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Ladies and gentlemen welcome onboard this story about James and Lucy and how one day destiny put them on the same (flight) path. We are expecting a very pleasant ride with a lot of romance, passion and a fair amount of good old Instagram stalking. As we are, however, forecasting some turbulent lies, past relationships and hard decisions, we recommend you hold on to your seatbelts (and wigs) tight. Should your air supply fail due to breathtaking chapters finales, the "Follow" button will be provided so you can be updated as soon as a new chapter is published. Finally, should you find yourself in a sea of tears due to the exciting and emotional events of this story, your safety blanket can be found on your nearest bed/sofa/chair. Now, please sit back, relax and enjoy the ride... Sometimes the stars align and put two people on the same path. When James sees Lucy for the first time, she's about to receive the call that will change her life. When he sees her the second time, he knows he has to have her. Will the help of destiny be enough to make up Lucy's mind? Will she let go of what she has to let James into her life?

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Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes

and she’s gone...

Lucy in the skies with diamonds.

Lucy in the skies with diamonds.


James entered the big international terminal at London Heathrow Airport and with confidence walked towards the far wing reserved for first-class passengers. He was travelling to Los Angeles for a few TV appearances to promote his new movie, due to be released in two weeks. Just as he walked past the big LED screen the advert for the movie came on in bright colours and he instinctively pushed his sunglasses closer to his face.

James was close to the First class area entrance when the lift doors opened and something caught his attention; he stopped in his tracks: a flight attendant walked out the lift almost in slow motion illuminated by a ray of sun, like in the movies. She moved gracefully on black court heels, in a navy trouser suit perfectly tailored to the curves of her body; in one hand a handbag and a cup of coffee in the other. Her dark auburn hair was neatly pulled back in a short low ponytail and her scarlet lips were the only hint of strong makeup on her face.

James walked closer to have a better look and pretended to check the departure screens to have an excuse to observe the air hostess a little longer. The girl sat on a bench not far from where he was standing and rummaged in her bag until she produced a book; the moment she opened it the phone she was wearing on a lanyard around her neck rang, she sighed, rolling her eyes then answered

“Hello?” She said in a cheerful tone, then checked her watch.

“Ok I’ll be right there” she hung up and quickly walked away, disappearing behind the lift doors as quickly as she had appeared.

As soon as the girl was gone James was once again back to reality, he shook his head and finally entered the First Class Wing.

“So you got called out of Standby?” asked Lauren, the perky blonde who was in charge of the first class galley.

“Yeah didn’t even have time to start my coffee! I had my book ready and everything and three seconds later...immediate report!” Said Lucy bringing her fingers to her ear mimicking a phone.

“Oh poor you! I hate when that happens!” replied the blonde.

Lucy shrugged “It’s the job I guess. Plus I’m flying back as a passenger so it’s not too bad!“.

" Well now I’m jealous! ” intervened Jack, the third flight attendant working in first class with her. A short, dark, bubbly young man with an Essex accent.

The three exchanged smiles and continued with their pre-flight duties.

“We’re ready to board, passengers are on their way down the jetty”. Said a voice over the interphone.

The three took their boarding positions and Lucy walked to the door to escort first class passengers to their seats.

“Good morning Mr and Mrs Dean, welcome back! How are you today?” Lucy smiled at the old couple entering the aircraft.

“Very well darling and you? “Said the old lady.

“Oh not too bad myself! I see you’re seated in 1A and 2A. Let me show you to your seats”

Lucy walked the couple into the cabin and showed them their window seats.

“Do you need any help with your luggage?” the brunette asked the couple.

The old man pointed to his carry on.

“If you don’t mind love, those lockers are always so high up. If it’s not too heavy of course, don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Oh, it’s very light Mr Dean,” said Lucy lifting the luggage. “You’re already my favourite passenger! Jack will be with you very shortly to get you settled” she smiled and walked back to the boarding door.

Lucy walked another couple and a gentleman to their seats when Lauren stopped her on her way back to the boarding door.

“I think everyone’s seated, Jack walked the rest of the passengers while you were busy, darling”.

“Oh that’s good news, a half-empty cabin is a happy cabin” she beamed.

“Oh my Goodness” Jack entered the galley with a flushed face and clapping his hands.

The two girls turned to check what the problem was.

“James Kent is in 1K!” he announced.

“Shut up!” Lauren exclaimed.

“Who?” asked Lucy confused.

“James Kent, the actor!” replied the two excited colleagues at the same time.

“Oh yeah,” Lucy acknowledged. “Which one of the James is he? The one in the Avengers? ”

“No that’s James Hannigan!” said Jack, slightly annoyed.

“Ah right, I always get them confused!” whispered Lucy, to herself.

The boy offered “He’s the one on the X-men, he played the Viking in Last man standing... he’s also in The silent Klimt that big new movie where he plays the spy? I. Love. Him!” He took out his phone and Google the actor’s name. Images of the man in different roles and red carpet events came back on the screen.

“Are you sure it’s him in 1K?” asked Lauren peeping through the curtains.

“Oh sweetie, I could recognize his face in the dark!” answered Jack with a smirk.

The two girls laughed.

“Let’s check the passenger list! ” offered Lucy “1K you said?”

“Yes, but his real name is James Blackwood”. Said Jack.

The three hovered over the first class section of the long list of names and there, near 1K was


“Oh he’s a Titanium cardholder” stated Lucy.

“Is it really what you care about?” Asked Jack pinching her shoulder.

Lucy shrugged apologetically.

“I’m so glad he’s on your side as I could barely breathe when I showed him to his seat. Let alone speak to him! I will admire him from a distance”.

The two girls shook their heads.

“He is a treat! I used to follow him when he was on that TV show about that group of guys living in London,” Lauren snapped her fingers trying to remember the title “The Dock and the Palace”.

Lucy laughed “What kind of name is that? I’ve never seen that show”.

“Oh, you’ve been missing out! Every excuse to make him take his top off! He’s fit!” said the blonde grabbing two silver trays from a cart.

“I just know I wanna marry him and adopt twelve of his babies,” added Jack with dreamy eyes.

“Ok, ok, I will do a thorough inspection in a second then”. Said Lucy removing her hat and checking her lipstick in the mirror.

“You work it girl!” chanted Jack raising his voice with his hand to his mouth.

“Good afternoon Mr Blackwood, how are you today?”

James took a second to react to his real surname and look up from his phone. An auburn-haired, hazel-eyed- girl was looking down at him with a smile. Another second of shock.

“I’m great thanks! And you?” he finally replied with a deep, low, manly voice, in contrast with his fair features.

“I’m fantastic! ” Lucy said smiling “I’m sorry to bother you, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I will be looking after you on this flight today. May I start you with a glass of champagne?”

“Oh, that would be perfect!” James’ smile matched hers, his eyes on hers the whole time.

“I’ll be back momentarily,” Lucy said and slowly walked away.

The smile lingered on James’ face a little longer, he shook his head. He couldn’t believe it: that girl that had caught his attention a few hours before was going to look after him for the next ten hours or so. She was even prettier from up close: her voice soft and charming and her warm, welcoming smile had made him hold his breath for a second, making him feel like the only person on that plane.

He instinctively thought of ways to start a meaningful conversation with her, to get to know her, but immediately changed his mind.

Even if he did find a way to interact with her, what was he going to do about it? And she was working for God’s sake...

“Here’s your champagne Mr Blackwood,” said Lucy stealing him from his erratic thoughts. She placed the flute on the credenza by the window. “I also have slippers and pyjamas for you,” she placed those on the footrest.

As she leaned forward James noticed the freckles on her nose and her perfume, a summery flower scent; the red lipstick perfectly applied framed her white teeth.

“That’s perfect” was all he managed to say.

She nodded briefly and moved to the passenger behind him introducing herself the same way she had done with him.

Get a grip, you idiot! He thought.

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