Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part II


James arrived at the cottage in Wales on a Friday afternoon in mid-November, Lucy opened the door with a smile and greeted him with a passionate kiss.

It was their first weekend away together and they couldn’t believe how lucky they had been to find days that fit both their schedules so soon.

James walked in and looked around: low white ceiling with contrasting dark wood beams, a raw hardwood floor, expensive furniture and a big soft looking sofa. Stealing the scene was a five feet five stone fireplace with a matching mantlepiece covered in art deco ornaments.

“This place is beautiful,” he said admiring the luxurious finishings.

“Thank you. That’s mostly thanks to my mother’s good taste,” said Lucy taking his jacket and hanging it behind a wooden door at the entrance.

“Do your parents know we’re here?” Asked James with a naughty smile.

“They know I’m here...” replied Lucy wrapping her arms around his neck.

He kissed her softy.


Lucy took his hand and lead him to the living area.

“Have a seat, I made sure the fire is nice and running. There’s handmade bread in the Aga and curry in the pot”.

James was beaming

“You’re amazing!”

Lucy smiled.

“I know! How was your reading?”

James nodded.

“It was great, I’ve got the final script and it’s looking bomb”.

“Can I see it?” Asked Lucy with puppy eyes.

“It’s supposed to be confidential...” said James reluctantly.

Lucy looked at him with her head tilted.

“Who am I gonna tell? Plus, I just want to see what a script looks like...”

James was silent.

She flashed a perfect, targeted smile.

“Fine! Only because you prepared all this for me.”

Lucy clapped her hand excited.

James rummaged into his backpack and produced a yellow paper folder, then walked back to the sofa and handed it to Lucy. She opened it and quickly scrolled through it then went back to the first page, James leaned close to her.

“So this- he pointed at an all caps text- describes the scene, for instance, this will be an interior in Ted’s house, the protagonist”.

“So you,” said Lucy.

“Mm mm. And these- he pointed a few lines below- give directions on how to play the scene so in this case, I will have to appear agitated and restless”.

“I see” replied Lucy, turning the pages and browsing the script with curiosity.

Then she stopped and started to read aloud.

"Ted pulls Julia’s top off and throws her on the bed. Ted climbs on top of Julia who looks at him passionately. Sounds interesting”.

James scratched his head and chuckled.

“That’s one of the sex scenes”.

“You don’t say. I’ve always been curious about it. Don’t you feel shy? Like, you guys really get intimate with one another, I mean the kisses and the touching is real, isn’t it?“.

James nodded.

“Yes, it is. But sometimes it is more awkward than anything else, and you have the director shouting at you what to do, where to look, and you have this fear of not looking good on camera. And it could be a very vulnerable place to be. It helps if you get along well with your partner in real life, so you can have an honest and open discussion about what each other’s limits are and take it from there. Then you just get on with it, it’s part of our job after all”.

Lucy shook her head.

“This sounds like a very low budget porno movie to me”.

James laughed.

“Pretty much, except you’re dry humping in your underwear!“.

Lucy covered her face with her hands.

“God, I could never do it!”

“You get used to it! Here, I’ll show you,” said James taking the script from her hands and placing it on the coffee table.

“If you plan on showing off by demonstrating how to fake sex with me, I’ll tell you I’m not gonna be impressed”.

James smiled.

“Trust me, you’ll see the difference. So, let’s use that scene as an example; if you were my acting partner I could ask you if there’s anywhere you’d prefer I’d grab you and somewhere you really don’t want me to touch you”.

Lucy looked at him for a moment, her arms crossed.

“I’m gonna be good to you”. She put her hand on her forehead dramatically. “No my dear, you can touch me everywhere!“.

James tilted his head in amusement.

“Never got that before,” and started walking towards her.

“Hey wait!” Lucy put her hand in front of her to stop him. “I need to ask you the same. Actually, come to think of it, I need to know what your limits are on set”.

James chuckled.

“Fair enough. Obviously, my private parts are off-limits, but that’s kind of a given for almost everyone. And I think the only thing for me is my neck”.

“Your neck?” asked Lucy confused.

James scratched the back of his neck, a little embarrassed

“My neck is a very... responsive area for me, as you may know. Let’s say it could make me very vulnerable”.

Lucy put her hand on her hips

“I’d have so many questions. But this is your job, I’m better off not going down that road”.

“It’s really not as pleasant as you may think it is. As I said, it’s awkward most of the times”.

She held her hands up.

“Don’t wanna know. C’mon, show me what you got. Action!”

James walked to her and kissed her, his lips slightly parted, a nice chaste kiss, one hand grabbing her head.

Then he pulled her closer and his hand softly stroked her bottom and travelled up pulling her jumper over her head. Immediately after, he lifted her from under her thighs and walked to the sofa where he gently let her fall and kissed her again.

“See?” he said.

“I’ve seen you do worse things on TV, you’re being chaste on purpose. I’m not buying it!” She said looking up at him.

“Are you insulting my acting?” Asked James.

“I would never”.

Lucy kissed his neck

“This is not allowed,” said James serious.

Lucy slowly licked his neck up to his jaw and softly tugged at it

“Stop me then”.

“You’re naughty,” said James with eyes darkened by lust.


James moved the logs in the fireplace to reignite the fire then went back to the sofa where Lucy was sitting, eating ice cream from the tub.

“I really love this place, has it been in your family for long?” He asked.

“For as long as I can remember. I do recall coming here as a child while it was still bare-bones and bricks. I used to get in trouble all the time for disturbing the workers, I would hide under the scaffolds and scare the shit out of my mother when she couldn’t find me. She and I spent a lot of time here in the summer when my dad was in New York, this place was like his gift to us. My mom would take a whole month off work and spend it with me.”

“You never really told me what she does,” said James, stealing the spoon from her hand.

“She’s a surgeon. Well, she was. Now she’s mostly only in the hospital board but still operates the stickiest cases. She’s a badass”.

James laughed.

“I bet! Don’t take this the wrong way baby but, I’m surprised you haven’t grown to be a spoiled twat”.

“Pardon me?” her eyes widened.

“Well your mom’s a surgeon, your dad’s an architect, you obviously had a more than decent upbringing. And yet, one could never tell you come from money”.

Lucy looked at him, thoughtful.

“I never really saw it like that. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m privileged because my parents have good jobs and I grew up with opportunities. But they have made themselves and were adamant I did the same. I never got anything for free, they always made me earn my achievements. But most importantly, they left me the freedom of choosing my future”.

“It shows,” said James.

“You’re the same,” stated Lucy pointing at him with the spoon. “You’re the most down to earth person I know”.

“My parents weren’t upper middle class,” said James with a smirk.

“You know what I mean”.

James nodded.

“I’m just teasing you. Anyway- he kissed the palm of her hand- since your parents did such a great job of not spoiling you, I’ve taken it upon myself to do it. There is something I want to give you”.

He went to his backpack, took a little black velvet case and handed it to Lucy.

She opened it to reveal a pair of diamond earrings, they were simple studs in the shape of a flower, the petals made of smaller oval diamonds. They shone brightly near the firelight.

She looked at him incredulously.

“James, they’re beautiful!” And touched the glimmering stones with her fingertips.

“They made me think of you. I thought you can wear them at work...”

Lucy giggled.

“I’m speechless, they’re so precious! Thank you!” And hugged him.

Later Lucy excused herself to the bathroom and when she came back she was wearing only the diamond flowers.

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