Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part II


The match was long finished and James and Lucy were making the most of their Las Vegas night. The Marquee was one of the most exclusive nightclubs on the strip, with its purple lighting, golden walls and wood finishes it was a charming example of art deco Las Vegas style.

Lucy walked back to the little cream leather sofa that had been reserved for them in the central VIP platform near the main dance floor. James was sitting with his arms resting on the back of the sofa, a glass of vodka and orange juice in his hand.

“I love this place!” Lucy shouted in his ear, sitting next to him.

“It’s one of my favourites...” admitted James, smelling her flowery scent as he leaned forward.

He imagined Lucy in the bathroom, fixing her lipstick and spraying his favourite perfume before going back to him.

Lucy reached out to the small table in front of them where an ice bucket was sitting and grabbed one of the Desperados tucked in it, she raised it and James met the bottle with his glass.

“Oh I love this song,” Lucy screamed at James when a remix version of Sweet Dreams, by the Eurythmics, came on.

She stood up from the sofa and began to dance to the music, her arms in the hair and her body swaying from side to side to the rhythm.

“Dance with me,” she motioned to James.

He shook his head.

“I prefer to watch,” he said with his eyes glued on her body.

Lucy laughed and winked and made her movements more purposeful and sensual, enjoying the attention from her boyfriend.

Then James’ look shifted quickly behind her.

“It seems I’m not the only one,” he said, moving to the edge of the sofa.

Lucy bent forward to hear better what he was trying to say.

James simply nudged to a spot behind her.

Lucy turned around and Brian, the man who had approached her before the match, was sitting on another sofa a distance from them, his elbows on his knees shamelessly looking at Lucy. He didn’t break his stare even when Lucy looked directly at him.

She rolled her eyes.

“Just ignore him,” she said to James.

But James simply smiled.

“I don’t care, Lucy.”

“Are you sure?” She asked, worried the situation could escalate somehow.

She looked behind her back again and the man was still checking her out.

“He can stare all he wants...” said James, his fingers caressing Lucy’s back.

Then a crooked, smutty smile appeared on his lips.

Lucy observed him for a moment, reading the naughty expression in his eyes.

“Do you want me to keep dancing?” She asked, intrigued.

“If you want...” his voice had a lewd tone to it, his Smirnoff eyes a devilish shimmer.

“For whom?” A strange thrilled crossed Lucy’s body.

James didn’t reply, just kept his raunchy look on her.

Lucy breathed in sharply, feeling a surprising sense of arousal invading her body.

She put the bottle of beer on the table and stepped on the little wooden moulding running across the seating area, diving the VIP from the rest.

She nonchalantly started to dance facing James first, then turned around and met the other man’s eyes.

James sat back against the sofa and took a big sip of his drink, he couldn’t explain the strange pleasure he felt watching Lucy dance for the other man; her legs moving slowly and her hips sensually swaying as her hands messed her hair on the way above her head. The rays of purple and blue lights illuminated her body, giving her an ethereal aura as if she was a fairy from a deranged universe. She caresses her winding hips and briefly looked back to him, her lips parted slightly and her tongue brushed her upper lip.

He was jealous. He would have never let that man touch his girlfriend, but seeing the look in his eyes as he watched Lucy’s body moving, the lust that stranger had for her and knowing he could do nothing about it, gave him a strange sense of excitement and power.

He was going to be the one taking Lucy back to his room, peeling her dress off her body, pinning those hands that were now caressing her own body to the wall and fucking her until she begged for mercy.

He licked his lips in anticipation.

When the song ended Brian approached Lucy, his lips were moving but James’ couldn’t make out the words, he then saw the girl bending forward and say something in the man’s ear.

James sat hastily at the edge of the sofa but Lucy quickly stepped off the moulding leaving a very disappointed look in the man’s face.

She went back to James and sat on his lap, his hands were quickly in her waist.

“Lucy...” his pleading voice rough in her ear.

She kissed him to prevent him from talking.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said.

They got up from the sofa and walked to the exit, as they passed the sofa where Brian was sitting James arrogantly held the man’s gaze and propped his middle and index finger up as he walked away.

Outside the club Lucy staggered against the wall: she looked up at James, the liquor in his eyes mirroring hers. She smiled, inhaling sharply.

James moved close to her, his arms against the wall either side of Lucy; he leaned forward for a kiss but before their lips could touch Lucy crouched and escaped from under his arm.

James turned around in disbelief.

“I need air, let’s go,” she said hinting behind her.

James just stood, his head tilted to one side.

“C’mon, I know a place!” She grinned, a childish, naughty look in her eyes.

James followed her, his curiosity piqued.

Lucy walked past the lifts and took a turn, heading for the service stairwell; the door opened with a deaf tud and the girl turned around, her eyebrow jerked quickly and a satisfied smile appeared on her lips.

James took a hesitant step.

“I don’t think we can go there...”

Lucy rolled her eyes and grabbed his hand.

“Rules are meant to be broken,” her side smirk grew bigger as she pulled James behind the door and started to run up the stairs.

“Where are we going?” James asked, now with an amused sense of excitement.

“Somewhere else we shouldn’t be!” Lucy said between breaths as she ran the last flat of stairs.

At the top of the stairs was a door marked DANGER! And staff only, Lucy pushed against the horizontal red bar and the door opened to the rooftop of the hotel.

“You’ll get us in trouble...” said James, but a smile was still on his lips.

“Relax, we’re not robbing the place!”

Lucy took James’ hand again and guided him to the opposite side of the rooftop.

“The best view in Vegas...” she said, leaning against the tall bannister.

Underneath them the Strip was hiving with countless tourists rushing from one hotel to the other, the lights of the casinos made the city come alive in an electric vibe. The fountain of the Bellagio danced in its mesmerising combination of lines and circles under the stern look of the Eiffel tower at the Paris.

Further down the blue hue of the High Roller gave a wistful London reminiscence.

“It’s absolutely breathtaking,” said James, not sure if he meant the view or his girlfriend.

They sat on the floor, their back against the metal wall of an exhaustion vent.

“So what was that?” Lucy asked, a curious smile on her face.

James frowned briefly, he passed his hand through his hair as his eyes became darker.

“You are mine, Lucy...”

She bit her lip.

“Did you enjoy it? Did it turn you on?”

James scoffed, feeling suddenly embarrassed.

“Apparently I’m that fucked up, yeah...”

Lucy grinned like a fiend.

“Well, then I’m fucked up too...”

James looked at her with confusion.

“Did you enjoy dancing for that guy?”

Lucy glanced away briefly.

“Yes,” she admitted. “I knew you were watching and enjoying turned me on.”

James nodded and chuckled.

“Shit Lucy, you’re always so game with me!”

Lucy just looked at him.

“I think if you trust a person you can be open to experimenting anything...”

She playfully rolled her eyes.

“God, I can see your raunchy thoughts from here.”

James covered his face with his hands, feeling caught red-handed.

“Fancy a drink?” She asked then.

She opened her purse and took out two miniature rum bottles.

James laughed loudly.

“You’re resourceful.”

Lucy shrugged.

“Didn’t have space for mixers, but I’m sure you’re not too picky.”

They cheered with the little bottles and took a sip of the liquor that stung their throats.

“James, I wanted to talk to you,” started Lucy, encouraged by the new wave of alcohol.

“Oh, God...” replied James. His eyes lingered on hers, reading her expression.

Lucy shook her head with a sweet smile.

“No, silly. Nothing bad.”

“Go on then,” urged James, bending his long legs in front of him.

Lucy’s eyes jumped around his face for a moment as she thought of the best words to use.

“I want to live with you. I’m ready, I want it...” she blurted out finally.

James started to laugh, his deep voice coming loud as his head tilted back.

Lucy frowned, not pleased with his reaction.

“I’m sorry baby, but you built such a tension that I was preparing for the worst,” said James stroking her cheek with his knuckles.

“I told you that it wasn’t bad,” Lucy’s eyes softened.

“No, Lucy. This is amazing! God, I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently but I didn’t want to pressure you or push you away...”

Lucy beamed.

“I know I’ve been dubious but fuck it, I love you, James! We’ve been through things in these seven months that really pushed us to our limits and we’ve always made it to the other side stronger than before...”

“Agree,” said James taking her hand. “I’m getting so much better now, you’re about to get your is looking down on us.”

Lucy started to giggle.

“Yes, she is...” she looked away briefly. “I mean we can try and if we really understand it’s too early we can go back until we’re ready. I see no harm in it...It’s not a bounding bond!”

“Absolutely. It’s not like we’re getting married!” Chuckled James.

They both looked away, a residue of a smile on their faces, then their eyes slowly met, studying each other.

Lucy was the first to break the silence.

“Yes, that would be totally crazy.” Her head in an emphatic nod.

“Absolutely bonkers...” he scoffed.

Then their gazes met again. No one spoke for what seemed like a lifetime, their eyes reaching into each other’s souls.

“Marry me, Lucy”.

James’ voice was low but stern, a sense of urgency in his tone.

Lucy was lost for words, her brain frozen. She swallowed hard trying to calm the blood pumping ravenously in her veins; the world had stopped, there were no noises just the loud beating of her heart and when she listened to it, she realised it was shouting at her.


She jumped at James, throwing her arms around his neck causing him to almost lose his balance.

“Yes!” She grinned against his lips.

James giggled with joy.

“Yes!” She said again.

Finally, James held her face and kissed her, his tongue quickly inside her mouth. He rolled on the side and moved on top of her pinning her wrists to the floor as he continued devouring her with his lips.

When he pulled her bodice down and softly bit her nipple Lucy moaned, parting her legs to have him closer to her. He pushed his crotch against her and a needy cry escaped her lips.

Lucy freed her hands which were quickly on his belt and the buttons of his Jeans, hastily working to have him inside her.

Then a bang and a door creaked.

They froze and held their breaths, listening,

“Who’s out there?” A male voice called.

James put his index in front of his lips and slowly buttoned his jeans and buckled his belt. Lucy fixed her dress.

The ray of a flashlight appeared to their right.

“Let’s go,” James whispered in Lucy’s ear.

The two got to their feet and moved left with the coverage of the big exhaustion vent, the flashlight following behind her. When the door to the stairwell came into view they jumped out of their coverage and sprinted to the exit.

“Hey! You two!” Yelled the man, starting to run after them.

James grabbed Lucy’s hand and pushed her first through the open door.

“You can’t be up here!” The voice came louder from inside the stairwell.

The two ran down the two flights of stairs to the first guests’ floor, not stopping until they reached the lifts; they squeezed into one of the carriages just as a group of men exited it, pressing frantically on the buttons.

As the lift doors closed the security guard came into view, slowing down his race with a disappointed look on his face. Lucy waved her fingers at him with satisfaction.

The couple started to laugh and to pant, trying to stabilise their breath.

“That was close,” managed Lucy.

“I wanna say I told you so but that was actually fun!” Conceded James.

Then their laughs slowly died.

“Are we really doing it?” Asked James.

The doors opened with a ding.

“Yes,” replied Lucy.

“Well, then let’s go.”

James took her hand and walked into the reception with purpose.

Lucy tugged at him as she stopped.

“Now?” She asked, surprise and excitement in her eyes.

James shrugged and let go of her hand.

“Yes now. You’ve implied I’m not crazy enough...” he grinned. “Well, we’re in Vegas, we want to get married...” He crouched on one knee “Let’s go get married...”

Lucy quickly glanced around at the curious passer-byes looking at them with excitement.

“Let’s go get married, Mr Blackwood.”

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