Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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One baby to another says, “I’m lucky to have met you”

I don’t care what you think unless it is about me

It is now my duty to completely drain you.


Lucy tossed the piece of paper on the counter and immediately threw the bouquet in the bin, cramming it in aggressively, her heart was beating fast and she felt a mix of fear and anger.

She went back to the message and stared at it for a while, then grabbed her keys and quickly made her way out of the door.

“Hey Nigel,” she said leaving the lift and walking towards the reception area. “I was just wondering, have you seen by any chance someone delivering a bouquet of flowers today?“.

The doorman nodded “Yes, not long ago actually, maybe an hour?”

“Do you remember the person?” Lucy asked casually.

“Just a woman with a FlowerForU uniform. Is everything ok?” he asked.

“Yes all good,” she said cheerfully. “Just an anonymous sender so I was curious”.

“Your boyfriend’s got competition?” the man asked winking at her.

Lucy shrugged.

“Seems so. Or maybe it’s from my mom and she forgot to sign it!” she kept her tone breezy as she started towards the lift.

Back in the apartment Lucy went into the bin and dug the bouquet out, she checked it thoroughly and found the little sticker with the FlowerForU logo and Chelsea written underneath it, confirming which branch had taken the order.

She unlocked her phone and googled the name of the store, looking for a phone number when she found it she leaned against the counter and pressed call, her hand slightly shaking.

“FlowerForU, this is Tracy, how may I help you?“. A jolly young voice came from the other end.

Lucy cleared her throat trying to steady her tone.

“Good morning Tracy, how are you? I’m calling because I’ve received a bouquet of hydrangeas this morning but there isn’t a sender’s name on the envelope and I hoped you could help me find out who sent it?”

“A secret admirer eh? Let me see what I can find out. What’s the name and delivery address?”

Lucy gave the girl her details and could hear tapping on a keyboard. Her heart started to race faster.

“So, Hamilton. Here it is!” a moment of silence. “Ah, that’s very bizarre...”


James was awakened by his phone loudly vibrating against the bedside table, it started out in his dream until the continuous noise slowly separated from it and brought him back to reality.

When he saw Lucy’s name on the screen he was immediately fully awake, she would never call him at two forty-five in the morning if it weren’t an emergency.

“Lucy, is everything ok?” he asked sitting up straight.

Her voice came out flat.

“James something happened...”

“Are you ok? Are you hurt?” he asked, worried.

“No, no I’m good. I’m home,” she said, reassuring him.

He relaxed a little, she continued.

“When I’ve arrived home today there was a bouquet of flowers waiting for me, when I opened the envelope the message said, whore”.

“What the fuck?” James tossed the duvet on the side and quickly got out of bed, starting to pace around the room.

Lucy inhaled sharply and carried on.

“I contacted the store to try and find out who sent it, but they said that the person asked specifically to be kept anonymous on the records. The girl I spoke to said that the colleague who took the order had to leave for some sort of emergency today but would be working tomorrow. I will go and try to speak to her, maybe she can give me some clues”.

“Ok, good call. Why don’t you book a cab and go to my place?” He offered gently, trying not to scare her more.

“No James, thanks but I’d rather stay here. I haven’t slept in twenty-four hours and I really want to be in my own bed. Plus Harriet just landed and she’s on her way here so I won’t be alone”.

James could hear Lucy’s voice thick as if she was trying to hold back tears.

He spoke slowly, measuring his words.

“Lucy, this is not right. I can be on the first flight back to London and we can sort it out together...”


Her voice was shaky and pinched and James knew she was now crying.

“Please don’t come back, I can handle it, I’m just,” she sobbed, “so, very tired”.

James felt so helpless knowing he couldn’t do anything for her right now, he wished he could be with her and hold her.

“Shhh, baby don’t cry. It’s gonna be ok. You need to rest now, go lie down in bed and I’ll stay on the phone with you”.

He could hear her sniffing and moving the sheets around.

“Are you in bed?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said with another sob.

“Close your eyes baby”. Then with his deep, low voice, he started to sing ”Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock...”

Lucy’s cry turned into laughs and it warmed Jame’s heart a little. He continued.

"When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And down will come baby, cradle and all. It’s gonna be ok baby, we’ll figure it out. Just remember that I love you”.

Me too. Thought Lucy. But she was already asleep and it was only in her dreams.


Lucy and Harriet walked into the flower shop in Chelsea and headed for the big counter, the person behind it was an Indian woman in her forties, Sandeep was written on her name badge and Lucy was grateful to have found the person she was looking for right away.

“Hello, how can I help you?” said the woman with a big smile.

“Hello, I’d like to purchase a bouquet of sunflowers, please. Those are really pretty” and she pointed to some orange flowers next to the counter.

“Good choice,” said the woman and immediately began to work on the composition.

Harriet nodded at Lucy in encouragement and the brunette walked closer to the counter, clearing her throat.

“I need your help with something if that’s possible,” she started tentatively.

The woman looked up at her with a smile, prompting her to continue.

“I’ve received a bouquet of hydrangea from your store yesterday morning, but the sender is anonymous. I’ve called the shop and Tracey told me that the person asked to remain secret but I was hoping you could help me a little...“.

The woman nodded.

“Yeah, blue hydrangea right? I remember. It was very interesting the whole secret thing, we rarely get requests like that”.

Lucy smiled trying to look as casual as possible.

“I bet. Any chance you could give me a hint on the mysterious person? See, I’ve got two people in mind and I’m really hoping it was a specific guy...“.

Harried nodded and gave an exaggerated smile, hoping to help the cause.

The woman thought for a moment then smiled back.

“Two possible secret admirers eh? Aren’t you lucky? Well, the man who sent you the flowers was quite young, late twenties early thirties, fairly handsome, dark hair, really blue eyes, oh and he was very tall. Hope that helps...” she said and handed Lucy the bouquet of sunflowers.

“Yes,” Lucy said. “It helps a lot, thanks”.

She paid and left a ten pounds note as a tip.

“Fucking Sam!” Harriet exclaimed as soon as they walked out of the store.

“I’m gonna kill him, this time I’m really gonna strangle him!” She continued and mimicked wrapping her hands around the man’s neck.

Lucy sighed heavily, she wished it had been over once and for all, but of course he had to come back and pull some bullshit like this.

She leaned against the bank wall over the Thames, her head was spinning and she needed fresh air. She wrapped herself in her padded Barracuta, trying to shield herself from the cold December wind, a cloud of condensation escaped her mouth as she exhaled.

“Do you think he knows about James?“Lucy asked Harriet as they resumed walking.

Her friend shrugged.

“Maybe, who knows. That prick’s so crazy he could flip at literally anything. What are you gonna do about it?“.

“Nothing,” replied Lucy sternly. “I will do nothing”.

Harriet stopped walking and looked at her confused.

Lucy explained:

“I’ve spent years of my life reacting to his bullshit, now I have better things to do than entertain his ego. I let him control my emotions for too long...”

“Fine. And what about James? What are you gonna tell him?” asked Harriet.

Lucy inhaled the inebriating scent of the flowers in her hands.

“The truth”.


James felt his phone vibrating in his pocket and quickly excused himself from the director, mouthing

“Family emergency” as he pointed to his mobile.

The director nodded and went back to the scene developing on set.

“Hey baby, any news?” he asked, closing the studio door behind him.

“Yes actually,” replied Lucy, her tone flat. “Turned out it was Sam. Fit the description perfectly...“.

“What? That fucking tosser...” he started to pace up and down the empty corridor trying to calm the itchy feeling that curled his hands in fists. He pushed his anger at the back of his mind and focused on Lucy.

“Do you want me to come back, honey?”

“No. Honestly, I’m fine. You’ll be back in a couple of days anyway and I don’t want that idiot to inconvenience anyone’s life. I’m just gonna ignore it and he’ll get bored of it”.

James stopped and thought for a moment, measuring his words, trying to keep his voice casual

“He knows where you live Lucy, what if he doesn’t like you ignoring him?”

Lucy was silent for a second.

“I’ll be careful and I’ll tell Nigel to keep an eye on him if he shows up”.

James shook his head, she was just too stubborn sometimes.

“Fine,” he said. “But if you change your mind at any time call me and I’ll get the first flight back home”.

“Ok, deal”.

A young Asian woman popped her head through the door and gestured to James that he was needed on set. He nodded as a response.

“Good. Baby, I have to go now, but please text me, call me, anything you need I’m here ok?“.

“Ok,” she said through a smile. “I miss you”.

“I miss you too. Love you” he said before ending the call.

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