile plastered on her face.

There was something about her reply that stung Damian’s heart - it was like as if she was mocking their union.

“Your husband didn’t accompany you to the event?” the interviewee asks.

Because he didn’t know about the event.

“He is busy nowadays with handling his empire. But he did congratulate me and I am sure a surprise awaits for me when I head home.” she replies and then excuses herself after getting a few photos clicked by the press.

Damian’s anger held no bounds here.

He hasn’t seen his wife in days.

His family will surely grill him if they come to know about what is going on between them.

This needs to stop.

After one last look at his wife on the TV, he switched it off and headed upstairs.

Changing into his boxers, he grabbed his phone and dialled his assistant.

It was time he gave his wife a visit.

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