Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part II


On Thursday evening James rang Lucy’s bell with excitement; as she opened the door James couldn’t help but smile brightly, she was breathtaking in a short red summer dress and bare feet, her wavy hair gently brushing her shoulders.

Lucy smiled in return.

“Hey you, come in!” she said giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

James walked into the studio where some music was playing from the vinyl player and a delicious smell came from the kitchen.

“This is for you,” he handed her a bouquet of blue hydrangeas. “I remembered they’re your favourite”.

“Oh, you’re such a gentleman! They’re beautiful, thanks!“.

Lucy took the bunch of flowers and proceeded to put them in a vase

He smiled

“These are for us”, he put the paper bag on the kitchen counter and took out a bottle of red wine and one of champagne.

“Didn’t know which one to pick, so I got them both”.

Lucy took the champagne bottle.

“Laurent-Perrier. Good taste. Better put this in the fridge...”

“Should we open this now? Dinner will be ready in about half an hour”. Said Lucy, taking a bottle opener for the red wine.

“What do we have here?” asked James taking a peek on the hob.

“Well... I’m glad you asked.” Lucy handed him a glass filled with wine. “I made curry, rice, some hummus and pita bread for a nibble and, I also hope you brought an appetite because we have tiramisu for pudding”.

James whistled in approval.

“Quite an international menu. Did you make everything from scratch?” he asked impressed.

“Everything!” she beamed like a proud child.

“You’re quite something...” he said, charmed.

Lucy smiled at him from behind her wine glass.

The food had been eaten, the wine and champagne drank and James was polishing the last spoonful of tiramisu.

“That was heavenly!” he said in true owe.

“I’m glad,” said Lucy happily. “I enjoyed making it for you”.

She got up from the kitchen island where they had their dinner and started clearing in the empty dishes and bawls, piling them near the sink.

“Let me help,” said James.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just leave them here and finish washing up tomorrow” she replied and went back to him.

“So, what do you want to do now?” she asked, placing her hands on his knees as he was sitting on the high stool.

James looked straight into her eyes and kissed her, Lucy reciprocated the kiss with vigour throwing her hands behind his neck.

James got up from his stool, towering over her now and deepened the kiss, his hands slowly moving down her back; as she pulled him closer grabbing his head, James’ hands moved further down until they cupped her bottom.

Lucy pushed back and took a moment to look at him, then grabbed his chin, bit his lip and started to kiss him again, passionately.

When she licked his lower lip, tugged at it while looking in his eyes, James’ brain clouded. He grabbed her by the back of her thighs and lifted her, putting her on the counter.

Lucy locked her ankles behind James’ back and pushed her hips slightly forward to feel him.

Their kiss was now eager, almost needy.

James grabbed her thighs, squeezing the hot flesh on the inner part, and pushed the hem of her dress up as he reached for her hips. A soft moan escaped Lucy’s lips.

She grasped his t-shirt and pulled it over his head revealing his toned shoulders, his muscular stomach and the line of his side abs disappearing under his belt.

James took a step back.

“Take it off!” he said in a hoarse voice, nodding at her dress.

Lucy complied obediently and slowly opened the side zip, grabbing the dress at the bottom she pulled it over her head and dropped it to the side. Lacy underwear hung low at her hips revealing a tan line, her matching bra plumped her breasts up.

James looked at her with intensity, his eyes black with passion. With one stride he was back next to her.

He kissed her neck, her shoulder and her lips as she undid his buckle and pulled his jeans down to the floor.

“Come with me...” she said breathlessly as she jumped off the kitchen counter.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him, leading him up the spiral staircase to her bedroom.

James sat on the bed catching his breath, Lucy was looking at him from a distance, her eyes in admiration.

“Come here” he ordered.

Lucy walked slowly to the bed, she unhooked her bra and sensually removed it exposing her bare breasts; she then straddled him and kissed him again, pushing her chest tightly against his, skin against skin.

James’ hands were all over her now trying to take in as much of her as he could. He squeezed her thighs again and slowly moved his hand up towards her hips, he hooked his fingers in her panties and slowly pulled them down. He looked in Lucy’s eye asking for silent permission. In response, she lifted herself up and let him strip her underwear from her body. She then straddled him again and a soft moan came out her lips as she felt his excitement between her legs.

James cupped her bottom and in a swift motion flipped so that Lucy was now underneath him; one hand in her hair the other slowing tracing the line of their body with his finger: her collarbone, her nipple, her belly button, lower and lower until he could feel her heat and gently pushed his fingers inside her.

Lucy’s back arched in response and she started to move her hips to the rhythm of James’ fingers. She moaned softly and then louder and louder as his movement became more insistent.

James looked at Lucy underneath him, reacting to his stimuli and his brain fogged with lust.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful”. He said hoarsely.

He slowed down the pace and removed his fingers from inside her and watched her open her eyes in disappointment. He placed another kiss on her lips and Lucy’s hand moved frantically down his body, pulling his underpants down his legs, exposing him against her wet entrance.

James closed his eyes in anticipation as she started to stroke him slowly.

“I’ve dreamt of this so many times”. He said against her lips.

Then before she could say anything, he removed her hand and thrust himself inside her.

Lucy’s hand grabbed his hair tightly, her back arched to welcome him inside.

James slowly pulled back and disappointment appeared on Lucy’s face; as slowly as he had pulled out he thrust himself in again carefully watching Lucy’s face change in an ecstatic expression, her eyes closed biting her lip.

He smiled as she opened her eyes, a cheeky satisfied smile, and pulled himself out again slowly

“James...” she muttered.

And moaned loudly as he thrust in again with more force.

She quickly wrapped her legs around him blocking his hips and smiled back at him.

James kissed her one last time and began to move quickly, her hips following his movement.

He leaned against the wall with one hand and grabbed her hip with the other to steady her, and ensure a deeper thrust.

“Fuck!” she screamed.

James lived for that, he locked his hands with hers and pinned them down to the mattress over Lucy’s head, his thrust stronger and stronger.

Lucy was loud, screaming not to stop.

His mind was about to explode, he wanted to go on forever, to enjoy Lucy’s moan underneath him.

He dove to one side instead, pulling her on top of him.

Lucy giggled in surprise until she repositioned herself and her laugh died as she started to move slowly up and down.

“Do you like that?” she asked softly.

“Fuck” was James’s reply.

With his hands on her hips, he helped her to a steady the rhythm. Slow, precise, sexy.

With every movement, Lucy was closer to the spot and when she hit it she started to move fast.

“Baby, it feels so fucking good”. He said between his teeth.

Lucy looked in his eyes and saw her own lust mirrored.

James was moaning softly with every thrust, cursing, helping her move to that exact speed that was taking them to the abyss.

Then everything when black, she tilted her head back and screamed in pleasure as she came.

James was sitting on the bed with his back against the backboard smoking a cigarette, Lucy was wrapped in some sheets, crossed legged in front of him drinking a glass of champagne and eating some leftover tiramisu.

“And then I told her Madam, the noise you hear are the engines. If I make it stop we die," she said with a mouthful of dessert and they both laughed.

“God, why are people...”

“People?” she interrupted him.

“Yeah, quite. I could never do your job”.

Lucy shrugged “I love it, once you’ve been dragged to tears three or four times you developed a thick skin and a no-bullshit attitude. Your job, on the other hand, I could never do”.

“You think you could never be an actress?” he asked, blowing out smoke.

“Oh no, I’d be an amazing actress. I literally lie daily for a living. I mean...I could never be in the show business or whatever you wanna call it. I don’t think I could stand the constant attention, being scrutinized twenty-four/seven, having pictures taken while I buy tampons. I think it would drive me insane”.

“Maybe I don’t feel it because I don’t buy tampons,” he joked. “But yes you’re absolutely right: some days it’s relentless and tiring, and you’d like to punch a wall out of frustration but other days it’s....exhilarating. Don’t get me wrong, I hate when I see a picture of me and know that the paparazzi have gone above and beyond to infiltrate my privacy, but then on the flip side when I’m doing a red carpet and the flashes go off, and people call my name, interviewers wanna hear what I have to say...I love it”.

“God, you so vain,” she commented with a smirk.

“Oh yeah, have you seen your Instagram? Ooh look at me in a cool uniform, ooh look at me in a bikini, ooh now I’m wearing mouse ears and I’m all over the World. Get over it, young lady” he replied, slightly hit in his pride.

Lucy threw him a pillow “Shut up, you stalker”.

James threw his hands up “Touchè. But that’s only cos I enjoy looking at your pretty face”.

“Pretty?” Asked Lucy with an inquisitive finger near her mouth. “If I recall correctly you called me fucking beautiful when I was naked underneath you”.

James extinguished his cigarette “You are fucking beautiful,” he said moving closer to her. “Let me show you again how fucking beautiful I think you are” and he pulled her on top of him, ready for another round.


After that day they saw each other every time they had the chance, if they were in London on the same day even for twelve hours they would spend those together. James would meet her at her flat and they would have dinner, watch tv, spend time listening to music and when they only had a few hours they would spend them in bed.

Then James was off to a new destination to finish promoting his movie and Lucy would report to another city around the globe, sometimes one was flying east and the other west.

But they made it work.

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