When the Stars Align

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Chapter 6

IT WAS like she was punched in her gut. She wanted to shout, wanted to cry till her body couldn't feel the pain anymore. Even then she doubted anything will take away what she was feeling right now.

She doesn't belong here.

"Kiara di! It is so nice to finally meet you!" Zoya says as she grabs Kiara in a tight hug but Kiara is shocked. She can't even reply.

Zain is having a baby. With Zoya. Not her.

Tears threatened to leave her eyes and for the first time in months, she felt something. She realized what all she had lost. What all could have been hers.

It was like a kickback to reality. Everything that had happened with her in these six months snapped in front of her - her loosing Sejal, Zain's memory loss, her letting go of Zain and then.... her getting married to Damian.

The look on Damian's eyes when he kissed her in the church, when they were pronounced husband and wife, the number of time he called and texted her, when she ignored him, when he professed his love for her and when.... when they made love.

What has she done?

What kind of closure was she looking for?

Zain had moved on. He didn't remember her. He was having a family with the love of his life. He was no longer hers. Then why was she still stuck up on him? Why were his eyes the only ones that haunted her at night?

Why was she remembering all this now?

She didn't say anything as she pulled away from the hug and rushed to Zain. She had to let it out. She was angry.

At Zain.

Why can't he leave her alone?

She approached Zain whose eyes widened as soon as he saw her but before he could process anything, Kiara landed a punch on him.

He fell on the ground and Kiara jumped on top him. She couldn't see anything, tears were running down her eyes. She felt betrayed.

"You! You dumb idiot! You promised me that you will be with me no matter what! That you will take care of me! That we will have a family of our own! I gave you everything - my love, my life .... my very fucking soul. And what did you do? You forgot all of them! Who does that, han?! On the fucking day of your own wedding!" she shouted at a confused Zain.

Zain couldn't recognise the woman on top of him. He remembered Zoya telling him something about the woman in one of the photos she had framed and put on the wall. She had told him that the woman... Kiara was her name, was taking care of their expenditures till Zain got to work.

That they should be thankful for her.

Yet, she was punching him like a madwoman.

"I know it was my fault! I should have opened to you. I should have told you that our life was in danger. Yet, your career was blossoming and I couldn't... I couldn't snatch it away from you. I... I am sorry. I am so fucking sorry. I wish I could forget but I can't. Everyone goes away from me and I was scared... I didn't want to see you dead. I had to be selfish so I let you go..." Kiara cried out.

And then, Zain did something that surprised himself even more. He hugged her.

Kiara breathed in, taking in his scent. The scent that always comforted her.

Yet it was different.

It was Zain but not her Zain.

"I don't know what happened between us. I don't remember. I used to think about my past too much, trying to bring out the pieces together. But Zoya helped me. She built me the man I am today. And.... she helped me live in the present. So, all I can tell you is that.... that you might be the grey-eyed girl I once loved and wrote songs about. But that woman standing in front of me and carrying my baby is the woman I love now. And I can't let her go. So... sorry." Zain said.

Kiara cried even more because the truth hurt.

"You remember?" she asked.

"No, I don't. But Zoya made me listen to an album she claimed I composed. It had a song.... grey-eyed girl and by the way I was singing it, I am sure I loved you a lot. You had meant the world to me, that's all I can say. I wish I could give you that Zain but... I can't." he replied.

Kiara nodded and got up.

"Sorry for punching you..." she said.

"Na... it's fine. Judging by the way you reacted, I am sure that I deserved it." he said, chuckling.

Kiara felt a familiar warmth in her heart when she saw that smile on her face.

Yes, she loved Zain. She still does. But the guy she once knew doesn't exist.

And she has to realize that.

She felt someone hug her from the behind and saw Zoya.

"Di, I don't know what to tell you. All I could say is that Sejal and your parents would have wanted you to live your life. You don't have to be strong all the time. You just need to find that special someone who would hold you when you are weak. You just need to let them in." she said.

Kiara smiled at this.

Maybe this was all she needed to hear.

"You didn't kill them. The Gupta killed Sejal. The enemies of your father killed him. They never wanted to let you go. You are here for a reason. All you have to do is find it." Zoya said.

Kiara turned to face her and give Zoya a proper hug.

Zoya released her from the hug and walked towards her love. She pecked him on the lips. They looked like a lovely couple and they deserved all the love in the world.

"Don't blame yourself for anything. I forgive you, Kiara if you had done anything wrong to me. But I am thankful to you because if you didn't do this, then I might have never found Zoya." Zain said.

I forgive you.

And then it was like a ton of weight was lifted off her shoulder. She might love Zain, but she was no longer in love with him. All she wanted was to hear him say those words, I forgive you.

Yes, she had wanted to marry him. Yes, she wanted to feel his kisses again. Yes, she wanted to wake up in his arms.

She needed to heal, the scars that were left on her body after the heartbreak she suffered from were still fresh and she didn't think she would ever love again.

But she had to let go of him. Because he now had someone.

And she couldn't be selfish to snatch it all away from him.

So, she turned away, heading back to her car. But not before she turned to face Zain.

"Thank you for teaching me what it means to be in love. I know I should have fought for us and helped you remember. But, you are too good to be in my world. I didn't want to snatch away that smile from your face. I... I am breaking up with you, Zain. Hopefully for good this time." she said as she got in her car and drove away.


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