Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part III


When they arrived at Lucy’s flat in London the air was quite tense and James could feel Lucy getting quieter and stiffer.

“You go ahead,” Lucy said handing him the keys. “I need to talk to Nigel”.
As James went on the lift Lucy walked to the reception desk.
“Lucy, I’m glad to see you! How are you?” The man asked with a smile.
Lucy nodded, her eyes to the floor.
“Hanging in there. Listen, I wanted to thank you for last week and apologize for running away like that, I was really overwhelmed by a few things that happened that day”.
The man held his hand in front of him.
“No need to apologise, I’m glad I could help”.
“Did anyone else show up?” Lucy asked timidly.
“There were a couple of men with a camera for a few days but then I haven’t seen anyone else since. And no sign of your ex-boyfriend, ” he reassured her.
Lucy released the breath that she’d been holding.
“Good, that’s great”.
She excused herself and walked to the lift.
When Lucy walked into her flat James had put some music on the record player and was tidying up some empty cups and dishes.
Lucy dropped her gym bag on the floor and looked at him.
“What are you doing?”
“Tyding up,” he said, matter of factly.
“You don’t have to do that. I’m not sick, I can clean my own studio”.
James placed the plate he was holding in the sink and walked to her, taking her hands in his.
“Baby, I love you but please stop giving me attitude for everything. I’m trying to help you! Stop shutting yourself away from me, I’m here to take some of the blow from you!”
Lucy scoffed.
“Are you trying to pick a fight now? With all that’s going on through my head?”
“I don’t want to fight, but I’d be happy to know what’s in your head because you never share that with me! I think I know what you’re going through, but I’m never quite sure. You never talk to me, you just go all defensive and quiet!”
Lucy shook her head and turned to pick up her gym bag but James gently grabbed her wrist and turned her to face him again.
“So that’s it, you’re just going to be silent and walk away?”
Lucy freed her wrist and in a raised voice said:
“What do you want me to do? To scream? To get mad at you? Go hysterical?”
“Yes if that’s what your feeling!” James yelled back. “Let. it. Out. You can be and do whatever you want with me! Take it on me, scream in my face your fears, your anger, I’m here for this!”
Lucy took a step back, she opened her mouth as to speak but then closed it again.
“Leave me alone,” she said quietly.
“No, Lucy! I’m not him, I won’t turn your emotions against you. You’re allowed to be mad; you’re in a fucking crazy position, your privacy has been breached, your job is at stake!” He was yelling now.
“Stop it!” Lucy screamed taking a step towards him.
James nodded.
“That’s it. Be angry, come at me,” he said, opening his arms. “Fight me, don’t just stand there! I can see your brain melting with all that fucking overthinking!”
Lucy’s jaw clenched, she moved forward and with all her strength pushed James, pressing against his chest. He took a step back to absorb the hit before Lucy hit him again, trapping him against the kitchen island.
Her eyes fiery, her hands closed in fists, she started to cry out of anger and hit James repeatedly on the chest and shoulders. He didn’t move, taking the soft hits.
“That’s good baby, let it all out”.
“This is a fucking nightmare!” She screamed then took a step back, panting she gave him a crooked look.
“This is not right,” she said between her teeth and in a sweeping movement she was in front of him, her hands grabbed his face and she gave him a deep kiss. There was no passion, just anger.
As James’ hands moved to her waist, Lucy hastily tugged them away, grabbing his neck with one hand and biting at it, her grip stronger than usual.
James let out a sound, a mixture of lust and pain and grasped the countertop trying not to touch her again.
Lucy pulled back and gave him another dark look that James had never seen before, it made his stomach twitch with excitement and worry.
“Sit on the sofa,” she said, hoarsely.
James stood still for a moment then walked to the sofa and sat, as instructed.
Lucy walked behind and, without taking her hazel eyes off him, she hastily removed her sweater and her leggings and straddled him.
As James tried to move his hands to her hips Lucy grabbed his wrists and held them over his head, her mouth to his lips and neck again and she felt him become harder underneath her; she let go of his arms for a moment and unzipped his jeans.
“Lucy...” James’ voice was low and deep.
The girl didn’t reply but grabbed his wrists and held them over his head again in a tight grip, then lowered herself on his erection. Her movements harsh, no passion in her eyes.
James closed his eyes, his body hot and desperate for contact with hers, he instinctively moved his arms but Lucy’s grip grew tighter.
“Don’t move,” she ordered.
A wave of excitement ran through him, he wasn’t sure what was going on but he couldn’t stop himself from enjoying it so much. His hips started to move slightly to Lucy’s rhythm.
She closed her eyes and moaned loudly, her movements became more erratic and hard until James came and Lucy with him.
Lucy loosened the grip on James’ wrists and lowered her forehead against his.
“I love you,” she said catching her breath then stood up and disappeared into the bathroom without saying a word.
James sat there for a moment and rubbed his face with his hands, trying to understand what just happened. The more he pushed to know her, the more of a mystery she became.
He stood up and walked to the bathroom, knocking gently.
“Come in”.
When he entered the room Lucy was leaning against the sink and was looking in the mirror.
“I would have never had sex with Sam after a fight,” she said out of the blue. “Hitting you reminded me of him, quite pathetic hu?”
She scoffed, then continued.
“I...needed to let it out like you said but I needed to feel in control. Sorry if I freaked you out”.
James walked behind her and gently wrapped his arms around her, looking into her eyes through the mirror.
“You have a fire in you, don’t apologise for that”, he kissed her naked shoulder. “I’ve come to terms with the fact that for you, words are difficult sometimes, and that’s ok. Believe me, I understand that very well. You can angry fuck me anytime you want, I promise I’m not gonna complain”. He smirked.
Lucy laughed and cover her face with her hands in shame, James took them and moved them away.
“I just need you to know that really, I will never use your feelings or your actions against you. Your soul is beautiful and I am lucky to be with you,” he said and placed a soft kiss on her neck.

“Baby?” Lucy called. They were lying in bed, James reading a book, playing with Lucy’s hair, her head on his chest.
James put down his book and focused his attention on her.
“Will you go with me tomorrow?” she asked, her voice low and gentle.
“To the meeting?” he replied, confused.
Lucy propped herself on her elbows and looked at him.
“Obviously you won’t be able to come in, but I thought you could grab a coffee in the meantime, shouldn’t take more than one hour....” she looked down at her hands. “I think I could use some emotional support. Your emotional support”.
James grinned. She was slowly allowing him to take care of her one way or another, she trusted him and this warmed his heart.
“Of course, baby. I’d be happy to”.
Lucy leaned forward and hugged him, a sweet, genuine hug and James felt some of her tension release through him.
When she moved back there were tears in her eyes, James wiped away a single tear that escaped to her cheek.
“It’s going to be ok,” he said softly.
Lucy nodded with a smile as some stray tears wet her face.
“Also, if the company doesn’t make the right decision I will stop flying with them. Will make them bankrupt!”
Lucy burst out laughing.
“I doubt they will even notice, but thanks”.
James laughed too.
“It’s the principle!”


Lucy straightened her uniform jacket and smoothed her hair to perfection, she was seated outside meeting room five, her foot quickly lifting and lowering on the floor, her teeth chewing the inside on her cheeks.
When the door opened Lucy stood up quickly, a young woman in uniform with a golden cravat that made her a cabin manager greeted her with a polite smile.
“Hello Lucy, come in, we’re ready to start”.
Lucy took a deep breath and walked into the meeting room, her heart beating fast.

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