Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part III


Once inside the flat Lucy took off her boots.

“Sit on the sofa,” she ordered and followed James to the living room as he did.

Lucy pressed play to the music on the stereo and slowly undid the belt of her coat, letting it slide down her arms and to the floor, then she walked to James and straddled him.

James cupped her bottom and moved his hand up to her waist feeling her smooth skin and the soft material of her two-piece. His eyes filled with lust again and he asked:

“Are you still gonna do whatever I want?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied without breaking eye contact.

James inhaled sharply.

“Sit on the piano,” he ordered.

Lucy pushed herself up and made her way to the black shiny piano, then sat on the top of it, her feet on the closed key cover. At this point James walked to Lucy and grabbed the low stool, moving it a few feet away then sat on it.

“Open your legs,” he said in his deep voice.

Lucy followed his instructions and parted her knees, her hands on her thighs.

“I want you to touch yourself,” James ordered again, his eyes on hers.

Lucy swallowed hard and looked at him for a moment, hardly breathing then her hand started to move slowly up her thigh and into her underwear where it found her clit that she started to circle and pinch softly, her other hand firmly planted on the wood behind her. Her back arched slightly with her movements and she bit her lip.

James removed the pack from his jeans pocket and lit a cigarette, inhaling sharply and slowly exhaling as he leaned on his knees, wrapped in a thin cloud of smoke, his eyes constantly on her face.

Lucy was soon lost in her own pleasure and her movement became more purposeful, her fingers skillfully teasing her sensitive spot.

“Look at me baby,” James said breathing out smoke, as Lucy closed her eyes in pleasure.

The girl obeyed and looked at her boyfriend through eyes filled with lust: his hair messily combed back, his long legs bent before him, his sexy face and his big hands. She wanted him so badly and knew she would have done anything for him.

Her fingers begun to circle her clit more quickly then moved to her opening and slowly filled it, causing her to moan at the sensation, her hips started to rock with her movements.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he said hoarsely.

“What are you thinking about?”

“You,” breathed out Lucy and she wasn’t lying.

James’ lips curved in a cunning smile, he extinguished his cigarette on the package and walked to the piano.

“Slow down baby, I don’t want you to come yet,” he said and Lucy reluctantly slowed her movements then James crouched down and kissed her skin; her ankle, her calf, then bit the inner part of her knee, her inner thigh and her groin, sending spikes of electricity though Lucy’s flash.

“You’re so wet,” he said as he placed a kiss on the fabric of her underwear.

Lucy replied with a moan.

“Take these off,” James ordered as he started to peel down her shorts.

Lucy helped him by undoing the diamond chains around her thighs and locking them together again when James asked her to leave them on, then James wrapped his arms around her thighs and, pulling her slightly forward, leaned on her very sensitive clit and began to circle it with his tongue.

Lucy moaned loudly and rested on her elbows for support, as the pleasure grew stronger. James was teasing her without a break, licking and gently biting her then softly blowing on her. She sunk her hand in his hair and held his head tight, his tongue now inside her, his nose tickling her clit. He moved one hand to her hip and pulled her even closer.

“Fuck, James you’re killing me,” she said between her teeth as she felt her orgasm building up but to her dismay, James pulled back and Lucy let out a cry of disappointment.

James quickly removed his t-shirt and wrapped his arms around Lucy’s waist, she passionately kissed him and pulled him close, pushing her hips against his erection and hastily undoing his belt and buttons.

“Come down,” said James against her lips, breathless.

He helped her on her feet then swiftly turned her to face the piano and pushed her upper body flush against the polished wood, then, grabbing her hips, he thrust inside her. They both moaned loudly at the sensation and James started a calculated slow movement, in and out of Lucy, one hand on her hip, the other on her back. Lucy felt as she could have died from that intense feeling.

James started to move more quickly, lost in his own desire and Lucy’s cries of pleasure driving him insane. He reached for her clit and begun to circle it with two fingers.

“Oh my God, James, like this!” she screamed.

At this James knew she was about to come again and he pulled back.

“I want to look at you when you come,” he said breathlessly and gently helped her up, then lifted her and sat her on the piano, quickly thrusting inside her again.

Lucy screamed at the new filling sensation and leaned slightly back on her hands as James circled her waist with one arm and cupped her breast with his free hand, kissing her neck and collar bone.

It didn’t take long for her pleasure to build up again and she looked at James.

“Fuck, it feels so good, please let me come”.

James kissed her lips.

“Of course baby, come for me”.

Lucy closed her eyes and trapped her lower lip between her teeth as she focused on her own pleasure building inside her, she recognized that tingling sensation coming from afar and building up louder with very thrust until her walls contracted her she screamed loudly as she came.


The day after James woke up with a light heart, he turned to his side and watched Lucy sleep peacefully for a while. Every waking day he fell more and more in love with the girl; her determination and passion for life were contagious, her heart was pure yet she had a tinge of crazy and deranged in her, a fire that burned through her and was capable of heating James’ soul. For the first time in a long time, he had exposed himself completely to another person and she had accepted his flaws and imperfections, even the ones he had been trying to hide she had seen through them and she loved him not in spite but because of them. Lucy loved him in a simple and disarming way; he didn’t have to be a better man with her, didn’t have to act cooler or stronger than he really was, he could break into pieces in her arms and Lucy would make him whole again.

James wrapped his arms around the girl and pulled her close, engulfing her in his tight embrace then kissed her temple and her cheek until she grunted softly. He felt guilty for waking her but couldn’t help himself.

Lucy turned around and buried her face in the nook of his neck, inhaling the scent of his skin which was now home to her.

“Good morning,” James said and softly removed her hair from her face.

Another muffled grunt from her.

James chuckled.

“You’re such a sleepy head”.

Lucy leaned slightly back and lazily spoke.

“I’ll talk but I’m not opening my eyes”.

James placed a kiss on her lips.

“You’re like a newborn cat”.

At that, Lucy laughed and opened her eyes meeting his, hazel into green.

“Good morning love,” said James again.

Lucy kissed him in response then stretched, freeing her body from his embrace.

James cleared his throat.

“Thank you for your gift,” he said pointing to the diamond garter belt on the floor.

Lucy looked at it and blushed slightly, remembering the amazing sex they had had the night before.

“No, thank you,” she replied from under her lashed.

James laughed and propped himself up on his elbow, caressing her shoulder with his fingers.

“What do you want to do today?”

Lucy thought for a moment.

“Well, I need to go home, I haven’t been in ages! I feel like I basically live here,” she rolled her eyes.

James nodded with a smile.

“I know, I should be freaking out at the realization, especially as a man I should be representing,” he tucked a strand of hair behind Lucy’s ear. “But honestly, having you here makes me so happy”.

“I’m also happy when I’m here,” she smiled.

James held her hand and locked her fingers with his.

“Maybe when I’ve had some more therapy and start feeling more confident we could make it official?” He asked tentatively.

Lucy grinned and stroke his cheek.

“I’d love that but isn’t it a bit early? What if I find the man of my dreams in the meantime?” She joked.

James faked a hurt expression then shook his head.

“It won’t happen. Let’s face it, we’re perfect for each other. We’re both tainted with some sort of crazy and doing a great job at tolerating one another plus, look at us, we’re both dashing...”

Lucy burst out laughing.

“Calm down Chris Hemsworth,” she teased him.

James mimicked a harrow hitting him straight to the heart.

When Lucy became serious again she said.

“I mean it though. After what happened with Sam I don’t want to make the same mistake again, rushing into things...”

James nodded understanding.

“I know you’re nothing like him,” she continued caressing his bicep. “And I’d live with you in a heartbeat...” She sighed deeply. “Truth is, I want you to get better before making any important decisions; I don’t want you to mistake my being here supporting you for a desire to move forward in our relationship, especially when we’ve known each other for so little in the grand scheme of things”.

James was a bit hurt by her rejection but in his heart, he understood where she was coming from.

“You’re very wise,” he smiled. “I appreciate your honesty and respect your ideas, although I want to make it perfectly clear that my feelings for you are genuine; I appreciate your support but I love you”.

Lucy touched the tip of his nose with her index finger.

“And I love you, Jamie. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have something to grow and nourish and can’t wait to see where it’s going to take us. I just need time to get used to it though, because you know I really can get lost in my overthinking and that’s never good”.

James chuckled and his eyes widened.

“God, do I know? Of course baby, I see every point you make and agree. I’m actually glad you’re the reasonable one for once!”

Lucy shoved him and showed him her tongue.

“I’m still going to be here all the time, so you won’t get rid of me!”

“Good,” said James tickling her, then kissed her passionately.

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