Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part II


“Tell me everything,” Jack demanded when Lucy returned to the galley.

“Well he is fit,” she admitted. “Lovely smile. Although a little too blonde for my taste”.

“And?” the boy pursued her, ignoring the slight negative comment.

“And that’s it. Gave him Champagne, gave him pyjamas, he said thanks and I said, you’re welcome. Then walked away”.

“Oh God, woman! Are you made of stone?” Jack asked dramatically.

Lucy laughed “I guess I still have to get lost in his eyes...”

“That’s not where I want to get lost, honey!” said the man walking away with a tray of glasses.

James was sipping his coffee and watching an old episode of Friends; Joe was wearing all of Chandler’s clothes and doing some lunges. He had seen the show countless times but he needed something easy to watch to fight that food coma drowsiness he had brought upon himself. He usually didn’t have much on planes but today he had eaten every single course, pathetically using it as an excuse to talk to Lucy.

“Are you sure?” she had asked him when he had declined a starter, her perfect eyebrows knotting briefly in concern, big brown-hazel eyes locked on his.

So he had pretended to change his mind and opted for a bowl of soup, he didn’t even like soup that much but it was the first option he saw. Then he had a main and sides and bread and some more wine, yes, please.

He even said yes to the lava cake because she had recommended it.

“It is delicious”.

He had loved the way her tongue rolled against her teeth on the L so he had ordered the cake.

Now, two hours later, the lights were off and James was trying not to fall asleep, quite unsuccessfully.

He took another sip of his black coffee and shuffled in his seat, then on the far corner of his eye, he saw something moving fast and his lap was suddenly wet. The man instinctively looked down and saw a dark large stain forming on the left leg of his jeans, he looked up searching for the source of that accident: Lucy was standing not far from his seat, both hands covering her cheeks and her lips moving, he removed his headphones to listen to what she was saying

“I am very sorry Mr Blackwood, I...I tripped on a blanket...”

“It’s OK,” said James with a smile.

Lucy knelt down to be at his eye level, she turned on the sidelight and assessed the damage

“It’s all over your jeans, damn it,” she stated in a whisper and quickly bit her lip, thinking of a solution.

James’ couldn’t stop staring at her, her worried look was so cute. He cleared his throat.

“Really Lucy, don’t worry. I guess I will use those pyjamas after all,” he said with a chuckle.

The brunette finally looked at him for a moment, trying to read his expression and was reassured by his genuine smile, which she reciprocated.

“I can take care of your jeans in the meantime Sir. We have stain removers, and sparkling water works wonders on stains” she announced triumphantly.

The both of them stood up and made their way to the galley, where James excused himself to the toilet.

“Are you OK babe?” asked Lauren when she found Lucy scavenging through boxes of tissues and soap.

“I need a stain remover asap!” the brunette replied.

“Oh, I think we keep them all down in economy now”.

“Crap!” Lucy replied and disappeared behind the curtains.

She returned just as James came out of the toilet.

“Stains removers,” she produced her treasure with pride.

“Let me take your jeans Mr Blackwood, I’ll try my best to fix it, I promise!” she said with sparkling eyes.

“Thank you, but don’t worry too much about it. These trousers are actually comfortable!” replied James showing off his pyjamas like a fashion statement.

“Silver linings”. Said Lucy with a sight.

James chuckled and thanked her again, then disappeared behind the curtains.

“Why is James Kent handing you his jeans?” asked Jack who had arrived in the galley just to witness that scene.

“I went and spilt bloody red wine all over him, didn’t I?” Lucy replied showing the proof of her work.

“It was so embarrassing”. She added flushing again at the thought.

“OK, first of all, let’s take a moment to realize you’re about to virtually strike his crotch so let me help. But yeah that must have been embarrassing, thank God it wasn’t me!” the boy laughed with his hand dramatically to his chest.

Lucy mocked the boy’s laugh.

“He seemed really nice about it though,” observed Lauren “He could have just flipped”.

“Well probably he didn’t want to make a scene,” said Lucy pouring sparkling water on the leg of the jeans and scrubbing with stain removers.

“Nah,” said Jack with dreamy eyes. “He’s’ just perfect”.

Both girls shook her heads.

“Plus,” continued the man. “I think he likes you. I saw how he smiles at you”.

Lucy stopped rubbing for a moment “He smiles at everyone. Seems like a very polite and sweet guy. He smiles at you too, although you’ve been staring at him like a creep for three hours now”.

Jack shook his head “Oh sister, you’re so blind. I was able to stare at him because he was too busy staring at those puppy eyes of yours”.

The brunette shook her head “He was talking to me! He looked at me while I looked at him. You sound a bit hypoxic, I’m worried now. Lauren, help me!“.

The blonde laughed “You’re on your own, this is too entertaining”.

Lucy sighted “Bad people. Both of you! Now you made me self conscious, Jackie”.

“Oh relax,” said Jack. “What’s the worst that could happen? You might end up having a big mouthful of that British beef pie tonight”.

Lucy hit him with the wet cloth and Lauren laughed at his joke, shaking her head.

“Wish I were you...” added the boy and disappeared behind the curtains with a mischievous smirk.

Lucy was sitting on a crew seat, reading a book and eating a bowl of raspberries. The frenzy of the service was over, all passengers had been tucked in and were sleeping or dozing off while watching a movie. This was her favourite part of the flight when her colleagues went on break and she had the galley to herself to read her book or do a Sudoku. Just peaceful.

Then she heard the curtains move and hoped nobody would ask for anything too difficult, which at that moment could have been a simple cup of tea...she really needed a moment to herself.

She turned to the curtains with an automatic smile, sucking some raspberry juice from her index finger.

The actor was standing by the cabin entrance, hands in his pockets, looking down at her.

“Oh, Mr Blackwood! Your jeans are almost dry, I hung them in the wardrobe for you. Do you want to have a look?” she said putting down her book and standing up.

“Nah it’s fine. I trust you,” James replied with a smirk “And you can call me James if you want, Mr Blackwood makes me feel so old”.

Lucy chuckled “I feel you. A young teenager called me lady this morning. Aimed straight to the heart” she said mimicking a gun with her fingers.

James laughed and nodded in response.

“Did your colleagues leave you all alone?” he asked looking around the empty galley.

“Yeah, they’re on their breaks. They left me to hold the fort for a while”.

“Well, as long as they hid all the wine we should be golden” replied James with a cheeky smile.

Lucy scoffed with a shy smile “Again, I’m really sorry. Believe it or not, this is the first time it happened to me” She threw her hands in the air.

James shook his head “Again, it’s OK, it was an accident. I hope...”

This time Lucy laughed, her face brightening, and James felt finally accomplished.

“Did you want anything, Mr Black...James? A bottle of water?”

“Oh no thanks, I just wanted to scratch my legs”. Hs said stretching his

whole body with his arms above his head. His t-shirt lifted ever so slightly and Lucy noticed that sculpted body her colleagues were talking about non-stop. She also took a moment to check his nicely toned arms and his long, sharp jaw.

“I see” she nodded and busied herself with some napkins and glasses that didn’t need tidying up.

James was silent for a moment, admiring Lucy’s delicate features and her lips still perfectly painted in red, desperately thinking of something to say to keep talking to her.

“What are you reading?” he asked eventually nodding towards the book on the seat.

“Oh it’s just a thriller,” Lucy replied picking up the book. “It’s about a medical student in the 1800s who’s suspected of murdering people to have corpses to dissect”.

“Not what I was expecting!” the man said taking the book from her and studying the cover. “Would make a good movie” he added, to himself.

“Yeah, it’s quite interesting! Everybody thinks the killer is the poor student but I think it’s actually the doctor’s son!“. Lucy took the book back and traced the shape of it with a perfectly manicured finger.

“Oh are you the detective type?” asked James.

“Well, I watch my fair share of true crime shows, so...” Lucy replied with sarcasm.

“Oh, not just a pretty face then”. Said James and regretted it immediately. He quickly looked away searching for anything to focus his attention on. The window on the exit door was as good an excuse as any.

Lucy smiled politely but didn’t fail to notice the slight blush on the man’s cheeks.

His gaze now fixed on the blue sky out the window.

“So are you going to LA for business or vacation?” Lucy offered eventually.

“For business actually.” His green eyes now back on hers.

“Are you staying there long?” she busied herself again with some teabags.

“About a week. Busy schedule”.

“Well Los Angeles is not the worst place to be stuck in when you’re working, maybe you’ll have some time to enjoy yourself as well”.

James nodded and passed his hand through his hair.

“Well that’s because you don’t know my agent, he runs a very tight ship!“.

Lucy showed a sympathetic smile.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” she quoted.

The man smiled brightly “Yep, exactly! I see you get it! What about you? Do you get to enjoy LA?“.

Lucy nodded “Well see, this is where my job gets interesting. I wasn’t supposed to be on this trip, I was called this morning from my standby duty but the Gods were good. I get three days in LA and I’m coming back as a passenger; I’m basically in vacation mode the moment all passengers are off this plane!“.

James whistled “That’s some luck there”.

He remembered the exact moment she had received that call, the exact moment faith had put her on his path. He felt a weird pleasure in having observed her without her knowing.

Ok, he had to stop this creepy non-sense and listen to what she was saying...

“ yes I’ll be sipping some cocktails by the pool but I’ll definitely spare some thoughts for the hard-working people out there”.

“Please do,” laughed James praying with his hands.

Then a “ping” and a blue light came on the attendant panel on the ceiling.

Lucy looked at the curtains and James knew that their chat was over, although he would have spent the rest of the flight standing there talking to her.

“I’m sorry duty calls, literally. It was nice talking to you, kept me company for a while”.

“The pleasure was mine,” said James and watched her grab a tray and disappear behind the curtains before going back to his seat.

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