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Madison had lived a very uneventful life, quite boring if you asked her. She had done everything just the way you should in life. Got good grades in school, graduated and went to college. Now at the age of 28, she felt bored and restless. Until she goes back to her high school for the ten year reunion runs into Jackson Smith. They hadn't been friends in high school, but maybe, just maybe now they could start...

Romance / Erotica
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Madison Reaves

Madison Reaves had lived a boring life. Doing everything as she should. She did well in school, mostly stayed to herself, and went on to college and graduated from there as well. She was now a ripe twenty eight years old and felt everything but accomplished. She made well enough money, she was an accountant, and worked mostly her own hours as she was her own boss. It just wasn't enough. Madison wanted adventure, she wanted fun, she wanted a man to look at her with adoration in his eyes.

Sure, she was no virgin, but she had never known love. She thought herself pretty enough with her curly auburn hair that lit a fire with natural red high lights in the sun as the curls cascaded down her back, her piercing icy blue eyes framed with thick long lashes and curves for days. She wasn't thin by any account, but just the right normal healthy weight. Madison loved herself, she just hadn't found someone that loved her yet. Flings were mostly what she got, men who got bored and moved on without a second thought for her. Eventually she stopped trying.
Sighing for what felt like the millionth time that day, she rose to quickly check her email. This was mainly all she did all day. Calculated numbers, mostly stayed in her apartment and read emails all day. Anyone could see how she was bored with life. Nothing interesting and fun ever happened to her. Until today.
A small smile spread on her face as she clicked on the most recent email. It was from an old classmate from high school. Madison shuddered at the memory of school. She was next to invisible, she mostly almost always had her nose in a book. She had preferred it that way then. She never had the drama in her life high school seemed to bring into everyone's lives around her. She had tried to be different in college, come out of her shell as her mother put it, but she always stuck to be invisible.
Interested in what someone from her high school days would have to email her about she eagerly clicked on it. Cursing her slow internet as she waited impatiently tapping her fingers on the table top as it loaded.
Finally when it loaded, she became excited. A ten year reunion. Before she could talk herself out of it, she hit the RSVP button, letting her former classmate know she would be there. She might even have fun maybe.
The reunion was in two weeks. Madison was determined to enter her old high a new woman. Show her former classmates she could be intriguing. Madison slowly felt her smile drop. How was she going to show them she was something that she most certainly was not. As she booked herself a hotel room near her old school, she then decided to grab her purse and go shopping.
Maybe if she looked the part she could use things she picked up from books to make them believe it when she acted the part. After all she wasn't planning on seeing any of them again afterwards. It just might be fun...

Hey there all you amazing readers out there! First off I want to say I am so sorry for the short chapter, I just wanted to introduce a new idea that has been floating around in my head. Wanted to get it down before it was gone. Secondly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who gave this a read. After 'Lifetime Love' is finished I plan to go back and forth updating this and 'The Curse Of The Moon' regularly a chapter each a day. But as you may see, I haven't yet found a proper title for this one...any thoughts? Drop me a comment :) All ideas welcomed :)
As always,
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