When the Stars Align

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Chapter 3

“DAMIAN?” Kiara says, a look of shock appearing on her face. She hadn’t been expecting to see him here, considering that they haven’t been in contact for days now and moreover, the event was about to end.

What was he doing?

She watches as he stalks towards her, his hands in his pocket and an expression on his face that she couldn’t quite decipher.

Maybe, she didn’t want to.

“You seemed upset to see me, ciccino. Didn’t you miss your husband?” he says, clearly challenging her.

Within a few seconds, his arms are around her waist and even the heavens couldn’t save her from the feeling that erupted in her chest. It felt wrong yet it was so right.

She felt herself surrendering to the warmth radiating from his embrace, her body perfectly moulding against his. His hands held her closer like he was afraid that she might escape from him again.

“Damian, my man. Didn’t know you will be coming?” Antonio says, breaking the silence.

Damian grits his teeth, not at all liking Antonio’s presence. He wanted to be left alone with his wife. It was evident that he didn’t like the way Kiara interacted with him, the way she danced with him or how she was even considering to let him take her home.

She is his. And he doesn’t share.

“I don’t have to inform you of everything I do.” Damian snapped at him.

Antonio didn’t mind his attitude. His twelve years-long friendship with Damian had taught him that Damian gets angry very quickly and is extremely possessive of the people he loves.

“I will talk to you later, then. It was nice meeting you, Kiara. Call me when you want me to beat this idiot’s ass. He can be a handful sometimes.” Antonio says as he bids goodbye to the couple.

Kiara simply smiles and nods at him, not knowing how to react. It was like all her sense had been thrown away in the presence of Damian.

She stood there with her husband as Antonio left.

“So, that’s what you have been up to? Dancing with men when you are married to me? Running away from me isn’t going to solve anything ciccino." Damian says, frustration written all over his face.

Yet, she didn’t reply. Instead, she walked away and Damian cursed under his breath.

He was done with this attitude of hers.

It was becoming impossible to bear with. She ignored him like he didn’t exist.

She needed to be reminded that she wore his ring on her hand. That she was married to him.

“Kiara! Goddammit!” he shouted as he walked towards her and grabbed her wrist to turn her to face him.

Kiara’s body stilled as her grey eyes met Damian’s blue ones. She felt something, something she wanted to push far away.

She shouldn’t do this. She can’t do this to Zain. He loved her, she promised him that he will her forever. Yet, she felt her getting lost into the mesmerizing blue eyes that softened at the sight of her.

The eyes that held so much mysteries she wished to unravel.

Why was she thinking this?

Was her love for Zain not strong enough to betray him like that? She can’t do this to him.

But then, where was Zain now. Her Zain was gone. And he was never going to come back to her.

He doesn’t even know she exists.

Her heart broke at the mere thought of him. She pushed herself away from Damian, feeling guilt creep in her heart and ran to the car that waited for her at the entrance.

Zain took her heart and her light with him.


Kiara dumped her ice-cream bucket in the trash, sighing that even her favourite ice-cream couldn’t comfort her.

She looked at her hollow self through the mirror in her dining room. Why can’t she cry? Why did tears refuse to escape so that the burden that was crushing her could finally be uplifted?

She grabbed a bottle of whisky from the shelf and drowned herself in it until she couldn’t feel anything.

She laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling and cursing her poor luck.

“Fuck you all! You always leave me alone! WHY? Why love me when you have to go away? WHY?!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.

She was interrupted by the bell ringing. She got up, frustrated.

“See?! I can’t even feel bad for myself alone! The fates must really fucking hate me!” she complained.

She opened the door, only to find her husband on the other end.

She wasn’t thinking straight as she allowed him in, the alcohol taking over her senses. But one look at the bottle in his hand, she knew that he was drunk too.

“You, ciccino, bring out the worst in me. Look at what you have made me do!” Damian laughs as he enters, pushing himself on Kiara.

They both somehow carry themselves to the sofa.

“Me? I have done nothing wrong! You knew what I was going through. Yet your stupid ass has to go get married to me. Don’t you see? We are fire and ice, we can never be happy together.” she complained as she sat down next to Damian.

“No, ciccino. You are the fire to my ice. You give me the warmth my cold heart had yearned for years. Your fire melts me and fuck I don't care. Because if loving you kills me, then so be it. I will die a thousand times over but every time, I want it to be for you." Damian says as he pulls her closer, his eyes staring deep into hers.

Kiara's heart melts and a familiar warmth creeps into her cheeks. She looks into those ocean blue eyes that once ignited her fire, who were cold for the world yet they would melt at the mere sight of her. The eyes in which she would see her world.

"Damian..." she says.

"Ciccino, listen to me. I married you because I am hopelessly in love with you. Your love... it's like an intoxicating feeling. It kills me and at the same time, it makes me feel alive again. It gives me a reason to wake up every morning. Because I know, you might not smile today but you will tomorrow and I want to be the reason for that. Fuck, don't you see I am in love with you since the day I saw you in that bar!" he says and immediately, Kiara's lips are on his.

Those grey eyes long forgotten.


Ughh... I love writing this book. I am not a romantic person by nature but have a thing for a romance that is too deep that one can literally not imagine a world without the other.

And this thing between Damian and Kiara is something like that.

Kiara is still stuck on Zain, I mean.. it is very difficult to forget the man you were once looking to spend your entire life with.

So, something is about to happen that will give her a new closure and a reason to give Damian a chance.

It is a surprise though.

Can't wait!

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