Coffee, Tea? Or me?

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Part III


“I’ll have two glasses of Prosecco please,” Lucy told the bartender with exceptionally black eyes.

The evening had turned for the best and the rain had stopped, now Lucy was in one of her favourite places in London. The pub was on a boat on the Thames and the view was breathtaking with the Parliament on the right and a now gleaming London Eye on the left.

She took the two flutes and returned to the table where Harriet was waiting.

“Are the guys not here yet?” Lucy asked her friend.

“No, Ben had a late training. They should be here shortly. So? Finish your story!” Harriet prompted her, sipping on her Prosecco.

“Well there isn’t much to say really, he just asked me if he could text me later and I said sure...”

“Aww, such a gentleman...”

“Right? I mean who does that?”

“Well, has he texted?”

Lucy shook her head “Nope, he’s probably too busy with the glitz and the glam”.

“Maybe. Let’s see how he plays this. He is a busy man after all...”

“Are you taking his side?” Lucy asked with fake indignation.

“Whose side?” A tall, dark-haired man asked from behind Harriet’s back. He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“No one Ben, just some idiot at work”. Lucy said quickly.

The man bought the lie, too busy smooching his girlfriend to pay attention to anything else.

“Chris is getting us some drinks, I see your glasses are half-empty anyway”.

As he said that another tall, black-haired man appeared from the crowd, barely holding four glasses in his hands.

He put them on the table with minimum spillage and took a seat next to Lucy.

“Hey gorgeous!” he said giving her a hug, which she reciprocated.

“Thanks for the drink. How was practice?”

“Great great, thanks. Ben there scored a six point touch down”.

“Hopefully I will be this lucky during our next match”. Ben said.

“You don’t need luck, you’re amazing”. Said Harriet dreamily.

Lucy rolled her eyes matched by her male friend.

“Anyway,” Chris intervened. “Should we cheer to Ben’s birthday?”

They all stood up and toasted once, then stopped a waiter passing by and asked him to take a video and a few photos for them.

Another toast, another round.

As Lucy took her phone from her purse to take a few selfies with Harriet she noticed an Instagram message notification. She read it trying to hide the screen from the man sitting next to her then said loudly enough for anyone to hear

“Come with me to the toilet Harry?”

The two walked on the lower deck where the bathroom was, out of the crowd and the noise.

Lucy showed Harriet her phone:

Bloody hell, that was a long interview. Hope you had a good afternoon...

Harriet squeaked in joy then hurried her friend “Well reply”.

James’s phone illuminated as his agent went to the restroom. They were having lunch before returning to their hotel and pack.

He opened the message

Gotta earn that coin :P And my afternoon was perfectly uneventful until my friend reminded me I had birthday drinks to attend. I had to put on clothes. And shoes. Unacceptable.

James found that cute, he imagined her perfect red lips pouting. He would have loved to kiss a smile on them.

No one should be made to wear shoes. I sympathise with your pain. Also happy birthday to your friend!

Curious, he opened her profile page and immediately saw new pictures on her story feed: a few selfies with a pretty blond girl, who must have been her best friend. Another picture of the two together, which someone else must have taken as it was a full figure one: Lucy in a tulle lilac shirt and a black miniskirt with high heels, her legs toned and tanned. She looked stunning. Then a video: two men joined them for a toast, from what the group what saying it seemed to be a certain Ben’s birthday who appeared to be with Lucy’s best friend by the way they were holding hands. Next to Lucy another tall, dark-haired man was holding her by the waist and lifting his pint of beer. She looked happy and carefree, not at all bothered by his touch. Were they together? All other pictures of that night didn’t show anything incriminating...

A reply from Lucy

Thanks! And I’m glad you understand my pain... What’s your plan for the rest of the day?

Just packing as I’m flying back to London tonight.

James went through those few photos one more time and noticed another picture: it was just the two of them this time, Lucy kissing the man on the cheek. James felt a sting of jealousy.

He quickly typed a new message and sent it impulsively.

If you’re in London in the next few days maybe we could grab a coffee?

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